This is the 7th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Emerald is still healing from him and Garnet breaking up and maybe going on a journey with a new gem can help.


The episode starts off with Emerald looking out towards the sea. He thinks of his desision that he made with Garnet and slowly he begins to shed tears from letting her go. Sapphire walks outside and see Emerald crying. He walks up to Emerald and tries to figure out what's wrong and Emerald told him about him letting Garnet go. Sapphire told him what he did showed more love for Garnet then if he would have just continued to be with her. Emerald tells him that his heart is broken and feels like it will never heal. But Sapphire told him that love can't die and sometimes it can takes a new form of love. Emerald wipes the tears from his cheek and thanks Sapphire for the talk. He then tells that the gems are waiting inside to talk about a mission. Emerald walks into the beach house and see the Crystal Gems, Carnelian, and Jade talking. Garnet informs Emerald about them talking about strange activities coming from the dark swamps and asks him if he could check it out. Emerald was still depressed from him letting go of Garnet but he agrees to this. Garnet asks him if he wanted her to go with him but for the first time Emerald didn't want Garnet to go with him. Garnet was rather shocked by this however she allows him to go alone and informs him the coordinates of the swamp. She wishes him luck but Emerald didn't acknowledge it as he warps away to the swamp.

He arrives at the swamp and see a mucky river flowing though the swamp. He thought he saw something in the river and he tried to grab it despite the fact it was a trap. He reached into the water and a group of arms try to drag him into the river. He uses his claws to slice the arms and tries to buck up, but out of the water comes hundreds of undead creatures. They surrounded him and as all hope seemed lost, a bolt of lightning stuck a group of the undead creatures. Emerald didn't know where that came from and out from the trees in the swamps comes out what looks like a gem warrior. The gem summons a sword of fire and slices the creatures trying to attack. The creatures tried to attack but this gem was too fast and quickly beat them all. The gem then looked at Emerald but he could see it's face since a war helmet was covering it. The gem helps Emerald up and put it's sword back. Emerald thanked the gem for helping him and asked who are you. The gem removed the helmet revealing a beautiful yet fierce gem. She introduced herself as Lepidolite and asked if Emerald was alright. He said he was fine and asked what she was doing here. Lepidolite told him that she was on a quest to recover an ancient artifact from a temple. Emerald asked what this artifact was, but she didn't tell but did ask if he wanted to join her quest. Emerald slowly began to smile and agreed to joining her. She then tells Emerald to get to the artifact they need to go through the Swamp of Styx and to travel through the Gorgon Temple to arrive at the Mountain of the Brothers. Emerald didn't know what she was talking about with these locations but still agreed. The two walked together along the river and continue fighting the undead creatures from the river as they walk. They then find a temple with a strange insignia on it. It showed a face that had snakes as hair which was unusual for Emerald. Lepidolite told him that the symbol was a gem-based gorgan which she described as a creature that can kill by its gaze. Emerald was a little nervous but Lepidolite did not look worried and told Emerald to be strong as they go through. He tries to keep a level-head and enter the Temple of the Gorgans.

The temple inside was ancient but had a beautiful look. Lepidolite told him to keep his eyes down as they go though the temple. Emerald agreed to this as they walk though the temple. Emerald heard a slithering sound coming from the room and summoned his claws just in case this would turn into a fight. Lepidolite drawed her sword and sliced off the head of the gorgan following her unfortunately, there were more than one. Lepidolite told Emerald to run and complete the quest in her name and Emerald agreed with this. Lepidolite continued to fight the gorgans but two of the wrapped their long snake tails around her limbs so she couldn't move and a massive one in front of her told her to open her eyes. Lepidolite kept them closed and told that she would never open them. Emerald was about to exit the temple but look behind and saw Lepidolite trapped by the gorgans. Emerald had a choice to move on and let her die or to risk it all. Without hesitation, he turned back and charged at the gorgans. The gorgans couldn't sense him coming and kept their eyes on Lepidolite and because of that, Emerald managed to cut off the heads of the two gorgans the were taping her. Emerald then tried to attack the big one but she was too quick and whiped her tail striking him across the face. She slithered up to him and Emerald locked his eyes shut. The gorgan introduced herself as Medusa and slowly began to wrap her tail around him but not in a hostile way. Medusa tells him that she knows the pain that Emerald has gone through with Garnet and told him that if he opens his eyes, she would take away the pain forever. Emerald was tempted to open his eyes but he stand strong knowing what Sapphire told him. He kept his eyes shut and with his claws he sliced her head off killing of the gorgon queen, Medusa. Lepidolite grabbed the head and put it in a small red bag and helped Emerald up. She was amazed how Emerald came back to save her and asked why knowing that others would just run off. He tells her that he thought that the quest was important for her and wanted to make sure that it was completed. She thanked him as the two exit the temple together.

They walked out seeing the sun again and reach the bottom of a massive mountain. Lepidolite told him that at the top was the temple where they had to reach to complete the quest. Emerald asked how they would get up there, noticing the massive scale of the mountain and Lepidolite told him that they needed to climb. Emerald got out his claws and began to use them to scale the walls of the mountainside. Lepidolite pulled out two daggers and did the same thing as they scaled to mountain together. It took a long time but they finally reached the top of the mountain and see a glorious temple. The two walk inside together and in the center, were statues of the Three Brothers. Lepidolite was suprised that Emerald was actually one of the brothers on the statues and turned to him asking why he didn't say he was one of the brothers. Emerald told her that he thought she knew already, still leaving her shocked. Emerald asked were the artifact was and Lepidolite told him that it was hidden in the room and asked if he could find it. Emerald scanned the room and noticed a very faint green glow coming from the statues. He placed his hand on it and a hidden compartment opened revealing a beautiful sword. Lepidolite was happy to see this and thanked Emerald for his help. Emerald then tries to grab it to give it to her but Lepidolite grabs it as well making there hold each others' hands. They look into each others' eyes for a second blushing from that but Emerald then lets go and let Lepidolite take the sword. Emerald asked what she was going to do now that the quest was done. She didn't know and Emerald then asked why she went on the quest in the first place. She revealed that she was an ancient Homeworld gem that tried to redeem herself from doing their evil doings to the planet. Emerald then asked if she wanted to join the Crystal Gems and try to protect the Earth along them and his brothers. She smiled and hugged him which showed she agreed to this. They warped back to the temple together and find the gems in the house. Sapphire asked who the gem was and Emerald introduced her saying that wishes to join us. Garnet was a little edgy by this but still welcomed her to the Crystal Gems. Lepidolite and Emerald walk outside together and look at the sunset, leaving Garnet a little agitated. Carnelian walked up to Garnet and  tried to tell her that she was jealous but befor he could say it Garnet covered his mouth and told him not to say it and walks away, ending the episode.


  • Steven
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Carnelian
  • Jade
  • Lepidolite
  • Undead creatures
  • Gem Gorgans


  • Lepidolite is based on a friend of vultureking named lilduders.
  • Lepidolite is also based on Greek mythology.
  • Some of the locations are based on famous settings in Greek myths:
    • The Swamp of Styx: The River of Styx
    • The Gorgon Temple: Medusa's Lair
    • The Mountain Temple: Mount Olympus
  • Garnet is shown to be jealous of Emerald and Lepidolite being together even if they are not dating yet.

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