ametyst: who wake us?


lapis: what is st patricks day?

calim: is a day where you use green outfits, find four leaf clovers who give you luck, and find pot of gold in the end of the rainbow!

steven: guys look here! the rainbow is close!

calim: yep. and I woke you for find the pot of gold in the end of it!

*the crystal gems search for the end for the rainbow*

steven: OH! I forget my holiday clothes! I will come back! *go to the temple*

steven: *searches in the closet* oh cmonnnn, I remeber to leave my holiday suits here!

*someting teleports in warp pad*

steven: *hides in the closet door and closes it*

peridot: ok, we already checked the warp pads..what we gonna make now?

jasper: hm...I dunno

steven: ..peridot and...that oragen guy...

pearl: *open doors* STEVEN!

peridot and jasper: *run and teleports to kindergarden warp pad*

pearl: *get picked by an giant arm made of four leaf clovers*

calim: oh cmon...oh hey steven! pick this! *throw arrow at steven hair*

steven: *picks arrow* ok!

calim: now shoot at the gem of the green monster!

steven: *shoots at the gem*

the monster: *dessapears with the arms*


calim: hey steven...look behind the temple

*behind the temple have the end for rainbow, and giant four leaf clovers*

steven: OMGGG!!!! *tries to pick pot of gold* no one pick it?

pearl: I think is because no one knows this part of the beach...

garnet: exept ronaldo.

lapis: and Im sure that he just not pick the pot of gold to wait for we pick and he screenshot us...

steven: uh...I! Im too weak to get the thing!

garnet: *shapeshifts into giant arms and put the four leaf clovers and the pot of gold*

pearl: we will need the four leaf clovers?

amethyst: yep.

steven: hey, what have in the start of the rainbow?

calim: a-

pearl: the start of the rainbow is a cloud... *^^ face*

steven: just a normal cloud?

pearl: yep, no-

calim: no! is the house of the leprechauns and fairies!

lapis: ok soo...lets enter in the crystal temple.

sometime later....

ronald: *writes a post on keep beach city weird blog about calim's shapeshift, the st patrick in end of rainbow thing and another thing about the gems.*

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