Hello! This is a spinoff series to my primary series: Celebration Fandom! Any events that occur in this series will be linked to Celebration Fandom. Characters shown in Celebration Fandom (Gemsonas) will most likely be shown in this series, and vice versa! Enjoy! Good Day!

NOTE: This series takes place in the past! Around 6000 to 5000 years ago, to be exact...

Hey, guys, SUcelebration94 here! I've decided to make my return after a VERY long hiatus. Welp, I'm quitting on this spinoff because of new Canon info that's been revealed over the months. Later, dudes, and have a good day!!!

(Does anyone know how to delete these things?)

Episode List

Still under development! Good Day!


I have no songs, currently! Good Day!

Celebration Fandom

Check out my primary series: Celebration Fandom here!

Fanon Characters

Aquamarine (CF)

Emerald (CF)

Onyx (CF)



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