This is the 10th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Emerald and Lepidolite's true feelings are revealed when the two go on a mission to an ancient gem labyrinth.


The episode starts off with Garnet entering the beach house looking for Emerald. She sees Emerald on the couch drawing something in a small book. Garnet was curious about this and decides to sit next to him and see what he was writing. She asked what Emerald was drawing but he told her that he didn't want to show her. She then told her that she had a letter from Lepidolite to give to him and Emerald closed his book and asked what was in it. Garnet gives the letter to Emerald and he begins to open it revealing a note from Lepidolite. It read that she wanted to meet Emerald on the beach at midnight and that she wanted him to bring a ball of string with him. It was rather confusing why she would ask him to bring string with him but he did not question it. He got up, leaving his book behind, and went to his room to prepare for him meeting with her. Garnet noticed the book was still there and quickly while he was in the room, she took a look showing a picture of Lepidolite he drew. The picture was well-detailed and had small hearts around it showing that Emerald was in love. Garnet blushed from seeing this and put it back quickly. She then ran outside and while no one was looking, began to cry a little. Her heart was hurt from seeing that mainly because all though he let Garnet go so Sapphire and Ruby could be together, she still had romantic feelings for Emerald. Meanwhile back at the temple, Emerald got the string and also grabbed Medusa's head that he got from their last mission just in case it was needed. The night came quick and in no time the clock struck midnight. Emerald went outside to meet Lepidolite but he wasn't the only one waiting for her to appear. Garnet silently snuck out and hid so she could hear them speak when Lepidolite arrives. A bolt of lightning struck the ground and from that volt, Lepidolite emerges for the volt in front of Emerald and welcomes him with a hug.

Emerald began to blush from this as he wrapped his arms around her. The two then seperated and Lepidolite began to explain why she asked to meet her here. She explains that she would love it if Emerald would go on a mission with her then Emerald asked where. She told that there was an ancient gem labyrinth that is said to contain a powerful weapon, one that could stop Dragon Opal if she dared to return. Emerald agreed to the mission and asked how they would arrive. Lepidolite then asked him to hold on to her which made him blush a bit. He wrapped his arms around Lepidolite and in a quick serge both Lepidolite and Emerald warped away in a volt of lightning. Garnet placed a small tracker on the letter from earlier so she could find them and set out with one of the warp pads. Meanwhile both Lepidolite and Emerald warp to the entrance of the labyrinth looking at its ancient entrance. Lepidolite told Emerald that in the center of the mazes lies the weapon and is guarded by an ancient guardian. Emerald was a bit nervous but he wanted to impress Lepidolite so he acted like he wasn't scared at all though in his heart, he was filled with fear. Lepidolite asked if he brought the ball string and Emerald pulled it out but also asked why they needed it. Lepidolite revealed that they needed it so they could find their way back out. Emerald took the ball of string and placed the start of the string at the entrance and they then begin their quest. Shortly after they enter a warp pad close by activates with Garnet appearing from it. She sees the string and then looks into the darkness of the maze. She didn't feel feared at all and went inside to find Lepidolite and Emerald.

Emerald and Lepidolite travel the long stoney paths lined with torches the was the only source of light for them. The two then come to two paths in the maze each one leading somewere else. Lepidolite fires a lightning bolt down the hall of one of the paths to see what was down there. It appeared to be a dead end and the two then decide to go down the other path. The two then continue down the path only guided by th light of the torch. Meanwhile, Garnet continues to follow the string that was left behind so she can follow Lepidolite and Emerald. She was worried that the two would be together and for the first time it seemed like she couldn't let Emerald go. Deeper in the maze, Emerald and Lepidolite arrive to a large room with serpant statues all around and at the center appeared to be a form of weapon made of gold. Garnet snuck into the room and hid behind one of the statues to avoid being seen. Emerald walked up to the weapon and picked it up. Unfortunately it wasn't the weapon and it was a trap. The entrance and exit of the room sealed and small holes appeared in the walls. Gem-like serpents began to slither out trying to attack Emerald. The snakes surrounded Emerald and Lepidolite and there was way too many. Lepidolite then performed a small dance and from her gem out came many gem-like spirits that attacked the serpants in the room. Each of the spirits was armed with a short sword that sliced the serpents to bits. After they were beaten, the gem spirits return to her gem. But then a secret entrance opens and out comes a multi-headed beast with a serpant-like body. Emerald charged at the beast and sliced all three of its dragon-like heads leaving the body on the ground. Lepidolite was worried now and told Emerald that he made things worse. Emerald asked how and Lepidolite revealed that it was a gem hydra a creature that can grow two heads back for the one it loses. The body then sprouted 6 heads each the same size as the others. Garnet saw the beast and couldn't hide anymore if she wanted to save them. Emerald and Lepidolite got ready to fight but suddenly Garnet jumped out and slamed her gauntlets on the ground which made the floor shake and part of the roof of the maze to collapse on the Hydra.

Emerald was shocked to see Garnet in the maze and asked how she even found them. Garnet told him that she followed the string to find them and Lepidolite was happy to see her when they were in danger from the Hydra. Then the entrance and the exit of the room opened and they continued as a group to get to the center. They walk down the path and arrive into a series of turns and paths and managed to make it through them all. later they reach the very center of the maze with a warp pad at the other end of the room and a weapon in the center. Lepidolite walked up and checked it to see if it was the real one but before she could grab it a field of energy surrounded the weapon preventing anyone from getting it. Then they herd a massive roar from behind them and suddenly a massive creature charged at them. It had the body of a human but it had the head of a bull and wielded a massive axe weapon. They dodge its charge and Lepidolite tells the others that it was the minotaur, the guardian of the labyrinth. It charged at Lepidolite and hits her dead on. It knocks her out leaving Garnet and Emerald to fight the beast. The minotaur then slashed its head axe at Gatnet which damaged her but it didn't affect her as much as it would have for a human. Garnet then charged at the minotaur with her gauntlets and slamed its head to the ground although Garnet fought well it was to powerful and it knocked her out. Emerald was the only one left standing and then suddenly remembered the head of Medusa that he carried with him just in case it was needed. The minotaur charged at him about to attack but Emerald pulled out the Gorgan's head and aimed its eyes directly at the creature. It locked eyes with the head and slowly it began to turn to stone. The minotaur then was left as a stone statue of its former self and then Emerald summoned his claws and sliced it in half. He then puts the head away back in the sack and then notices Lepidolite and Garnet waking up. Lepidolite ran over to Emerald and hugged him worried that he would have got hurt by the minotaur. Emerald blushed but also noticed Garnet looking depressed for some reason. Emerald then stopped hugging Lepidolite and then hugged Garnet for helping them. Garnet was so happy with this and was speechless about the hug he gave even though he let her go. Lepidolite then grabbed the weapon after the force field disappeared and tells Garnet and Emerald that they must go. The two stopped hugging and walked to the warp pad which sent them home.

They arrived back at home and Garnet took the weapon to store it. Meanwhile Emerald and Lepidolite went outside looking at the moonlight. Lepidolite thanked him for going on the mission with her and for saving them from the minotaur. Emerald blushed and told her that he must have looked like an idiot back with the Hydra for risking their lives. Lepidolite told him that she didn't think of him as an idiot and thought of him as a brave gem. Lepidolite then told Emerald a secret that she was hiding from him since the beginning of the mission. She told him that there was a reason why she picked him to go with her and not because of power. She wanted him to go with her because she wanted to be with him. The two blushed and looked each other in their sparkling eyes. The two then leaned in close and the two began to share a kiss under the moonlight. Garnet walked outside and saw the two kissing which left her speechless. She ran inside and began to cry a little but not as much as others would. Lepidolite and Emerald pulled away slowly leaving each other blushing. Lepidolite then wrapped her arms around Emerald and kissed him again which ends the episode.


  • Emerald
  • Lepidolite
  • Garnet


  • Emerald and Lepidolite become an official couple in this episode.
  • Garnet is shown to still like Emerald even though he let her go.
  • Lepidolite is shown to be able to summon gem spirits from her gem.
  • This episode is a referance to the Legend of Theses and the Minotaur.
  • Theses used string to find there way out of the labyrinth like how Emerald was going to do if the warp pad wasn't there.

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