This is the 36th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Onyx and Amethyst go to Homeworld in an attempt for Onyx to return to his throne.


The episode begins with Steven, Lapis, Rose, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Sapphire, Emerald, Charoite Peridot, Jasper, Carnelian, Lepidolite, Labradorite, Ruby, Jade, and Purple Topaz in the living room. Onyx walked into the room and Amethyst asked what wanted them for and Onyx told them that he had an announcement to make. Emerald asked what it was and Onyx told them that he would be leaving Earth in order to return to Homeworld. They were all shocked and out of all of them Amethyst was the most shocked by what Onyx said. Amethyst asked why he was leaving and Onyx explained that he needed to regain the throne of Homeworld now that had returned. Onyx told the Gems that he would be leaving soon which made all the Gems sad to hear that he will be leaving. Amethyst asked she could talk to Onyx alone so Onyx asked all of the Gems to leave the room for a second. Onyx asked what Amethyst wanted and she asked if she could come with him which made Onyx a little worried since he knew how the people of Homeworld treat gems from the kindergartens like. Amethyst told Onyx that she loves him to much to lose him so she wanted to join him by his side at the throne. She made Onyx blush from what she said and Onyx felt that it would be worth it to bring her alone as his queen and said that she could come. Onyx then walked out of the room to ask the other gems to come in since Amethyst had something to say to them. the Gems walked in and Amethyst took a deep breath before she could speak and then told them all that she would be leaving Earth with Onyx. The Gems were shocked Pearl asked why she would do this since this was their home which Amethyst responded by saying that without Onyx this isn't her home. Pearl tried to talk some sense into Amethyst but before she could say anymore Garnet told them that Amethyst was independent for making her own choices and doesn't need people making them for her. Pearl was a little sad and hugged Amethyst saying that she would miss her. Garnet asked when they would be leaving and suddenly they her the sound of a jet coming from outside and Onyx responded by saying right now. They all go outside seeing the black massive Homeworld ship as it began to open its hatch for Onyx, Amethyst and Twilight to walk into. All of the gems hug and say goodbye to Onyx, Twilight, and Amethyst since they would not return and Onyx told them all that it was an honor to fight with and to be with all of them wishing them all luck and telling them that he hope to see them again. Amethyst, Twilight, and Onyx walked into the ship as the hatch began to close and the ship finally began to take off which made Onyx and Amethyst wave from their window to them as the Gems waved back to them.

The ship exited the atmosphere and set a course for Homeworld so Amethyst and Onyx decided to look around the ship before they arrive. Because Twilight was so big he couldn't even get out of the hanger so he had to stay there while his master and his girlfriend wondered off. Amethyst found Onyx's room which was astounding to see with its amazing detail and it incredible furniture. Onyx walked in and saw Amethyst looking around the room and decided to sneak up on her. He quietly walked behind Amethyst but Amethyst noticed he was in the room and quickly turned around and playfully pinned him down on the bed. Both Amethyst and Onyx giggles from this since it was pretty funny for them and then they began to blush. Onyx slowly leaned in and began to kiss Amethyst then slowly pulled away saying that he was so happy that she came along for this. Amethyst moved closer to Onyx saying that she would do anything for him making both blush hard and continue to kiss. They pull away from the kiss and Onyx looks out the window seeing Homeworld in sight making him rather eager to see what Homeworld has become. The ship desended into the atmosphere and finally Onyx and Amethsyt got to see what Homeworld has become. It was amazing to see all the gem technology that has developed in Homeworld and how it balanced its beauty with its technology making it a utopia of the galaxy. The ship began to fly close to the gem palace were the current rulers of Homeworld, rule over Homeworld. The ship lands by the entrance of the gem palace and the hatch opens with Amethyst, Twilight, and Onyx walking out. The gems walking around the palace notice Onyx and they were all shocked to see him back after all of the time he was away. The citizens all bowed down to their past ruler and some of the diamond guards noticed this and ran inside the palace. The captain of the guards ran into the temple and arrived into the throne room were the current rulers are. Each of them had similar characteristics but each was in a different color symbolizing their ruling class. One was yellow who was in charge of the military forces of Homeworld, one was blue who was in charge of political rulings on Homeworld, and finally the white one was the overall ruler of the entire plant of Homeworld. The captain told them that Black Diamond has returned which shocked each of the three rulers and the white ruler demanded to tell them where he was. The captain told them that he was in the courtyard so each of the three rulers got up off their thrones and stormed off to find Black Diamond. Back in the courtyard, the gems stop bowing and one of them welcome Onyx back but called him Black Diamond. Amethyst asked what he was saying and Onyx told her that he was known as Black Diamond on Homeworld. Soon, the three rulers of Homeworld come out of the doors shocked to see Black Diamond again and they slowly approaches him.

They introduced themselves as the Great Diamond Authority and asked Onyx why he has returned after all these years he had not been at Homeworld. He told them that he wanted to regain his throne which made the 3 diamond furious and told Onyx that he had to business to take back Homeworld but Onyx wasn't willing to listen to them. He demanded that they would step down but one of the Diamonds pointed at Onyx and Amethyst and soon a whole swarm of diamond knights surrounded them. Onyx stood strong against this and Amethyst tried to hold on to Onyx's arm for comfort knowing that they were in great danger. White Diamond however had an idea and told the knights to stand down and they obeyed her orders. Onyx didn't know what was going on but he knew that this couldn't end well so he accept his guard up. White Diamond made a proposal saying that if he beats them in battle, the throne was his but if they won, they would kill him on the spot. Amethyst was really worried since she didn't want to risk losing him but Onyx knew that he didn't really have a choice with this. He stuck his hand out and White Diamond shook it making the deal and declaring the battle with be at the arena in one hour. The Diamonds went back to the castle to prepare for the upcoming battle and Onyx and Amethyst decided to get some practice at the arena. They walked through the utopia of a city arriving seeing the sights of Homeworld and soon arrived at the arena. They looked around the battle field were Onyx must challange the Diamonds in battle seeing it as just a flat area with no traps or anything at all. There were a couple of gates around the rim of the field, sensing that they would most likely send other things into the battle. Amethyst was sad knowing there was a chance that Onyx wouldn't make it out of the battle and Onyx saw this in her eyes. He comforted her with a hug telling her not to worry but she began to cry since the very thought of losing Onyx was too much to deal with let alone him actually being gone. Onyx then held the side of her face gently and told her that no matter what happens, he will always love her even if he isn't around to say that. Amethyst blushed and kisses him giving her a sense of hope that he will make it out of battle alive. Soon, thousands of gems to their sets in the arena and one of the gates opened leting out the the Diamonds that Onyx must beat in battle. A gem came out and welcomed everyone to the arena and told them about that fight. Although the Diamonds were the rulers of Homeworld they all cheered for their Black Diamond since they knew he was the one true ruler. The Diamonds were angry by this and summoned their swords for battle against Onyx. Amethyst shapeshifted into a bird and flew into the first row to watch the fight, still worried about the outcome of the battle. Tge gem who was announcing the fight then spoke saying let the battle begin and a large gong was rang beginning the battle for the throne.

Onyx approached with causion since he didn't know what these gems were capable of but knew the it would be dangerous. Each of the Diamonds attacked simultaneously so Onyx would have a hard time blocking the attacks done to him. But Onyx was quick and was able to evade the slices of the sword then summoned his staff for battle. Blue Diamond attempted to slice Onyx but with his weapon out he was able to block the blade then kicked her out of the way knocking her all the way back to the wall of the arena. Yellow Diamond knew that they would need more back up for this fight after seeing Blue diamond go flying so she created multiple clones of herself each armed with a sword to fight with her. Onyx noticed the clones but he wasn't that worried since he was able to take out many more enemies than this by himself back when he was the king. Amethyst noticed all of the clones and got worried for him fearing that they would overwhelm him so she decided to do something completely crazy. She jumped into the arena and attacked a group of Yellow Diamond's clones which shocked them all. The crowd saw this and was amazed by how she fought and began to cheer for her. White Diamond approached saying to Onyx and Amethyst that there was only suppose to be Onyx fighting them alone. Onyx got close to Amethyst and told them that she was her boyfriend and that they always fight together which made Amethyst blush and giggle a little. White Diamond was crossed and told Yellow to back her up since she wanted to go in for an attack. She charged in with an attempt to slice Amethyst but Onyx blocked the attack with his staff and managed to get a grip of her arm and throw her across the arena. She managed to get up and Blue Diamond once again Blue Diamond came into battle prepared to finish off Onyx and Amethyst. Onyx and Amethyst knew that they couldn't deal with them forever so Onyx whispered to Amethyst to fuse with him. Amethyst nodded her head and Onyx began to dance as well as Amethyst. The Diamonds looked confused on why they would be dancing in the middle of the fight but White Diamond knew what was going on and ordered Blue and Yellow Diamond to attack before they could fuse. They both ran but it was too late for them since Onyx and Amethyst finished their dance and sealed the fusion with a kiss causing them to combine their forms to create the fierce and beautiful Purple Tanzanite ready for battle.

The Diamonds looked worried about this but didn't let them stop planning their defeat. White Diamond told Blue and Yellow Diamond to attack him but when they charged Purple Tanzanite created a wave of dark energy blasting them back to the wall. The Diamonds were worried about this since they felt that their lives were actually in danger so they gave a signal to the announcer and the gong rang ending the fight. The crowd cheered for Amethyst and Onyx and the two unfused but didn't know what was going on. The announcer went back into the arena and told Amethyst and Onyx that they have one the fight which they were amazed by and they could only react by taking a bow to the audience. The Diamonds approached Onyx and Amethyst congratulating Onyx and Amethyst for winning the fight. White Diamond then approached farther and drawed her sword asking for both Onyx and Amethyst to kneel down. Amethyst was worried for this since she though White Diamond was going to kill them but Onyx knew what was going on and kneeled down. White Diamond gently placed the sword on each side of the shoulders of Onyx and Amethyst saying to them that she declared them the new rulers of Homeworld with Onyx as its king and Amethyst as its queen. Onyx and Amethyst hugged each other happy that they finally got the throne back and the crowd cheered for their new king and queen. Amethyst and Onyx left the arena and a crowd of people followed them congratulating them for their new ruling position. They walked back to the palace were Onyx and Amethyst met up with the Diamond and they followed them inside. The Diamonds showed them the throne room were three beautiful thrones sat but Onyx wanted to make his and Amethyst's different. He ordered one of the guards to store away the thrones and to keep them safe which shocked the Diamonds. Onyx then used his dark magic to make two dark matter thrones for Amethyst and himself and the Diamond then asked what he was going to do to them. Onyx noticed their amazing fighting and so he declared that he would make them the royal guards of the king and queen which the Diamonds though was a huge honor. They bowed down to his as he took his set at his throne. Amethyst then joined Onyx by sitting in the throne next to him finally restoring Onyx's rightful place at the Homeworld throne which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Twilight
  • Carnelian
  • Lepidolite
  • Labradorite
  • Charoite
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Jade
  • White Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Diamond knights
  • Purple Tanzanite


  • This is the first time Amethyst goes to Homeworld.
  • Onyx is known as Black Diamond on Homeworld.
  • Onyx regains his throne on Homeworld in this episode.
  • The Diamond Authority is seen in the episode.
  • This is the first time that Onyx and Amethyst create a fusion.