This is the 2nd episode of The Fire Gems

While Zircon was recovering in the Fire island Temple

Jade and Topaz were on a mission to find their enemy dark pearl

(on cherry tree field)

Topaz: Hey look at that temple over there!

Jade: Lets go check it out!

As they were going to the temple

Amazonite stopped them

Amazonite: Where do you think you're going?

Jade: were going to the temple to stop your leader!

Amazonite: Hah , no way your going to get past me!

Topaz summoned her bow and arrows and Jade summoned his double sided scythe

Topaz shot 3 arrows at Amazonite and he dodged them

While Topaz was shooting them Jade got behind his back and tried to slash him

Amazonite stopped the scythe with his hand

Amazonite: Hah your weak!

Amazonite threw Jade far away

Topaz: Jade no !

Topaz made fire arrows and shot them at Amazonite

Amazonite dodged them , leaped to Topaz and kicked her where he kicked Jade

(at the Fire island temple)

Black Zircon healed and got back into his normal form

B. Zircon: Im healed! Anyone home?

No one was home

B. Zircon: Huh i guess ill have to find them

The wailing stone activated and it had a message , it was from Jade , the message was : Zircon are you healed? if you are come to the cherry tree field fast! Amazonite threw me and Topaz to

the cherry field temple the guards trapped us in a cage , Come fast if you're healed!

Black Zircon leaped to the cherry tree field temple , he saw Jade and Topaz in a cage

he ran to it but Amazonite jumped in front of him and said

Amazonite: you think you're going somewhere

B. Zircon summoned his black gauntlet (similar to garnet's) , leaped to amazonite and hit him in the face

B. Zircon leaped to the cages and broke them

Jade and Topaz were now free , they summoned their weapons

and they all attacked Jade leaped towards Amazonite and slashed him 5 times

Topaz shot 5 fire arrows at Amazonite

And B. Zircon threw Amazonite really far away

B. Zircon: that should keep him away for a while

Jade: Im glad your healed and back in the team!

Topaz: Yeah me too !

B. Zircon: so you're looking for Dark pearl

Jade and Topaz: yeah

B. Zircon: lets go find him then!

To be Continued

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