the moon gem
Season legend of onix, Episode episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date 3/21/2015
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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old brother, new fussion the storm gem
this is the 16th episode in the legend of onix series


a strange new gem has put the crystle gems into a never ending nightmare and only onix and amethyst can save them


the episode starts off with amethyst running from something in the kindergarten. a group of evil gems chase after her and she tries to hide. she unfortionitly got spoted and tried to run agean. she then triped on the ground and was about to be killed by the gems. then sudenly she woke up in her room revealing it was just a horrible nightmare. she tries to go back to sleep but she is pleaged by the nightmare. she then walks out of her room and gose outside for a bit. she looks at the moon and see it now eluminating a blue color from it. then she hears the door open and onix comes outside. amethyst asks him why he was outside in the first place. he told her that he jsut wanted some air. amethyst told him about the nightmare she had and then looked up at the moon seeing its blue glow. he tells amethyst he knows whats going on. he explains that a gem is causeing the nightmares to happen and that if they dont wake them up by the end of the night they will be stuck in there nightmare forever. they run in the house and drag each gem into the liveing room trying to get them together. they do that and onix draws with black chalk a symble one side representing dreams and the other nightmare. onix explains that they need to go into the dream relm to save them from the gem. they hold hands and begin to fall asleep into the gems dreams.

they first enter into stevens dream were they see him and lapis on the beach. the two are about to kiss but something happens to lapis. she begins to change her personality to a vilont and evil side makeing her attack steven. he runs for his life trying to escape but it dosnt work. amethyst asks how are they going to stop lapis. onix tells her in the dream relm anything can happen. he jumps out and blasts a black mean at lapis wich reveals that it is a shard of moon stone and retreave it. then lapis apears and gose to steven conferting him from what happened and gives him a kiss, restoring his dream. onix then creates a portal to the next dream wich lead to lapis lazulis dream. they go into a room with a cadge in the shape of a mirror with a giant peridot and jasper tomenting her. amethyst told onix she will take on peridot wile he takes on jasper. they then grow into massive size equal to the size of peridot and jasper. amethyst and peridot go into battle wich ends with peridot being tied up with amethyst whip. onix and jasper go into battle and with a blast from his ray of nightmares he defeated jasper. the two then disapeared leaveing behind two moonstone shards. they return to regular hight and unlock the cage freeing lapis. with her free onix makes a portal that lead to emerlads dream.

they enter into the dream and see garnet trying to attack emerald but he refuses to fight. amethyst notices that the gems on garnets hands are the color of the moon stone shards knowing that she had to be stoped. onix then created a form of garnet that acted and looked like the real one. the evil garnet keeps fighting but then the garnet that onix makes beats the evil one leaveing behind a moon stone shard they needed. they then see emerald and garnet flirting with eachother showing the dream was restored. onix then creates a portal agean wich takes them to garnets dream. they see garnet on the beach fighting agenst a army of red soldiers they saw from the spaceship when they saw ruby. she constantly tries to fight but it becomes overwelming and she begins to tack attacks. the onix uses his staff to create a black hole to suck all the soldiers into it and makes it disapear. sudenly a massive ship aproches and starts attacking them. amethyst fires a short from her whip wich distroys it leaveing another moon stone shard wich they take. the dream was restored and move on to rose quartz dream with a portal. they see rose quartz looking for steven wich he was no were to be found. they hear steven screaming for help but rose canot find him anywear in the darkness. amethyst summons a torch and brightens it up for the room to eluminate. rose then sees steven locked in a cage wich rose manages to get him out and hugs him tightly. the cage then disapears leaveing behind a moon stone shard wich they take. they were half way there with fixing the dreams so they continued through a portal that lead to pearls dream.

they go into a room were they see ruby and sapphire fighting pearl joins in the fight but sudenly ruby slashes sapphire across his face makeing him colapes to the floor amethyst snairs her with her whip and pearl slices ruby wich leaves a moon stone in her place. pearl gose over and begins to cry for loseing sapphire. onix however heals him with his dark magic and restors him to normal. pearl then hugs him tightly wich restorse the dream to normal. they then make a portal and make it to the last dream wich is part of sapphire. they see ruby siting on a throne with pearl in a hanging cage above a vat of boiling lava. sapphire bursts into the room and summons his scythe to rescue pearl. ruby and sapphire go into battle and amethyst see's this as a chance to free pearl. she walks over to the cadge and avoids detection and frees pearl from her cadge. she then wraps her whip around ruby and sapphire uses it to slice her leaveing the last moon stone in her place. pearl then runs over and kisses sapphire wich opens a portal back to the real world.

they wake up and see that the others begin to wake up from there dreams. they dont know why they they were there so they all just went back to bed in there rooms. amethyst and onix however go outside and take out the moon stone shards they got in the dream relm. they lift it up to the moon and the shards begin to fuse together and form a gem. she landed infront of them and thanked them for restoring her to normal. onix asked why she was causeing nightmares to the gems but she told him it was unintentional. the shard from her shatered into there dreams changeing them makeing them into nightmares. she then asked for there forgiveness for causeing the probloms and both agreed to forgive them. she thanks them agean and levitates of the ground and travels back to the moon. they then went back to bed to get some real sleep. onix feel to sleep quickly but had a nightmare about him turning evil agean and killing all that he loved. he woke up and looked out the window to see if the moon was glowing blue agean showing that moonstone gave him the nightmare but it was normal. amethyst then entered the room and told onix she had a nightmare agean and asked if she could sleep with him for the night. onix began to blush and told her she could. she got under the blakets and snuggled with eachother as they fell to sleep. they begin to have a dream of them exploreing the galxy together and now experiance a wonderful dream together wich ends the episode.


  • steven
  • lapis lazuli
  • rose quartz
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • pearl
  • onix
  • sapphire
  • emerald
  • moon stone
  • jasper (dream)
  • peridot (dream)
  • red soldiers (dream)


  • this is the first time the gems fight in the dream relm
  • the dreams show the worst fears of the gems
    • steven: fearing lapis would turn bad agean
    • lapis lazuli: fearing her being kept prisoner by jasper and peridot
    • amethyst: fearing being at the kindergarten
    • onix: fearing of turning evil agean
    • sapphire: fears of ruby attacking pearl
    • emerald: fears of fighting agenst garnet
    • garnet:fears of ruby returning
    • pearl: fears of loseing sapphire to ruby
    • rose quartz: fears loseing steven

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