The Reunion
DDG Ep 11 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date April 3rd, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Provoked Skies Fusion Fiasco
"The Reunion" is the 11th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 11th overall episode of the series.


The Gems catch up with an old friend.


Apatite, Rhodochrosite, and Malachite were at the Galaxy Warp, checking the warps to see if they were active or not. Apatite stepped on the Domestic Warp.

Apatite: Inactive.

Rhodo jumped on the Homeworld Warp.

Rhodo: Inactive, thank god…

Malachite checked the one of the warps to the far right. Where did it lead to? Surprisingly, when Malachite stepped on the warp, it started to warp her, but she quickly stopped the warping process.

Malachite: Guys, this warp pad is active!

Apatite and Rhodo ran straight to the warp pad near Malachite. Apatite summoned her polearm and Rhodo summoned his hand-claws. They destroyed the warp pad without hesitation.

Malachite: Well, it’s not active anymore!

They warped themselves back to the Dawn Dusk Temple and went to Rhodo’s room to relax with the red falls. The roaring water was loud, yet calming. They were sitting down (while Rhodo was laying down) at a marble table, which happened to be on top of one of the waterfall platforms. Malachite got up and ran up to the temple door. Apatite turned to Malachite and Rhodo sat up.

Apatite: Where are you going?

Malachite: I’m getting something! Stay here!

They waited a couple of minutes for her. Rhodo laid back down and Apatite was dusting off her clothes. Suddenly, Malachite came falling from the sky while hugging a gigantic television. She splashed down on one of the waterfall platforms, causing a big splash with a radius so big, it splashed Apatite and Rhodo on the other platform. Rhodo sat up again and Apatite looked like she was done with life. Malachite picked up the gigantic television and threw it to the waterfall platform Apatite and Rhodo was on, hitting Rhodo in the face, stunning him, and causing him to lay down again. Apatite eyes opened wide, and Malachite was still on the other platform, laughing. She jumped very far from her platform to the marble table. She repositioned the television from Rhodo’s face to the side of the table on the opposite side of Apatite. She turned it on, and helped Rhodo sit up. He looked disoriented.

Rhodo: Ugh… What hit me?...

Malachite: A TV!

Rhodo: Oh…

He shook his head and regained his balance. He raised an eyebrow as Malachite set up the cable box and turned it on using her electrokinesis.

Rhodo: What do you want to watch?

Malachite: Cupcake Wars, of course!

Rhodo: Yes!

Apatite sighed, smiled, and summoned a cloud pillow from her gem to lay on. She laid down with a cloud blanket she summoned also. Malachite turned on the television and changed the channel to the Food Network. She sat down on the waterfall platform while Rhodo laid back down again.

Malachite: Hey, Apatite.

Apatite: Yes?

Malachite: Can I ask you something?

Apatite sat up from her cloud pillow.

Apatite: What is it?

Malachite: What happened to the others? My memory’s kind of foggy from being in my gem for so long.

Apatite sighed and took a deep breath.

Apatite: Well, we found Moonstone’s gem a couple days ago. I was able to recover her gem for just a moment, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to revive her completely. I bubbled her gem after she retreated back to it.

As Apatite was explaining this, she repositioned herself to a more comfortable state.

Apatite: But, somehow, I was able to revive you fully.

Malachite: How?

Apatite: I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’re one of my best friends, possibly…

Malachite: And how about Larimar, and Idocrase?

Apatite: Larimar was said to be at Rose’s Temple. Well, at least that’s what Moonstone told me. We don’t have access to it since you can only go to their once a month because of the violent plant life. We’ll go next week when the plants usually settle down. We bubbled Idocrase's gem a while ago when we found it at the Thermal Cave.

Malachite: Gotcha. How about Division A?

Apatite laughed a tiny bit.

Apatite: You can call them by their names, you know.

Malachite: It’s cooler in my opinion! Now tell me about them!

Apatite: Well, to be honest, I’m not that sure at all! Smoky left after saying something about ‘meeting someone that changed her life’, and Lucia’s the only thing that remains of Tiger’s Eye. Don’t you remember when he gave up his physical form to become half of Lucia? He was dying when-

Malachite: That’s too much. Now, tell me about Corundum.

Apatite: Don’t you remember? Corundum got exiled from the Dawn Dusk Gems by Tiger’s Eye when he had that love affair with that Homeworld Gem 250 years ago. What was her name again?

Malachite: Don’t remember. That’s not important now.

They continued to watch Cupcake Wars in Rhodo’s room for the rest of the day. Apatite fell asleep and Rhodo brought in Lucia in the evening. He cuddled next to her. Malachite was still wide awake, and was about to embarrass at Rhodo.

Malachite: You gonna pretend she’s Tiger’s Eye?

That surprised Rhodo. He stopped cuddling next to a lazy Lucia and stood up. He blushed with a angry, yet shocked expression.

Rhodo: N-No! What gave you that impression?!

Malachite: Look, we all know you have a thing for him! Nothing wrong there! It’s just that a guy like you would never be able to tie the knot with someone like him.

Rhodo: Whatever, let’s just keep watching Cupcake Wars…

Malachite: Whatever you say, lover boy.

They continued to watch Cupcake Wars until they fell asleep. The television was still on, and Rhodo’s room darkened to a dark red color. The roaring waterfalls stopped roaring so loudly, somehow. It was all serene. But suddenly, Malachite’s bracelet started beeping. They all woke up. The room turned back to its regular state, and the waterfalls started to roar again. They all sat up. Malachite checked her bracelet, pressing buttons to release a hologram. She was astonished.

Malachite: There’s something at the Galaxy Warp!

Apatite: What?! That’s impossible!

Malachite: Look at the hologram, Apatite! Who is that?!

The figure in the hologram looked unfamiliar. The gems stood up quickly.

Rhodo: Let’s move!

They ran out of Rhodo’s room and stepped on the warp pad. Lucia stayed in Rhodo’s room but she growled. Malachite was about to activate it, when Apatite told her to stop.

Malachite: What?

Apatite: The person in there could hear us if we warp in! I don’t think it’s a smart idea to make a scene.

Rhodo: How about we talk to this person?

Malachite: I’m okay with that!

Apatite: Wait, no!

But it was already too late. Malachite warped them all to the Galaxy Warp. Apatite pulled them behind a warp pad where they couldn’t be seen. There appeared to be a lime green gem with a green star sapphire on her forehead and short haircut. She looked like a homeworld gem. She didn’t seem to notice the warping sound, or maybe she ignored it? She had a rectangular hologram in front of her. She was recording a log.

Green Star Sapphire: No sign of any life on Earth. Guess they all died out. Figures.

She stepped down from one for warps. It wasn’t from the Homeworld warp, so she couldn’t be from Homeworld. But then she stopped.

Sapphire: Kyanite, are you present?

No answer. Sapphire turned around. There was no one there. The Dawn Dusk Gems were hiding.

Sapphire: Kyanite, I repeat, are you present?...

Still no answer. Green Star Sapphire frowned.

Sapphire: I know someones here. Show yourselves!

Behind one of the warp pads, the gems were still hiding.

Malachite: *whisper* That’s it, I’m getting out of here.

Apatite: *whisper* No, stop…!

Malachite shown herself to Sapphire. Sapphire looked surprised.

Sapphire: A gem…?

Then Rhodo pulled Apatite so they were both in view.

Sapphire: More? The reports were right… There are still gems on Earth…

Malachite: Hey, step off!

Apatite: This is not a gem controlled planet!

Rhodo: Go back to Homeworld, you freak!

Sapphire stepped towards them and clenched her fists.

Sapphire: Except I’m not from Homeworld. I’m from Praelior.

Apatite: It doesn’t concern us; you’re still considered a threat. You work for Yellow Diamond!

Sapphire was not satisfied.

Sapphire: I’m just a maintenance worker. It’s my job to report the happenings on Earth.

Then she realized something. She looked angrier.

Sapphire: Wait, were you the ones who destroyed my Plug Robonoids?! No wonder I lost contact with it! I’m reporting this phenomenon!

Suddenly, something warped in from the Crystal Gem’s warp. It was the Shooting Star, and it was about to destroy the Galaxy Warp.

Sapphire: Shoot!

Sapphire ran off and onto the Praelior warp and warped herself back. Apatite formed a cloud barrier bubble to protect themselves. They all ran to their warp and warped back right before the Shooting Star exploded. They returned to the outside of the Dawn Dusk Temple on cliff near the beach sands. They stepped off the warp pad and went into Rhodo’s room once more. They sat down at the marble table to discuss what just happened.

Malachite: She’s reporting us! That isn’t good. If she brings the leader of Praelior, we’re dead…!

Rhodo: I think we can take this leader!

Malachite: Rhodo, you don’t know her. She’s cold. She doesn’t look like much, but she’s super strong. Her name’s Kyanite, and she destroys anything that gets in her way!

Apatite: Why was she there in the first place?

Malachite: Like she said, she was a maintenance worker. She was probably there to record her findings on Earth.

Rhodo: Apatite, why do you think the Shooting Star was there?

Apatite: The Crystal Gems told us they’d destroy the Galaxy Warp a few days ago. Guess that’s how they went about doing it.

Rhodo: The Crystal Gems are Rose’s group, right?

Malachite: Yeah.

Apatite: Well, we need to prepare. We need to be ready when the come to attack us.

Rhodo: They, could just brush it off like it’s nothing.

Malachite: Knowing Kyanite, I don’t think she would…

Apatite: Alright, let’s get ready.





  • Dawn Dusk Temple
    • Rhodo's Room
  • Galaxy Warp
  • Rise Island
  • Thermal Cave (Mentioned)
  • Rose's Temple (Mentioned)
  • Praelior (Mentioned)


  • It is revealed that the gems aren't able to enter Rose's Temple any time they want due to the violent plant life.
    • They are, however, visiting a week from this episode when the plant life isn't as violent.
  • It is revealed that Idocrase's gem was bubbled a while ago when the Dawn Dusk Gems found it at the Thermal Cave.
  • It is revealed that Smokey Quartz ran off.
  • It is revealed that Tiger's Eye gave up his physical form to be half of Lucia.
    • This makes Lucia half gem and half tiger.
  • It is revealed that Corundum got exiled by Tiger's Eye from the Dawn Dusk Gems because he had a love affair with a Homeworld Gem.
  • This marks the first time a gem from a gem controlled planet came to Earth in this series.
  • It is revealed that Rhodo has a crush on Tiger's Eye.
    • This explains his fascination with Lucia.
  • This episode takes place during Winter Forecast, due to the Shooting Star destroying the Galaxy Warp.

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