The Road Not Taken
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Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date February 13th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Lucia and Jace On the Rise

"The Road Not Taken" is the 4th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 4th overall episode of the series.


The Gems bring Jace on his first mission.


Jace: So you guys are magic?!

Apatite: We are the Dawn Dusk Gems. I’m Apatite, and this is Rhodochrosite.

Rhodo: You can just call me Rhodo.

Jace was visiting Rise Island for the second time. He had many questions to ask the Gems, ranging from what was their favorite colors to where do baby Gems come from. Jace’s youthful curiosity was a bit too much to comprehend.

Jace: What do you guys do?!

Apatite: Well, we fight monsters and keep them contained. We don’t like to talk about-

Jace: Are there more of you?!

Apatite: In the past, yes, but-

Jace: Why is that guy pink? Is he a girl too?...

Rhodo: No! It’s just that my gem’s-

Jace: Why does that tiger have a-

Apatite: Okay, that’s enough with the questions, Jace!

Jace was talking so much, it made Lucia leave to take a nap near the rocks. Rhodo looked a bit peeved, but Apatite was just overall stressed.  Jace seemed to be calming down. He probably realized that he was annoying the heck out of them.

Jace: Oh, sorry about all the questions. It’s just that you guys are SO COOL!

Rhodo: Um, thanks?

Jace: Can I go monster hunting with you?!

Apatite and Rhodo: What?

A mission with a human? That was a bizarre suggestion. It seemed ridiculous to the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Rhodo: Listen, you’re a cool little guy, but-

Apatite: Let him come.

Rhodo: Apatite!

Apatite: I know, it’s a bit capricious of me, but he did help us defeat that thing yesterday.

Rhodo: I-I guess so…

So it was decided that Jace, an 11 year old boy with a blooming curiosity that could possibly endanger the gems and himself, was to go with the Dawn Dusk Gems on his first mission. This wasn’t expected to turn out well. They warped to a marble temple with ruined statues and old columns. Jace was amazed at the view of the temple, even though it was in pretty bad condition.

Apatite: This is Rose’s Temple. Several rebel gems, such as Rose, built this temple in honour of saving the Earth from-

Rhodo: Maybe we should keep that to ourselves…

Apatite: Right…

Their mission was to find Comet Halley, an artifact that was needed to recover the temple to its former beauty. They made their way through the temple, fighting small gem monsters and solving puzzles to progress. Once they made their way through the temple’s puzzles and obstacles, they reached a room with a strange looking pedestal, holding Comet Halley. Rhodochrosite bubbled the artifact, and they stayed in the room for several minutes to admire the temple’s beauty.

Apatite: I’ll go back and find the room with the Recovery Pedestal. You bring Jace to the entrance.

Rhodo: Sounds good to me.

As Rhodo and Jace were walking back to the entrance, Jace noticed a different path they didn’t take. This path was narrow, and it looked small enough for a child to crawl through.

Jace: Can we take this path?

Rhodo: I can’t fit in there!

Jace: I can!

Rhodo: There’s no way I’m letting you crawl through that hole! My job as a Dawn Dusk Gem is to protect the humans living here, and doing that would probably be a bad idea.

Shockingly, Jace saw two feet through the small hole. The humanoid figure had no shoes, and had pale blue skin. Jace was curious, so he continued to convince Rhodo to let him crawl through the hole.

Jace: But I saw someone in there!

Rhodo: That’s crazy, little guy. There hasn’t been anyone or anything in this temple for years.

Jace: I’m telling the truth! You gotta believe me!

Rhodo: We are going. Sorry man, but it’s Apatite’s orders.

Apatite met up with Rhodo and Jace at the temple entrance. Jace told Apatite about what he saw, but she dismissed it. They warped back to Rise Island, with Jace still pondering the fact that there might have been someone following them on their mission.




  • Comet Halley (Artifact)


  • Rise Island
  • Rose's Temple


  • This is the first time Jace goes on a mission with the Gems.
  • This is the second time Jace goes to Rise Island.
  • The title is a reference to Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken".

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