This is the 20th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Pearl and Ice Sapphire are finally getting married but things go bad when Dragon Opal tries to get her revenge.


The episode begins on the beach with Pearl and Sapphire facing each other as if they are about to fight. They summon their weapons and charge at each other but instead of attacking each other, they run past each other and begin to use their weapons to craft things out of ice. Pearl used her spear to create a form of foundation on the ocean made of ice and began to craft walls on the foundation. Sapphire then used his scythe to make extra detail on walls and created a massive double door on the front with musical symbols engraved in it. Pearl then created the roof of the stucture using ice and snow crafting such a beautiful building made of ice. They go inside and Pearl creates a form of isle that leads to the other end of the building. Sapphire then crafts chairs out of the ice using extreme detail to make it absolutly perfect. Both Pearl and Sapphire the create an beautiful alter at the end of the isle and create forms of decoration out of ice in the building. Sapphire then crafted a beauitful chandelier on the top of the building they made and uses his magic to make it flurry in the building they made and added an organ made of ice. The two then put away their weapons and begin to kiss knowing that soon they will be married. Pearl was so happy that she would finally be one with Sapphire and Sapphire had the same feelings for Pearl. They do final detail to make it absolutly perfect and then finish off with stained glass windows out of ice to add more light into their building. The two then go outside and Sapphire uses his magic to prevent the ice from melting in the sun while they get ready for their wedding. Pearl goes inside of the temple and sees the Gems all dressed up and getting ready for the wedding, they all congratulate Pearl for her wedding day and tell her to get ready soon for her big day is about to begin. Pearl blushes and then goes into her room to prepare. She summons her wedding dress from the room and puts it on as she prepares. She then slides on her white gloves and and puts on a beautiful necklace on with a treble clef and a bass clef in the shape of a heart. She places her earrings giving her a beautiful look as she prepares for the wedding.

Meanwhile, the Brothers help Sapphire prepare for the wedding back at his cavern. He puts on his black tuxedo and creates a beautiful ice rose that he places in the pocket of the tux so the flower is shown. He then readys the ring for the wedding and puts on his mask now in a perfect white color for the wedding. Emerald was to be the best man for the wedding and Onyx was to wed Sapphire and Pearl and dawn their atire. Emerald puts on a black tux with a dark green bow tie and a ice rose in his pocket. Onyx then got ready with his black tub with a purple tie and finish off with a black rose on his tux. After they were ready, they all warped to the frozen cathedral as they finally get ready for the wedding. Sapphire then quickly summoned candleabras out of ice and lit the candles for extra detail and Onyx prepares to wed Pearl and Sapphire. Then the all of the guests for the wedding come into the frozen cathedral and begin to take their seats as they prepare. Sapphire and Onyx then wait at the alter for Pearl to arrive and Emerald gets the rings for him to give to Pearl and Sapphire when the ceremony begins. Suddenly the roof of the cathedral begins to flurry gently for appearance of the wedding. The candles begin to dim slightly and then to double doors opan revealing Pearl all dressed in her wedding gown with a ice rose with a black ribbon in her hands as she walks down the isle as the organ music plays. The light from the windows makes Pearl's dress glistons like the gentle snow and next to her is Lapis dressed in her blue dress as they approach the alter. Pearl arrives at the front of the alter and gives the rose to Lapis as they are about to being the ceremony for the wedding. Onyx then begins to speak "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two gems in matrimony". He then tells Sapphire to say his vows to Pearl. "Pearl, through out my life I was incomplete. I felt like I could never experience true joy and happiness in my life. But when I met you, I felt like all of the good of the world was with me. You were the light in my darkness and you made my heart glow with love. All I want is for us to be together. No matter what happens Pearl know that I love you more than anything that I have or will see". The vows Pearl heard from Sapphire were so touching and meaningful which even made her shead a tear of joy. Onyx then asks Pearl to say her vows to Sapphire. "Sapphire, before I met you I felt I was incomplete. I felt like I had no one that I could love and I felt like I could never feel true love. But when we met, I knew that our hearts were meant to be together. Like the ice and snow, they are meant to be together just like you and me, Sapphire. Know that I will love you forever Sapphire, no matter what happens". Her vows were so touching even Sapphire began to shead a tear from her vows.

Onyx then tells both Sapphire and Pearl to exchange their rings for their marriage. Emerald gets out a beautiful wedding ring handcrafted by Sapphire. He slides the ring onto Pearl's finger which fits perfectly and as he does this he says "With this ring, I pronounce you my wife". Lapis then gives an amazing ring to Pearl for her to give to Sapphire and as she slides the ring on Sapphire's finger she say's "With this ring, I pronounce you my husband". The two blush knowing that in a few moments, they will finally be together. Onyx then says that if anyone wishes to speak against this marriage, please speak now or forever hold your peace. Then suddenly, a familiar voice says "I object". Then both of the double doors open wide revealing two dragons as they invade the cathedral. Sapphire and Pearl summon their weapons to fight of the dragons but these didn't attack. The dragon then face the entrance and blow their fire on it making their entrance of the cathedral light with fire. There a shadow in the fire and slowly it walked from the flames of the dragons revealing to be Dragon Opal. The dragons then stop breathing their fire and make the fire disappear from the entrance. Sapphire told Dragon Opal that she had no business at the wedding and asked her to leave. Dragon Opal however told that she wasn't leaving and planned to get revenge on them for her last defeat. Dragon Opal then fires two fireballs at the ground and from the flames comes out both Amber and Tiger Eye ready for battle. Pearl told them to leave but they didn't listen to her and to make matters worse, Dragon Opal ordered Amber and Tiger Eye to kill the bride and groom first. They charged down the isle about to attack but Sapphire had an idea on how to stop them. He noticed the chandelier above them and quickly he throws his scythe into the air like a boomerang and cuts the line on the chandelier making it crash on top of both Amber and Tiger Eye. They were not killed by it but it prevented them from doing anymore damage to them. Dragon Opal was furious by this and ordered the dragons to attack them and they flew into the air about to attack Pearl and Sapphire. Pearl then summoned two spears and threw them into the dragons' eyes making them crash to the ground doing damage to the cathedral. Dragon Opal was angered by this and summoned her double headed axe about to take on the bride and groom herself.

However, the crowd stood up and the gem members summoned their weapons as they were going to protect the bride and groom from any harm. Garnet and Amethyst were the first to stand their ground against Dragon Opal but she breathed fire on them making them back up a bit. But they weren't going to go down like that so Garnet threw Amethyst at Dragon Opal as she did her spin ball attack to Dragon Opal. It damaged her a little but just barely. Amethyst then wraps her whips around Dragon Opal but she manages to slither out of the whips' grip and gets a grip on the whip. Dragon Opal then flings Amethyst who was still holding the whip at Garnet making them bash against the wall. Lepidolite and Carnelian were next to defend as Carnelian summoned his blaster for battle and Lepidolite summons her flaming sword for combat. Dragon Opal the charged at Carnelian to slash him but before she could, Lepidolite summons a shield to black the axe from slicing Carnelian. Lepidolite then bashes Dragon Opal with her shield in order for her to back off but Dragon Opal wasn't that effected by it. Dragon Opal then lets out a massive dragon roar that knocks both Lepidolite and Carnelian back. Dragon Opal was then confront by Purple Topaz, Jade, and Connie. Connie's parents didn't want her to fight but then Connie reveals to her parents about her gem powers. She summons her bow and fires arrows at Dragon Opal which don't seem to affect her in battle. Jade then breathes fire at Dragon Opal but before it could hit her, Dragon Opal breathes fire as well but in a much stronger form of fire. The flames clashed into each other but Dragon Opal's was stronger which forced Jade fire back at the gems. It affected them and even blasted them back to the wall as Dragon Opal continued down the isle to get to the bride and groom. But Rose, Steven, Jasper, and Peridot were in her path preventing her from reaching the front to the alter. Rose summoned her sword and charged at Dragon Opal in an attempt to slash her with the sword but Dragon Opal was too quick for Rose. Jasper then charges head on with her helmet hitting Dragon Opal forcing her back a good distance. But it didn't do much damage to Dragon Opal but knew with Jasper backing them up it would be dificult to reach the front. She then creates a fire wall to protect her and Jasper then charged again in order to attack Dragon Opal but the fire burned Jasper. Dragon Opal the comes out of the fire and does a powerful kick to Jasper which knocks them back into Rose, Peridot, and Steven. Dragon Opal then continued to go up the isle but then Ruby and Sapphire attack Dragon Opal but in her anger Dragon Opal knocks them back and then approaches the alter to confront the bride and groom.

Dragon Opal noticed the chandelier ruins and how Amber and Tiger Eye were trapped but she didn't care at the moment. She finally approached the front ready to finish off the bride and groom. Both Pearl and Sapphire summon their weapons and prepare to fight Dragon Opal. Dragon Opal then creates a ring of fire around Sapphire preventing him from moving anywhere which made him in a risky position. Dragon Opal begins to give an evil grin and summons a ball of blue fire which is even stronger then the fire she can usually attack others with. She says goodbye to Sapphire and fires it at full power. Sapphire was about to get hit but before he could, Pearl jumps in the way of the shot which hits her on the right side of her face. Pearl colapsis from the shot and layed there in great pain and eventually got knocked out. Sapphire was more than enraged with Dragon Opal for attacking his bride and in his anger his eyes turned an icy solid blue and began to levitate in the air. Onyx knew what he was about to do and told everyone to get out of the cathedral quickly. The guests get out of the cathedral and Onyx and Emerald join them as well. Soon the ceilings of the cathedral filled with dark snow clouds and then with a massive flurry it began to release a howling arctic blizzard in the cathedreal. The force of the wind and snow were so strong the debree from the chandelier blew off of Amber and Tiger Eye. They knew the power that that blizzard had so Dragon Opal, Amber, and Tiger Eye got into their dragon forms and began to breath fire back at Sapphire. However it was so cold that it literaly freezed the flames that came out of the dragons' mouth. They knew they couldn't stand a chance so the flew out of the cathedral and back out of the atmosphere. Sapphire then began to lower to the ground and his eyes returned to normal. Sapphire then runs over to Pearl to see if she was alright. She turned her body so it would face him but when he did, a massive burn mark was on her face. Sapphire tried to heal it but it didn't work, she was stuck with it like Sapphire was with his deformity. Pearl slowly opens her eyes and got up still hurting a little from Dragon Opal's attack.

Sapphire then hugged Pearl happy that she was still alive since she got hit from Dragon Opal with one of her most powerful attacks. Pearl was so happy they were safe but then she looked at the ice rose Sapphire was wearing and saw part of her reflection. She then created a small mirror of ice and looked into it seeing a deformity which made her so shocked, she dropped the mirror shattering on the floor. She cries her eyes out saying that she is repulsive and says she isn't beautiful anymore. Sapphire walked up to Pearl and told her that she didn't see her as ugly, he saw her still as beautiful as the day they first met each other. Pearl began to blush from what Sapphire said but also told her that others would not think of her the same if they saw the deformity. Sapphire saw her pain and crafted a mask similar to the one Sapphire wears and gives it to Pearl saying that she could wear it if she wanted to hide it. Pearl looked at the mask and then placed it on her face covering her deformity like Sapphire does. Pearl was still upset that their wedding was ruined but Sapphire told her that they can still have the ceremony. Sapphire then uses his ice magic in order to fix everything in the cathedral restoring it to normal. The guests came back in and noticed that everything was fixed. Onyx aproched Sapphire and Pearl and asked if they wish to finish the ceremony and they both smiled at each other and wanted to restart it. Onyx afraid to this and they restarted the wedding. Onyx after doing the rest of the wedding service came to pain again where he said if anyone wishes to speak against this marriage, please speak now or forever hold your peace. This time, no one objected the marriage and then Onyx pronounced Sapphire and Pearl, man and wife. The two then kiss each other officially making them married and then Pearl takes the rose she had back and threw it into the air and when it decended, Peridot catched it. They all cheered for Sapphire and Pearl knowing that their love will stay with them forever which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Greg Universe
  • Connie
  • Connie's mother
  • Connie's father
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Ice Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Carnelian
  • Jade
  • Lepidolite
  • Purple Topaz
  • Dragon Opal
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Dragons



The Ice Wedding


  • Pearl and Sapphire finally get married.
  • This is the second time Dragon Opal comes to Earth.
  • Pearl is shown to have improved her ice magic.
  • Pearl's wedding dress is similar to the one that Cristine Daae wears in Phantom of the Opera.
  • The chandelier crash was a reference to not only the Phantom of the Opera but also a real event that happened at the Paris Opera House.
  • It is the second time Sapphire does not wear a cape.
    • First being with his casual clothing from around the town.
  • Pearl gets deformed like Sapphire in this episode.
  • Pearl wears a mask similar to Sapphire's.
  • Peridot catches the rose which forshadows her and Charoite becoming a couple in the episode Hex of Love.
  • This is the longest episode made by Vultureking so far.

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