Thus is the 34th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


When people in Beach City begin to disappear they blame Sapphire, so Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby set out to find the real culprit behind the people disappearing.


The episode beginning with Steven walking alone on the board walk heading to the Big Donut. As he is walking along he notices what appeared to be snow fluttering in the sky which was unusual since it was summer time but even though it was unusual Steven suspected that Sapphire was causing the snow. He continued walking when suddenly, he heard the sound of shattered glass and heard what sounded like Sadie screaming so Steven ran as quickly as he could to the Big Donut. When he arrived, he saw the glass shattered and quickly he ran inside to see if Lars and Sadie were alright. When he got inside, the place was completely trashed and the room had a layer of frost over it which was extremely strange. He looked around and saw Sadie, cowering in the corner shaking like crazy. Steven walked up to her and asked what happened but Sadie was too scared to even speak. Steven tried to calm her down which worked a little but only just enough to get her to talk. Sadie explained that when she was in the back she felt the room so cold and heard a strange sound that sounded unearthly. When she ran out she saw the glass was shattered and the room was covered in frost with no trace of Lars anywhere. Steven began to think of what could have happened but from what he knows of already the only thing he could think of was that Sapphire would have caused this since all that was left behind was frost and ice. Steven couldn't believe it and had to ask him about this in case this was because of him but Sadie was still scared. Steven told her to go home and lock the doors so she won't get hurt and so she ran quickly to her car and drove off to her house leaving Steven behind. Before Steven went back he noticed that the donuts were still there so he took a plain donut and an apple fritter then left money on the counter for the donuts before he left. Meanwhile back on the beach, Pearl and Sapphire are practicing their sword fightinh with a practice duel. Pearl became more agile and more diffcult to beat but with the rate that Sapphire is improving he was able to beat her in the duel showing how much he has improved from their training. Pearl and Sapphire both put their swords back in their scabbards and slowly got closer to each other about to share a kiss. But before their lips could touch, they hear Steven screaming down the beach and accidentally Steven collides into Sapphire knocking him down onto the ground.

Sapphire giggled a little and then asked if Steven was alright as he tried to get up as well as helping Steven up. Steven was shaking a little still thinking about what happened to Lars so Pearl walked up and tried to comfort Steven which worked, but just a little. Steven then told Sapphire and Pearl what happened at the Big Donut then asked Sapphire if he was responsible for Lar's disappearence. Sapphire and Pearl was shocked to hear this from Steven and asked why he would suspect Sapphire. Steven told them that when he was at the Big Donut, there was ice and frost inside as well as the sky was beginning to snow when the attack happened. Pearl told Steven that Sapphire would never do such a horrible thing and even if he could it would be impossible since he was fencing with her all day. This didn't make sense for Steven since Sapphire was the only one he knew that could control the ice. Steven notice the sky beginning to snow again and both Sapphire and Pearl noticed this. Sapphire told Pearl and Steven that he wasn't doing this even though the snow was completely out of place since it was summer. Steven then ran to town to see what was going on and heard screaming coming from Beach Citywalk Fries so he ran as quickly as he could. The place was completely trashed and it was comepletly frosted over and the only one there was Peedee Fryman who was cowering in the corner. Steven asked what was wrong and he told Steven that something attacked the building and took his father, Mr. Fryman and his brother, Ronaldo. Steven then asked if he got a view of what attacked but he wasn't able to get a good view of the thing that attack but did notice that he was wearing a mask of some sorts. Steven was shocked to hear about the mask making his suspicion continue to grow against Sapphire. Steven then heard more screaming and this time it came from Fish Stew Pizza, so as quickly as he could, Steven ran all the way to Fish Stew Pizza and just like the Big Donut and Beach Citywalk Fries the place was completely trashed. He walked into the wreck and noticed Sour Cream and Buck Dewey inside worried about what just happened. Steven asked what happened and both Buck and Sour Cream told him that something came in and took Jenny away but they didn't know who did this. Steven noticed all of the ice and began to think that Sapphire really was behind this. Steven asked if they saw the culprit anywhere but they weren't able to see what caused this. Steven took a deep breath and told them that he suspects Saphhire was behind this and Buck remembered him with his mask. Buck and Sour Cream was furious by this and quickly ran off to try to find Buck's father, Mayor Dewey.

Steven began to walk back to the beach and found both Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire on the beach discussing on what is causing the people of Beach City to disappear. Steven ran to them and asked what they were talking about and Sapphire told him that they were going to head to town to find out what is causing people to disappear. Steven was worried since he told Buck and Sour Cream that Sapphire might be the culprit but hopes that they can find the true culprit if it isn't Sapphire. The four of them walked into town and started looking at the first attack sight which was the Big Donut. When they arrived, they looked around at the ruins of the building and noticed the frost and ice in the room which suprised them since Sapphire was the only gem or thing in Beach City that can control ice. Sapphire looked around to see if he could find any form of evidence around the windows that were smashed and he saw a small cluster of dark brown fur where the glass now layed on the floor. He picked it up seeing the fur and noticed it was stained with red on it but before he could examine it more, mayor Dewey, Buck, Sour Cream, Peedee, and Sadie enter the Big Donut all looking furious. Bill Dewey told Sapphire that he was responsible for the people's disappearences and demanded that he would leave Beach City and never return. Sapphire tried to tell them that he was not responsible for the disappearences but they didn't bother listening. Bill Dewey told Sapphire that he was a monster and should leave immediately which made a tear roll down Sapphire's mask and he ran away. Pearl was furious that Bill Dewey said that he was a monster and slapped him across the face telling him to never call her husband a monster then she ran after Sapphire. Ruby and Steven joined her trying to find Sapphire but they couldn't find him around Beach City. Pearl went back to the beach and saw Sapphire looking out at the sun with his mask in his hands beside him. Pearl slowly walked towards him and sat beside him asking if he was alright but he was too depressed to even speak. Pearl kisses the cheek of his deformed side and told him that he was not a monster and that she knew that he was innocent. Sapphire looked at Pearl and thanked her as he slowly leaned in to kiss her. But before they could kiss, they hear Steven and Ruby screaming as they run down the beach. Pearl and Sapphire got up quickly and asked what was wrong as Steven and Ruby tried to catch their breath. Steven told Sapphire that he saw the culprit and held out a small piece of dark brown fur like the one that Sapphire found back at the Big Donut. Sapphire looked closely at it and smelled it making him sick to his stomach a little. He said that it smelled like decaying but before he could finish, he dropped the fur on the beach and ran into the beach house which made the others follow him.

They get inside and see Sapphire looking quickly through through one of his books and he tells them that he thinks he knows what is causing the people to disappears. Sapphire asks Steven what the creature looked like and he told Sapphire that it had hoofed legs with his body partly decayed with his dark brown fur stained with red with a monsterous head as well as a deer skull as a mask. Sapphire got to a page in the book he was looking through and showed the picture asking if this was the creature Steven saw. Steven cowered in fear hiding behind Pearl saying that it was exactly what the creature looked like. Sapphire became extremely worried and said that he knows what is causing the people to disappear and said that they need to find the victims before it is too late. Pearl asked him what he was talking about and Sapphire told her that the creature that was attacking Beach City was a wendigo. Steven was confused just by the mere name of the wendigo and asked what the creature was. Sapphire told him that it is an evil creature that is said to be able to control the ice as well as having great speed, strength, and ferocity. But he also mentioned that the worst part of it is the fact that the wendigo is a cannibal which made Steven, Pearl, and Ruby very frightened. They heard the door knocking and Steven slowly walked towards the door in case it was the wendigo but when he opened it, Connie's parents were there, frightened. Steven asked what was wrong and Connie's parents told Steven that Connie has gone missing and they don't know where she is. Steven was more scared than ever before since he knew excactly what happened. Pearl and Sapphire ran to the door and told them that they will find Connie and asked if they could stay at the temple where were it was safe which they accepted and went inside. Sapphire told Steven, Pearl, and Ruby that he has a feeling where the victims might be but they must be quick or else they will be next on the wendigo's menu. They quickly run outside and Sapphire leads them to the forest that is on the outskirts of Beach City where the wendigo lives. Meanwhile deep in the forest, Jenny, Mr. Fryman, Ronaldo, and Lars are locked up in a cage made of bone trying to find a way out. Lars tried everything he could to break the cage no matter what he tried, he couldn't get through. Jenny asked what that creature wanted with them but none of them knew what was going to happen to them. They heared a blood curdling roar come from the wendigo as it came closer with Connie in his grip to the cage and quickly opened it then threw her into it. He then slamed the cage shut and walked off back into the forest to look for more victims. Connie was worried and asked what that thing was or what it wanted but no one knew what it was so she looked around to see if there was anything that she could find that could help them understand this. Connie noticed something so horrifying that it almost made her speechless, she saw human bones on the ground around the cage giving her a sense that they were going to be on the menu if they can't escape.

Meanwhile, Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, and Steven were walking through the forest to see if they could find any trace of the victims that were captured by the wendigo. Steven looked at the sun seeing how it was almost sundown which worried Steven since his best friend Connie was trapped by the wendigo. The air got colder around them which Sapphire knew meant they were close to the wendigo or possibly the victims that were in danger. They continued to walk and Pearl someone calling for help in the distance. She listened carefully and told them that she heard Connie calling for help so Sapphire asked Pearl to lead the way and Pearl darted off quickly. They followed Pearl through the thick brush and soon enough they arrived at the cage made of bone that the wendigo was using to capture the citizens. Connie called out for them and Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, and Steven ran over to them checking to see who was all inside of the cage. They saw all of the people that have disappeared and told them that they will try to get them out as soon as possible. Sapphire created a small key out of ice and after a little bit of time, he was able to release all of the people trapped in the cage. But unfortunately, the wendigo returned and saw that the people were released from the cage which made him furious making him let out a horrifying roar. The Gems looked behind them and saw the wendigo and its partially decayed body, its deer skull mask, and its human skull necklace sending chills down the spine of all of the citizens and the Gems. Sapphire told Pearl, Ruby, and Steven to protect the citizens while he will take down the wendigo then he drawed his sword. The wendigo got on all fours and charged at Sapphire attempting to goar Sapphire with his antlers. Sapphire was nible however and dodged the charge and tried to slice the wendigo with his ice sword. But the wendigo was too quick and evaded the attack from Sapphire then blasted a large beam of ice from his mouth which hit Sapphire but because he was a gem of ice, it didn't affect him as much as it would to others. Sapphire was nible and actually managed to jump on the back of the wendigo which made the creature try to buck him off. However it was not good enough and Sapphire managed to slice the wendigo at the back of his neck so he jumped off. The wendigo was in massive pain and Steven, Pearl, Ruby, and the people all cheered for him and Sapphire then approached the wendigo about to finish it off with by summoning his scythe about to take it down. But Sapphire saw great pain in the wendigo and felt pity for the creature. So Sapphire did something that he never thought he would do to the creature. Sapphire took a small vile of a healing elixer and poured it where he sliced the wendigo, healing its wounds taking the pain away from the creature.

Pearl, Ruby, and Steven ran up to Sapphire seeing what he did and they were all shocked that he healed the wendigo instead of finishing it off. Steven asked if he was insane after healing a cannibalistic creature like that but Sapphire told him that he knew the consequences of healing it but he felt pain for the creature. The wendigo got up and looked at Sapphire with his red pupiled eyes at began to rub the side of its head against Sapphire and then said thank you which shocked everyone that he spoke. Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, and Steven walked back to Beach City with the citizens, unknown the wendigo was following them behind them. Back in Beach City, Bill Dewey was looking around for Sapphire in case he would try to take someone again but he saw Sapphire with all of the lost people of Beach City along with the Gems. Bill Dewey was shocked but was happy that his people were safe and thanked Sapphire for returning them. Jenny told Bill Dewey what happened and he was shocked that it wasn't Sapphire then he walked up and apologized to Sapphire for blaming him. Sapphire smiled and thanked him for the apology and behind Sapphire appeared the wendigo which scared Dewey and the citizens of Beach City since that was what took them. The wendigo looked at them with a hungry look but the wendigo smelled something delicious and the creature ran to this stake that was on a table by one of the resturaunts in town and ate it in one bite. The wendigo enjoyed the taste and even prefered it over eating people so Dewey wasn't as scared. Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, and Steven noticed the wendigo suprised that it followed them but didn't let them bother them. The Gems returned to the beach house were Onyx, Emerald, Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis, and Gaia were waiting for them. They noticed the creature following them and asked what it was. Sapphire told them the whole story about what happened with the disappearances and what it was doing which sent chills down their spines. Ruby and Steven went inside with the other gems and Gaia but Sapphire, Pearl, and the wendigo stayed outside sitting on the beach. Pearl asked what they would do with the wendigo and Sapphire said that maybe they should have him as a pet. Pearl didn't agree since it was a man eater but Sapphire said that the creature seemed to like eating steak so he could feed him without giving him humans to eat. Pearl was a little more calm and Pearl thought of a name for the wendigo. She told Sapphire what she wanted to name the wendigo saying that they should name it Sub-Zero which Sapphire really liked. Sub-Zero liked the name to and stroked his head next to Pearl saying I like it to them. They all got up and went into the house to get Sub-Zero introduced to the family which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Cconnie
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Gaia
  • Sub-Zero
  • Lars
  • Sadie
  • Ronaldo
  • Peedee
  • Mr. Fryman
  • Bill Dewey
  • Buck Dewey
  • Jenny
  • Sour Cream
  • Ruby


  • Sapphire gets pet wendigo named Sub-Zero.
  • It is shown that Pearl still teaches Sapphire how to sword fight.
  • This is the first time that the people of Beach City turn against the Brothers.

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