"The Jury" is a group of gems who take things from other planets, including it's inhabitants, worshipping places, important items and values. The title, The Jury is because they decide how it ends and how it happens, even in places that aren't theirs.

Current Members

  • Trolleite: The leader and manager of The Jury who makes orders.
  • Danalite: Danalite is Trolleite's co-leader who wields a whip.
  • Meionite: Meionite is a general who wields a large gun which can shoot net traps, that can trap gems and humans.
  • Ussingite: Ussingite is almost a high ranking gem in The Jury.
  • Other Members: The Jury is a group of 200 gems. Some of their names are not known.

Former Members

  • Descloizite: Descloizite was the original co-leader, but was fired due to her deception of the team.
  • Dolomite: Dolomite was the second leader after the unknown first one had died. Dolomite is trapped inside Cherri after Lorandite put her there 1000 years ago.


The Jury was originally a small faction in the original gem world. It expanded into 500 gems, but most of them were in the Homeworld war and were destroyed. It originally was created to find and collect artifacts, but not invade. That quickly changed after Dolomite took leadership and tried to invade the gem world. After that failed, The Jury had to collect back together, but some that had beliefs like Dolomite still thought that invading and taking what is wanted was the right idea. Trolleite became the leader, and The Jury affiliated with Homeworld. It is only known they haven't gotten to Earth yet, but they are said to come soon.


  • The Jury is their title because they decide how things end.
    • They actually have their own court of law, at their base.
  • The Jury is the first faction in the original gem world.

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