(evreyone is on a gem island)

R:Umm guys are you sure the last time you saw them they were here?


D:Hmm wonder where they are

D:Ill go search form the sky *summons wings and goes away*

R:Ok Yellow ruby you come with me

R:Quartz you go with Topaz And Quartz You go together

R:And citrine umm you with

C:Dont worry i have crystal wings *summons wings and flyies away*

R:Ok lets go

*after 30 mins of research*

R:Wow Yellow i found something a gem is that turquoise?


*They run to turquoise*


Turq:Yellow ruby!!

YR:Lets go

Turq:who is he?

YR:No time to explain

*They all run to the warp pad *

(Where T And Q Are)

Q:I See someone

Q:Its Amazonite!!

T:Lets go

(They both run to amazonite)

A:Quartz!! *hugs Quartz*

A:Who is he?

Q:No time to explain lets go

(They all run to the warp pad)

(In the warp pad)

R:Are we all here?

(Citrine And diamond land)

To be contnued*

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