The Leaf Village
DDG Ep 32 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date July 24th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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"The Leaf Village" is the 12th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 32nd overall episode of the series.


When Idocrase is lost in the forest behind the temple, the gems find something they didn't expect to find at all.


It’s a sunny day on Rise Island. Idocrase is outside on the warm beach sand, playing volleyball with Rhodochrosite and Malachite. There aren’t many clouds in the sky, and everything seems to be calm, besides the waves that crash into the shore. It didn’t bother the gems though; it cooled them down once in a while. Rhodo hit the ball up and Malachite rushes under it.

Malachite: I got it!

She hits the ball hard into the air. She jumps up high and spikes the ball into Idocrase’s face. Idocrase and the ball rush into the forest behind the temple. Idocrase screams as he falls into the forest as Malachite and Rhodo look at each other in surprise.

Rhodo: Malachite, you done goofed.

Malachite: Whoops!

Rhodo and Malachite tilt their heads and tried to see if Idocrase was stuck in a tree or at least visible to them from that distance. He wasn’t. They both frowned.

Malachite: Go get the others.

Rhodo nods and runs to the temple door, a trail of sandy dust following him. Malachite runs into the forest behind the temple. The forest is very green and lively. Many plants have thrived in certain areas that they shouldn’t be grown in. Many animals like birds and foxes lived in the forest as well. Malachite walks slowly through a small dirt trail. She doesn’t know where she’s going. She looks around her, her attention being caught by the beautiful scenery.

Malachite: Wow… Why have we never gone into this forest before?

Suddenly, a small figure starts darting towards Malachite. It prances around the vibrant grass. The sounds of the forest are causing Malachite to focus on figure. As the figure gets closer, she realizes that it’s a fox. It seems to be approaching her quickly, and stops right in front of her boots. Malachite squats down and feels the fox’s fur. She smiles.

Malachite: You’re ADORABLE!

Malachite squeals. She notices something odd about the fox. It isn’t colored normally. For some odd reason, it had beige colored fur, which was somewhat rare. She shrugged it off though.

Malachite: I’m gonna call you… Goldilocks!

Suddenly, the fox took off, surprising Malachite. Malachite chases after Goldilocks.


Malachite runs fairly quickly, but Goldilocks dashed faster. Malachite was still on the small dirt trail, however. For some reason, Goldilocks started to slow down when she got to an open area. Malachite could see that there was a big open space, but from afar and with the trees blocking her view, she didn’t know how big the open space was. Suddenly, a small lime green figure approaches Goldilocks, who slows down and eventually stops. Malachite stops when she reaches the big area’s entrance, and sees that the small green figure is a gem! She took the form of a little girl, and had a rainbow skirt. She was barefoot and had 2 pigtails. Her bangs were messy and she had several bandages on her arm and legs. What caught Malachite’s eye the most was her beautifully crafted leaf crown. She was petting Goldilocks and looked up at Malachite. She smiled and jumped up to Malachite. Malachite was surprised and took a few steps back. The little girl was staring directly into her eyes, like a child. She put her hands on her hips and tapped her chin.

???: Oh, you’d make a very good GUARD!

Malachite raised an eyebrow.

Malachite: Wha-?

???: Yeah, you’re my new guard! Nice to meetcha!

The little girl holds out her hand to shake Malachite’s. She has a big smile on her face. Malachite slowly shakes the girl’s hand.

Olive: My name’s Olivine! Just call me Olive though.

Malachite: Oh, okay… Hi, Olive!

Olive: Hiya!

Malachite: Name’s Malachite, by the way.

Malachite looks behind Olive. There seems to be huts made out of twigs and roofs made out of leaves. There were fireflies in green bubbles hanging from large wooden poles, made to look like streetlights. Malachite assumed that Olive bubbled the fireflies. Birds and foxes were wandering through this “leaf village” like they lived there. It was adorable, yet impressive. Malachite was intrigued.

Malachite: Woah…

She looks down at Olive, who’s still smiling. Goldilocks is still sitting besides Olive’s legs.

Malachite: So.. What is all of this?

Olive: Oh, right… Welcome to Todoga, the leaf village! I’m the king!

Malachite: You mean queen?

Olive: No, king!

She frowns at Malachite with a devilish glare.

Olive: I am the king.

Malachite is surprised by her sudden change in tone, but Olive quickly goes back to her smiley and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Malachite: So.. You rule a village of birds and foxes?

Olive: Yep!

Malachite: Pretty cool.

Olive: Mhm! Even Cassius lives here!

Olivine pets the fox, who is apparently named Cassius.

Olive: He’s my animal companion!

Malachite has a poker face. She looks at Cassius.

Malachite: Goldilocks is a guy?...

The green child bursts out laughing, adorably. Malachite still has a poker face, still staring at Cassius.

Olive: His… His name’s Cassius! And yes, he’s a guy!

Olivine continues to laugh. Malachite lets out a small, quiet, fake laugh, but Olive begins to cough. Olive stops laughing, but she’s still smiling.

Olive: Okay, your first job as guard is… To guard the prince!

Malachite: Prince?

Olive: Yeah, the prince! I’m marrying him tonight! The animal villagers just found him. Mr. Squawk just flew down with him from the heavens! The prince is kinda short though.

Malachite very well knows who Olive’s talking about. She smiles and nods.

Malachite: Oh, I see…

The princess looks down at the fox.

Olive: Cassius, can you show Miss Malachite to the prince’s new house?

Cassius barks and dashes to a certain part of Todoga. Malachite runs after him and is lead to a twig house under construction. The birds were bringing twigs and the foxes were bringing leaves. They were working together. Malachite was impressed. Sitting inside the small hut was Idocrase. He notices Malachite and jumps over the small unbuilt walls. He hugs her leg. Malachite smiles.

Malachite: Hey little dude!

Idocrase: I’M A PRINCE NOW.

Malachite: I know. Olive told me.

Idocrase stops hugging Malachite. He looks up at her, raising an eyebrow.

Idocrase: You met her?

Malachite: Yep! I’m your new bodyguard, apparently.

Idocrase: My own… BODYGUARD?!

Idocrase smiles and jumps up and down.


Malachite laughs.

Malachite: Woah, slow down there, Idocrase! I’m just playing along with her little fantasy world. It’s adorable!

Idocrase: But it ISN’T fantasy! Look around you!

Malachite looks around to see the nicely built stick homes with leaf roofs. She looks back at Idocrase.

Idocrase: This is actually pretty cool! I might stay here awhile!

Malachite looks at him, surprised.

Malachite: Oh Hell no!

Idocrase frowns.

Idocrase: BUT I WANNA!

Malachite: What’s the alternative then?

Malachite snickers, but Idocrase is thinking up something. Something… Ludicrous. He slowly smiles as Malachite looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

Idocrase: She joins the Dawn Dusk Gems!

Malachite is very surprised by this suggestion.

Malachite: Woah, what?!

Idocrase: She can join the Dawn Dusk Gems! I dunno if she can fight, but she seems tough!

Malachite: Just because she’s taller than you doesn’t mean she’s a fighter. Just look at Christa!

Idocrase: Can you at least wait and SEE her fighting?

Malachite hesitates, but smiles and snickers.

Malachite: Oh, oh alright! But only if Apatite and the others allow it, ‘cause I don’t want any drama.

Idocrase nods happily. At the leaf village’s entrance, there appears to be another fox dashing into town. Following the fox are the Dawn Dusk Gems. Rhodo trips while trying to chase the fox, Agate giggling. He helps him up. Malachite walks over to her friends, as well as Idocrase. They appear to be talking to Olivine.

Olive: You can be the jester, and you can be my butler!

Christa: Me? A jester? You’re kidding.

Agate: A butler seems pretty nice, I guess?

Malachite: YO!

Everyone turns to Malachite. Cassius dashes to Olivine and sits beside her legs.

Apatite: Good afternoon, Malachite.

Moon: I see you found Idocrase!

Malachite: Yeah, yeah, forget that. Idocrase wants to tell ya something!

Everyone pays attention to Idocrase.

Idocrase: Let Olivine join the Dawn Dusk Gems!

Apatite is shocked by this. Moon is shocked by this. Everyone is shocked by this, including Olive herself.

Apatite: What?! No! We can’t just let some random stranger into our group!

Rhodo: Plus, I think she has a village to run?

Olive raises an eyebrow.

Olive: What’s the “Dawn Dusk Gems”?...

Apatite and Moon turn to Olivine.

Moon: Well, you see, Olive… We are the Dawn Dusk Gems. A group of gems sworn to protect humanity.

Apatite: We do whatever we can to protect the Earth.

Moon: As well as capturing the corrupted gems of this planet.

Olive: So you’re like SUPER HEROES?

Apatite and Moon smile.

Apatite: Heh, in a way, I suppose.

Olive: That’s SO COOL! I WANNA JOIN!

Their smiles break.

Moon: But don’t you have to run this village?

Olive: Eh, Cassius can be the new king!

Rhodo: You mean the fox?

Olive: Yeah!

Lari: Hm….

Apatite bends down on one knee and puts her hand on Olivine. She looks at her with a concerned expression.

Apatite: Olive, I know you really want to join the Dawn Dusk Gems, but we can’t just let every stranger we meet in the-

Apatite is interrupted by a giant squawk in the sunny sky. A giant hawk flies through the trees. It hovers over the leaf village, squawking again.

Rhodo: Hey, isn’t that-

Apatite: I couldn’t be… It must be one of its babies.

It looks down at the village and shoots a giant energy blast. The Dawn Dusk Gems all summon their weapons, but Olivine has a different plan. She smirks.

Olive: I can handle this!

Malachite: Wha?

Olive reaches to the side of her right hip to summon her weapon from her gem. She pulls out a somewhat big machete.

She gets in a fighting stance as the Dawn Dusk Gems watch her. The energy blast comes towards her, but she hold out her machete confidently. The energy blast is deflected by the machete’s blade and is instead blasted towards a tall tree. The tree collapses and falls towards the hawk, crushing it. Olivine smiles and makes her machete disappear. She turns around to the Dawn Dusk Gems, who seem to be impressed.

Olive: So, have any second thoughts?




  • Volley Ball


  • Rise Island
    • Togoda


  • This is the first time the Dawn Dusk Gems enter the forest behind the Dawn Dusk Temple in the series.
  • Malachite nicknames Olive's animal companion, Cassius, "Goldilocks" in the near beginning of the episode.
    • This is when Malachite didn't realize that Cassius was a male.
      • After realizing this, Malachite now calls Cassius by his actual name.
  • The hawk gem monster is a baby of the hawk gem monster from Someone Who Changed My Life.
  • Olivine becomes an honorary member of the Dawn Dusk Gems.


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