This is the 17th episode in the Legend of Sapphire.


Steven, Lapis, and Sapphire compete in a survival tournament where they must fight against gems from other dimensions.


The episode begins with Lapis and Steven watching a movie together on the couch waiting for the gems to return from their mission. They heard a knocking on the door coming from outside which Steven decides to go answer. He opens the door and sees a gem dress in armor with a small parcel in his hands. The gem tells Steven that he is the Multiverse messanger and that he has a package for him, Ruby, and Lapis. Steven tells the messanger that Ruby is dead and then the messanger then tells Steven it is for Sapphire then. He takes the package and walks back into the room and sits next to Lapis. She looks at it and asked what it was but Steven didn't know. The warp pad activated and out of it came the Brothers, the Crystal Gems, Carnelian, Jade, Lepidolite, and Purple Topaz. Sapphire walked over and saw the package and asked who it was from. Steven told him that someone dressed in armor gave it to him. Sapphire looked suspicious and asked if the person was a Multiverse messanger which Steven said it was. Sapphire asked for the package and Steven gave it to him not knowing what was inside. He then begins to open it and sees a hologram crystal but this one was different and appeared as though it wasn't from this world or this dimension. As the crystal laid in his hands, it began to glow and a gem appeared from it in a hologram. The gem introduced himself calling himself the Game Maker and mentions about Steven, Ruby, and Lapis being the top three in the gem tournament. The gem then welcomes them to particapate in a gem tournament known as the Multiverse Games in an attempt to become the best in all of the different universes. The gem then tells them that there will be a portal that will take them to the games and then the hologram disappears. The crystal then levitated into the air and created a portal that lead to the games. Pearl asked if they could go to watch them compete and Sapphire agreed to this and told that they could all come to cheer them on. They then all walked through the portal and arrive at the entrance to the arena.

When they arrived, the Game Maker met them by the entrance but asked where Ruby was. Steven told him that Ruby was dead and that Sapphire has volunteered for him to take her place. The Game Maker agreed to this and told them to follow him and ask the others to get their seats in the arena. Sapphire, Steven, and Lapis follow him to a form of training hall for the tributes to use before they enter into the arena. They see many powerful gems from other dimensions some even equal to the powers of the Brothers. One in particular really catches the attention of Sapphire as he looks to see the abilities of the other gems. This one was shown to be extremely nimble in battle and is shown to be extremely fierce with her pair of nunchucks. Against the targets she was practicing against they were pulverized by her power which made Sapphire worry about this gem even if he doesn't know who she was or where she came from. He did admire her power but he knew that if he wanted to finish this tournament he had to keep a sharp eye on her. The Multiverse host came into the training room and told them all about a new rule for the games. For now on if all three of the tributes from their dimension are the last three standing they will all be declared the winners of the Games. Sapphire was happy about this and thought it was best that Steven and Lapis would stick close to him so they can win. The host then tells them to go to the platform rooms for each of the tributes so the game scan begin. They begin to travel to the different rooms and entered into a tube that had a raising platform in it that would take them into the arena. They all get on and raise into the arena revealing a rainforest as the location for the Games. They waited for the gong to ring and once it did it was chaos. Some of the gems began to fight each other and already 6 gems retreated to their gemstones making them lose the games. Steven and Lapis made it to the rim of the jungle and Sapphire joined with them as they begin to enter into the vast and dangerous jungle.

They felt worried about these games since they were dealing with the most skilled fighters of the different dimensions but Sapphire didn't fear as much. They heard commotion coming from the north hearing a form of struggle. They run there and take a look seeing the mysterious gem Sapphire saw and two other gems fighting against her. One of the gems that attacked was covered in ash and had a helmet with a light on top of him and armed with a gem pick axe. The other had a hippy appearance with long flowing hair and had laser eyes as her weapon. The two were working together to try to take out this gem and they did manage to injured her but no enough for her to return to her gemstone. Lapis and Steven thought it would be best that they would get out of there but Sapphire couldn't just stand there and watch someone get hurt. The black gem raised his pick axe to finish of the gem however Sapphire fired blasts of ice at the black gem and sliced him in half with his scythe. The other gem kept firing her laser eyes at Sapphire but she was not able to hit him and because of that taking her out was rather easy for him. He then looked at the fallen gem and walked over to see if she was alright or not. The gem told him to just finish her and to get it all over with. But Sapphire didn't attack her, instead he pulled out a small vital of an elixer and poured it on her injury. It hurt her but only for a few seconds and within that time she was healed from her damages. Sapphire then helped this gem up and asked if she was alright. The gem said she was and thanked him for saving her from Coal and Citrine. She then asked for his name and Sapphire told her his name. The gem then introduced herself as Star Sapphire from the 11th dimension and asked if she could join him so they could fight off against the gems in the arena. Sapphire was edgy at first but he agreed to it. Star Sapphire gave a quick hug thanking him for saving her life again as the two then meet back with Lapis and Steven. They notice Star Sapphire with Sapphire and get a bit worried about this but they knew that if Sapphire could trust someone they can trust them as well. The sky began to turn dark and they had to set camp quickly. They made a small fire that was big enough for them to keep warm but small enough for it to not attract other gems out there. Star Sapphire tells them that already 14 gems have lost and that they would need to be prepared for the morning. Lapis and Steven feel asleep next to each other but Sapphire stayed up to keep watch. Star Sapphire was a bit cold and snuggle next to Sapphire. Sapphire noticed this but he let her snuggle with him as she begins to get closer to him and begins to fall asleep with him. Sapphire was still up but he comforted her as she slept next to him.

In an hour, the sun rised again and Lapis, Steven, and Star Sapphire were still sleeping. Sapphire didn't sleep and throughout the night tried to comfort Star as she slept by his side. Suddenly there was a rustling in one of the trees and when Sapphire looked up, he saw someone up there. He woke up the others but as he was doing so a gem tried to pounce on him. This gem was in red with a pair of battle claws on him each one stained in blood. The gem tried to slash Sapphire but he wasn't fast enough to slice him and to add on to that Sapphire was extremely evasive. Star Sapphire noticed the gem attacking and summoned her nunchucks to battle. The gem didn't notice her coming and she quickly and silently bashed him across the head and continued with an array of kicks and strikes which made him retreat to his gem. Sapphire was amazed and thanks her for saving him. She told him that it was a gem named Rhodochrosite who was one of the most bloodthirsty of competitors in the arena. Sapphire then looked around to see if there was anyone else and he did notice a group of gems traveling together as a small alliance. Star Sapphire looked at the scanner and found out it was Hemimorphite, Viridine, and Morganite who was working together. She also noticed that there was only 8 gems left in the arena that have not regenerated but knew that these three would be the most powerful opponents they will face in the arena. They get to Lapis and Steven and tell them to head to the western side of the jungle while both Sapphire and Star Sapphire take care of the three gems. Both Sapphire and Star hide in a bush and Star began blushing for how close she was to Sapphire during the moment. The gems try to search for others but they couldn't find anyone close by but after they see Lapis and Steven running to the west side of the jungle. They make plans to take them both down but before they could Star and Sapphire attack them. Viridine told the others to follow the gems while she would take care of the Sapphires. She then summons a powerful sword for battle and prepare to fight. Meanwhile, Morganite and Hemimorphite both go deeper into the jungle and come across Steven and Lapis. They couldn't run anymore and see the sky begin to build up with storm clouds. The rain fell onto them which gave Lapis and Steven an idea on how to beat them. Lapis used her magic to attack them with combining the droplets to make the water and Steven used his trident to control the water to fight. Thet notice flashes of lightning around the arena which gave Steven a foolish yet brave idea. He asked Lapis to fly him into the air and to let him go. Lapis did not want to do this because it would risk Steven's life. But Steven begged her and eventually she decided to try it. She summoned her wings and lifted Steven into the air. Once high enough she let go of Steven letting him fall freely. He pointed his trident up and suddenly a flash of lightning struck it which made Steven then throw the trident at the two gems below. It zapped them good and made them retreat to their gems which work out perfectly. Once that was done Lapis caught Steven before he hit the ground and began to fly back to Star Sapphire and Sapphire.

Back with the two Sapphires, Viridine began a dangerous battle against the two Sapphires. Star Sapphire was nimble and struck rapidly with her nunchucks and Sapphire used his swift yet powerful scythe to knock her off balance. Sapphire held his scythe blade to Viridine knowing that she could not win. Viridine wasn't going to go down without taking someone out of the Games so she throwed her sword at Star Sapphire which impaled her making her collapses to the ground. Sapphire was furious by this so he sliced Viridine in half with his scythe making her retreat to her gem then ran to Star Sapphire's body hoping she will be fine. But the blade impaled her good and knowing that she would regenerate because of that. She lifted her hand to her face and told him that she liked him and that she knew that Sapphire would be the one out of the two to win. Sapphire began to cry after all the time they had together in the arena. Star Sapphire wanted Sapphire to sing her a song before she would regenerate. Sapphire began to sing for her which was a beautiful melody as she began to regenerate. When the song ended, she retreated to her gem leaving Sapphire sad for her losing. Lapis and Steven arrive back at him and see that Star was defeated but were happy now that they were the last ones left. The announcer came on and congratulated the winners of the Multiverse Games which followed with a ship arriving to pick them up. They get on the ship and when they land, they see millions of gems congratulating them for winning and in the front they see the competitors fully regenerated and out of all of them Star Sapphire cheered the loudest for them. The announcer congratulated them for winning and after the ceremonies, they were ready to head back to their dimension. Sapphire tried to look for the gems but he couldn't find them at the moment but Star Sapphire came up to him. She congratulated him for winning and told him that she hope she would see him again someday. He smiled and thanked her for all she did and before Star left she kissed Sapphire on his cheek and warped back to her own dimension. He blushed a bit and then he saw the Crystal Gems and the others going to congratulate him. They all were amazed by how he did and were happy that he, Steven, and Lapis won but for now Sapphire just wanted to go home and spend some time with Pearl. Pearl blushed and kissed Sapphire for winning and after that kiss they warped back to their dimension which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Carneliean
  • Jade
  • Lepidolite
  • Purple Topaz
  • Mutiverse Games Maker
  • Multiverse Games Host
  • Multiverse Games Messenger
  • Rhodochrosite (Mr. Napcakes)
  • Hemimorphite (Akechidoge)
  • Viridine (Akechidoge)
  • Coal (Sapphirethecrystlegem)
  • Citrine (Sapphirethecrystlegem)
  • Star Sapphire (Neonclovers)
  • Morganite (Neonclovers)
  • Gem Tributes
  • Multiverse Games audiences


  • This is the second crossover in the Legend of Sapphire series.
  • The episode references The Tournament in the Legend of Onyx series and the Quarter Quell in the Hunger Games trilogy.

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