T:*Working on a experiment*

  • Ruby and Diamond enter Topaz´s Lab*

D:Sup Topaz

R:What Up T?

T:*Gets distracted and the experiment goes wrong*

T:Evreyone Down!!!

  • A Black hole sucks them*

R:*Wakes up in a frozen cavern*

R:What the?

R:*Wakes up topaz and diamond*



R:*Hears someone singing*

R:Lets follow that song!

  • They all follow the song* say hi to sapphire*
  • They see a Unknown Blue gem*

R:Who is that?

  • The unknown gem sees them*

S:Hello my name is Sapphire

R:My name is ruby and they are my brothers Topaz And Diamond

  • topaz and diamond both say hi to sapphire*

R:So "Sapphire" Were are we?

S:On my cavern of curse

R:You live here?

S:Yes? Why

R:Oh nothing


S:Let me take you to my brothers


S:*Teleports them all to Onix and Emerald*

O:Sapphire? Who are they?


S:Wait guys they are Ruby,Topaz And Diamond


  • Onix And Emerlad Both Say Hi to Ruby,Topaz And Diamond*
  • Ruby,Topaz And diamond say hi to Onix and Emerald*

S:By the way i controll ice

R:I Controll fire and lava

O:I Controll Darkness

T:I Controll Light!

E:I Control nature

D:I Controll Air And clouds!

R:Wow we are opposites

S:I know right? *laughts*

To be continued....

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