The Light Gem
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"The Light Gem" is the 11th episode of Dove Fandom and the beginning of the second half of season one: 1B.



(A strange island of light appears in the sky near the sun and slightly above the Crystal Temple)

Pearl: What's That!?

Garnet: I don't know but we have to see, it could be another invasion!

Steven: What's that!?

(He covers his eyes from the blinding light)

Amethyst: We don't know!

Garnet: Steven, stay inside we don't want you getting hurt again!

Steven: But I want to help!

Garnet: No, we need to keep you safe, stay here for us!

(his eyes droop down but walks back in)

Steven: Oh Lion, what can I do.

(He summons his shield out of boredem)

Steven: I only want to help, I'm old enough too, I'm 13!

(Lion lies down around Steven and Steven rests his head on his side)

Steven: Wait a minute I have a crazy idea! Lion can you teleport that far?

(Lion nods his head in his sleep)


(Lion with Steven on his burst out of the house and teleport to the light island)

CG: Steven!!!

(Steven searches around the island to find an orange Gem crouched down sobbing into her knees)

Steven; Are you alright? *gasps* Carnelian?!

Carnelian: How do you know me and why are you here!

Steven: We saw your amazing light island form and we saw you on a security camera sabotaging Peridot's work.

Carnelian: My...My...My work it's...Amazing?

(She rises her head and quickly hugs Steven as she sobs into his shirt)

Carnelian: Thank you...No one has ever said anything that nice to me or appreciated my work...I...Thank you.

Steven: It is quite *gasps* your gem is broken!

(She flinches and steps back and stares at the sun)

(Steven licks his hand and presses it down on her gem)

Carnelian: What are y-

(She is engulfed in a ball of light and comes out with a new attire and wings made of light)

Carnelian: My...wings, t-thank

Steven: Steven, Steven Universe!

Carnelian: Thank you, Steven.

(She bends down and kisses him)

(She flies away was Lion teleports him down as the island disappears and Steven touches his lips)





  • Beach City
  • Crystal Temple
  • Light Island


  • It is revealed Steven is 13 years old as of the episode, Tiny Moms.
  • This the first Dove Fandom episode not include Aventurine.
    • And Mangano Calcite.

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