The Return of Yellow Diamond
Season 1A, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date June 16, 2015
Written by jordancon2000
Directed by jordancon2000
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Pilot Dark Side


Theme Song

Steven: Jenny, you have to make up your mind.

Jenny: But I don't know if I want to do this or not.

Spike: I'm getting tired of this.(pulls out weapon) just let me handle Yellow Diamond.

Yellow Diamond: You really think you can handle me?

Crystal: Not alone of course.

Spike: What?

Crystal: I think it's best if we fuse.

Spike: I don't want to make Iolite.

Crystal: Well we have to, unless you want to get pounded into the ground.

Spike: Not really.

Crystal: Than we need to fuse.

Spike: Fine.

Crystal and Spike start dancing and then their gems glow and they fuse.

Iolite: Honestly, I don't want to do this.(pulls out Flail and Sword; combines it together to show a spike-y sword)

Steven: Cool!

Yellow Diamond: I've seen better fusions, this is just lame.

Iolite: You take that back!(stabs Yellow Diamond, causing to retreat back into gem)

Connie: That was really intense.

Jenny: You people are crazy, I never realize magical beings were weird.

Iolite: Wow! Your so nice.(defuses)

Spike: And that is they say is that.

Crystal: (bubble Yellow Diamond's Gem; then sends it away)

Connie: Where did it go?

Steven: To where me and the crystal gems keep all the corrupted gems.

Connie: Yellow Diamond was corrupted?

Crystal: Probably.

Jenny: Um...yeah, corrupted in the brain.

Spike: Right.

Jenny: I mean she seemed to be super cool at first and then...(then she got knocked out by Spike)

Crystal: Spike!

Spike: What! She was really annoying.

Crystal: And that gives you a reason to knock her out.

Spike: Um, yeah.

Connie: Gems are weird.

The End


Flame Princess(possessed by Yellow Diamond)


  • Steven
  • Spike
  • Crystal
  • Connie
  • Jenny
  • Iolite


  • Yellow Diamond

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