The Last Of Us is a fandom created by Sticks the Badger


Acceptin' applications.

Season 1A

No. Title Description
1 "My Doge!" Ivory lends Mage her Holo-Pendant.
2 "Road Trip" Jet and Mage take Ivory and Citrine into a restricted area of a forest.
3 "Lion Takes a Bath" Mage attempts to make Lion take a bath.
4 "Hiddenite" Jet tries to teach Mage the art of sword-fighting by using a holographic version of his mother.
5 "Gem Glow" The Gems volunteer to teach Mage how to summon a weapon.

Season 1B

No. Title Description
1 "Jade" Jet is confused when Citrine mentions the Gem fusion, Jasper.
2 "The Test" Citrine visits a sacred sanctuary that belonged to Rose Quartz.
3 "Driver's Test" Citrine helps Jet achieve his driver's license.
4 "Fun Dungeon" Ivory and Citrine get trapped in an ancient temple where teamwork and friendship is required in order to escape.
5 "The Host" Jet finds a dark secret the Gems revisit the Kindergarten.

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