The New Quest
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Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date July 13, 2015
Written by Austin Aldrich
Directed by Austin Aldrich
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A Fresh Start   A Warming Welcome Part 1

The New Quest is the second episode in the show Sunville Protectors and is followed by A Warming Welcome Part 1, but comes before A Fresh Start.


The gems go on their first gem journey after moving to the new town.


[The four gems are all looking at the Sun Summoner they all looked happy going on their first mission, it has been a while.]

Sodalite looked at Magnetite saying "You do remember how you and we do this right?"

Magnetite scratched his head a little and looked nervous as he did not remember.Sodalite looked at him and than said "I use my gem to activate the Sun Summoner, and use my powers to pin point where we summon to, than you use your gems to summon with me. Also please keep your head in the summoner, we dont want The Incident to happen again".

Magnetite: "The what?"

Soadlite: "Okay everyone onto the portal, we have a problem is the outskirts of town in the Gem Mine" Everyone stepped onto the portal as Soadlite powered on his gem and set their derection. Everyone powered on their gems surprisingly even Magnetite and with that they warped.

-Inside Gem Mine- Everyone warped onto the mine floor where the Sun Summoner ring was placed. Sodalite scanned the mine to see just where the danger was. "Oh great" he said looked at his radar.

Hematite: "What is it"

Flourite: "Is it something dangerous?"

Magnetite: "Something huge?"

Sodalite looked at all them sternly and than said as they all quited down "It is a Screeching Mantis". Than a very loud sound erupted the whole mine. Sodalite, Hematite, and Flourite covered their ears, while Magnetite fell to the floor from the vibration of the floor.

The Mantis came running into the room the gems were in as it stopped screamin to scan who they were, it was about 12 feet tall and looked about 680 pounds in weight. Sodalite activated his gem that was in between his chest and stomach, and pulled out a blue bow and arrow and pointed at the monster. Hematite activated her gem that was on her right leg and pulled out a green colored scepter and started running at the monster. Flourite activated his gem that was on his left hand and pulled out a pale colored axe and threw it at the monster. Magnetite got up a litte shakily and saw the monster and immediatly activated his gem on his left cheek, and pulled out a large grey colored shield.

Hematite ran at the monster and tried throwing her Scepter only for the monster to open its mouth, it fly in,and him eating it.

Hematite: "He ate my scepter!"

Flourite watched his axe as it flew into the monster it roared and slamed one of its claws right into Flourite as he flew into the wall of Gem Mine.

Flourite: "Owwww".

Hematite helped Flourite up, as Sodalite fired some of his arrows at the monster, he hit Flourite's axe and caused it to fall to the mine floor. All his other arrows gor stuck in the creatures body.

The mantis opened its mouth and out came Hematite's scepter it wss glowing red, because it was literally molten lova hot, it was hurtiling straight towards Hematite, Magnetite ran over and used his shield to block it, but right after his shield went away.

Magnetite: "What happened?"

Sodlaite: "You are not in full control of your powers yet" he said as he continued shooting arrows.

Flourite: "Sodalite! This sounds crazy but shoot your arrows at the ceiling!"

Sodlaite looked at him as Flourite said "Trust me!" Sodalite did as he was told and shot the ceiling than he whole cave started shaking as rocks from where the arrows hit the ceiling fell on the monster crushing him. His gem flew out as Hematite ran over saying "I call bubbiling it!"

Just than more and more rocks fell in different places, Sodalite than said "We have to fet out of here" as he dragged Flourite and Magnetite to the portal. "Hematite we got to go!" Sodalite said in a stern toan.

"Im going" Hematite said running to the portal as rocks fell from the ceiling and crushed her.

"Hematite!" Magnetite yelled.

"Im sorry for this" Sodalite said and warped them away leaving Hematite crushed under the rocks.

-End of Episode.-


Sodalite (SP)

Hematite (SP) (Now inactive.)

Flourite (SP)

Magnetite (SP)

Screeching Mantis (Main Antagonist in this episode)

Places Used

Sunville Protectors Temple

Sun Summoner

Gem Mine

Sunville (Technically)


  • This is the second episode
  • It is okay to comment about the episode, characters, and how i can improve my fannon, or rate the episode 1/10
  • Hematite is now an inactive character till future episodes.

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