A Flashback

This is my new fanfic because the other one was pretty bad. It'll probably be a lot better. If you wanna check it out search for the episodes. Welcome to the Club, Surprise, and betrayal.

Before you Read

If you have any feedback don't be a jerk. Just make helpful suggestions. Message me if you want your gem in this on my wall. Finally, If the character has a page, the first time you see someones name, it'll be a link. Also, the plot is based loosely off this theory Link. Also, all mini-episodes can be skipped, they contain extra information, but aren't that important. You can read them if you want to know about the characters.

Episodes (Cancelled)

Season 1

---Episode 1---

Earthward Bound

---Episode 2---

Welcome to Beach City

---Episode 3---

The Plan

---Episode 4A---

Home (Part 1 of 3)

---Episode 4B---

Home (Part 2 of 3)

---Episode 4C---

Home (Part 3 of 3)

---Episode 5---

The Traitor

---Episode 6---

The Crystal Battle

---Episode 7---

Basic Gems

---Episode 8---

The Corrupted

---Mini-Episode 1---

Crystal Clear

---Episode 9---

The Failures

---Episode 10---

Saving the City

---Episode 11---

Proelium Gelu

---Episode 12---


Season 1 Vote

<poll> How's the story doing so far? AMAZING! Pretty Swell. Ehhhhhh... Okay. BAD! </poll>

Season 2

---Episode 1---

A New Gem

---Episode 2---


---Episode 3---


---Episode 4---

The Plan 2: War

---Episode 5---


---Episode 6---


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