The Rebellion Episode 3: The Plan

This the third episode of The Rebellion

The Plan
The Plan
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Welcome to Beach City Home (Part 1 of 3)


Topaz and Turquoise devise a plan to save Diamond and Quartz.


[Episde enters with Topaz sitting, bored, on the couch, reading The No-Home Boys, a book he found on the floor, while Turquoise was playing Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, on a GameCube on the loft.]

Topaz: [Closes his book] Well that ones finished, any more books?

Turquoise: There's a Sailor Moon, in the desk up here.

Topaz: Ewwww, No! I'm so bored...

Turquoise: [Shuts down GameCube] We need to do something, and I think I know what.

Topaz: What?

Turquoise: I'm pretty sure Diamond and Quartz were never actually smashed. I think they're gems are just in a containment vessel on Homeworld.

Topaz: And...

Turquoise: We can try and save them!

Topaz: ARE TOU CRAZY!? I can't even use my staff properly! The lightning bolts can't shoot straight! You can only summon armor! And think of the risks! If we're caught, we'll be with them, or worse, the Crystal Gems!

Turquoise: Relax, We just need to train and devise a plan.

Topaz: Then we better get started.

[Scene changes to the beach, where Turquoise draws in the sand and Topaz practices with his thunder staff.]

Turquoise: [murmurs] we can go this way, then over here, then AAUUUGHHH! We'll be killed by the guards! Wait, we can go over there, then around the throne room, instead of through, and... AHA!

Topaz: [panting] What?

Turquoise: I got the plan!

Topaz: Cool, now we need to train.

Turquoise: Okay, I'll teach you how to use your weapon.

Topaz: No way! You don't have a weapon!

Turquoise: [sassily] Well, I'm not a hybrid.

Topaz: Fine...

Turquoise: First, focus your energy into your gem.

Topaz: Okay... [grunts, then his gem starts glowing.]

Turquoise: That's it, now, pretend like your staff is there, and yank it out of your forehead!

Topaz: [grunts, then pulls his staff out of his gem. It's a dark yellow, with bright yellow zigzags and a piece of Topaz at the top.]

Turquoise: Great! Now, hold the staff straight with the Topaz facing your target.

Topaz: [positions his staff.]

Turquoise: Now focus your energy and FIRE!

[Out of the Topaz of the staff comes a massive lightning bolt that shatters the rock they were targeting.]

Topaz: Now, it's your turn.

[Turquoise puts his left hand over his gem on his chest. He starts glowing and is equipped with armor. He dashes towards another target rock and punches it with all his strength, and it shatters.]

Topaz: Wow...

Turquoise: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!

[The episode ends with them laughing.]

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