The Starting Of A Journey (Part 2)
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date June 5th 2015
Written by MetalKing2000
Directed by MetalKing2000
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The Starting Of A Journey (Part 1) TBA


After The Guys Got Captured It's Up To Orange Andesine To Save Them


It All Continues As The Ship Starts Taking Off Flying Away As The Guys Wake Up Each One In A Cell "We Got Captured!" Ruby Exclaims As He Stands Up Swiss Blue Topaz Comes Back As He Says "Dang My Back" "So What Now?" Purple Sapphire Asks

The Scene Then Changes To The Phoenix Gem's Temple

Orange Andesine Comes Out Of His Room as He Asks "Guys?" He Sees No One "Hmmm" He Says As He Walks Outside,He Sees No One "What Is That In The Sky?" He Ask As He Realizes It's A Ship "Wait I Think The Guys Got Captured" He Says As He Summons His Wings Flying To The Ship,He Breaks A Window Getting In "I Have To Open They're Cells" He Says As He Sees 2 Gems Walk By,Not Noticing Orange Andesine "Phew!" He Exclaims As He Runs To The Control Bridge Pressing A Button "Is This The Right One?" He Asks To Himself As All The Cells Open Letting The Guys Out "We Are Free!" Ruby Screams As The 2 Gems Run To The Cells "Hey What Are You Doing!" Smoky Quartz Screams As He Runs At Them "How Did You All Escaped?" Quartz Asks, Also Running At Them,Orange Andesine Runs Out Of The Controll Bridge Going To The Guys Derection "Hey Guys!" He Screams As He Stops Running "Ok Evereyone You Know What To Do!" The Guys All Summon They're Weaponds Running At The 2 Gems "Attack!" All The Guys Scream Jumping,Then Charging At The 2 Gems As Swiss Blue Topaz Stabs Quartz "No One Makes Me Retreat!" He Exclaims As Quartz Retreats "Whooo" Ruby Screams As He Attacks Smoky Quartz,Then Smoky Quartz Retreats "I Think We Got Them" Ruby Says As He Trows Smoky Quartz And Quartz's Gems Out Of The Window "Well Now We Need To Go Home" Yellow Sphalerite Says "I Have An Idea"

The Scene Then Changes To Space

"Having Fun Guys?" Ruby Says As He Flyies To Earth Carrying Evreyone,As He Lands In The Beach "Well That Was Crazy" Chrome Diopside Says,"Well I'm Tired Who Wants To Go Sleep Inside?" Ruby Says "We Do!" Evreyone Screams As They Go Inside

In Space....

"Boss We Din't Got Them" Quartz Says In A Comunicator "Well I Think I'll Have To Start Sending Troops One After One" Rainbow Diamond Says As He Ends The Call.

The End



Chrome Diopside

Swiss Blue Topaz

Yellow Sphalerite

Purple Sapphire

Orange Andesine


Smoky Quartz

Rainbow Diamond

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