The Ice Gem
Season The Legend of Onyx, Episode Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 2/13/2015
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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This is the 4th episode of the Legend of Onyx series of Steven Universe.


A cold-hearted ice gem arrives on Earth and although the gems see him as a threat, one of them sees him as a love interest.


The episode begins with Steven and Connie practicing there gem powers on the beach. while the two are practicing pearl walks to Steven and ask's if he wanted to help pearl with plans for a mission. but Steven refused because he wanted to practice with Connie instead. after that pearl asks garnet but she was going to such for an artifact with her new boy friend emerald then both garnet and emerald go to the warp pad to start there mission. Feeling sad she asks amethyst but she was going to hang out with Steven and Connie instead. Depressed and alone pearl sits on the couch looking out the window. Feeling sad she begins to sing life without love expressing her feelings of loneliness. Steven and Connie hear the song and go into the house. Embarrassed pearl blushes and stops singing. Steven asks her what was wrong and pearl told him that she was lonely and wanted to be with someone, to have someone to love. Steven then says that she has him to love. But pearl says that she wants to love someone more then family. just then they hear a loud sound from the beach.

Pearl, Amethyst, Steven, and Connie run outside and see the clouds begin to snow and see a cold mist on the beach. They herd singing comeing from the mist and a figure comes out of the mist revealing the ice gem Sapphire. they didnt know who this was but they grab there weapons and prepare for battle. Everyone except Pearl charge in to try to rush sapphire but his speed and agility proved to great for the others and froze them in there defeat. then sapphire stairs into pearls eyes and said "such a shame to finish off such a beautiful gem". hearing that pearl blushes and sapphire uses that moment to try to attack. however pearl grabs her spear and knocks sapphires mask off. he manages to cover his face so no one can see his deformity. then he grabs his mask and retreats leaving pearl shocked from what he said to her. then garnet and emerald return from the warp pad and find out what happened. garnet then used the artifact to thaw out the others and return to the house. garnet then tells them that the gem they fought was the evil ice gem sapphire. pearl however day dreams about sapphire not listening to garnet but amethyst gets her attention back and listens. then garnet tells them they need to find and destroy sapphire but pearl refuses. garnet tells her that she had no right to say that but pearl storms off to her room. in private she begins to sing the mask confessing what she toughs of sapphire. unknown to pearl amethyst listens to the song and walks away crying. then at night pearl decides to sneak out unaware that garnet saw her sneak out.

Pearl after searching finds sapphire at the galaxy warp pads witch is now frosted over. she sees him feeling depressed unknown why and begins to sing solitude. pearl is amazed by his heavenly voice and also sings. sapphire thinks its just his imagination that some one is singing so he closes his eyes continues. after the song pearl tries to talk to him but steps on a twig making sapphire knowing someone is there. Pearl trys to talk to him but sapphire felt like she just wanted to finish him off until she accidentally told him that she was in love with him. hearing that made sapphire blush and left him speechless. she tells sapphire that she was so touched when he said she was beautiful and that they had a lot in common. the two then begin to sing my love for you sealing there bond for each other. after the song she asks him why he wears the mask and he answers by telling her its a deformity. pearl asked if she could see behind the mask but sapphire hesitated. but pearl convinced him by telling him that she doesn't care what she looks like. hearing that he removes his mask showing his deformed half of his face. sapphire told pearl that she must think of him as a monster because of his face. but pearl touches his face and tells him that she doesn't see a monster that she sees a wonderful gem. sapphire blushed and both began to sing a repress of solitude. after the song the two go for a kiss but is stopped when they hear garnet and the gems. they ambush him and get ready for battle but pearl gets in front of sapphire and demands they drop there weapons this instant.

garnet angered told pearl to move but pearl stayed in garnets path. pearl then explains that sapphire was not the cold hearted gem that they thought that he was an amazing gem. but garnet brings up the fact that sapphire was sent to destroy the planet. pearl shocked asked if that was true to sapphire and he told her the truth. pearl heart broken got her spear and prepared for battle.once again all except pearl charge in and get frozen. pearl and sapphire once again are one on one. sapphire however doesn't want to fight her but pearl fired shots from her spear. suddenly a massive fire beast appears and melts the others out of the ice. garnet realizes that it was the artifact that emerald and garnet retrieved. the beast went out of control and caused destruction to the warp pads and knocks down a tall pillar and traps pearl under it. the beast fires a massive fireball at pearl to finish her off but as the fire beast attacked sapphire jumped in the way of the shot and took the shot. pearl  enraged by the beast attacks rapidly with deadly power and finished off the beast returning it into an artifact. pearl rushed over to sapphires body worried for him. sapphire opened his eyes and told pearl that he loved her and that his love for her will be eternal then passed out. garnet came over to see if he was alive but sapphire perished from the shot. pearl heart broken cried over his body and Steven tries to comfort pearl. garnet then told pearl that she was wrong about what she thought of sapphire and that pearl was right about trusting him. pearl then gave sapphire a kiss saying goodbye forever. but suddenly his gem began to glow and the sky began to fill with snow. his body raised into the air and healed from his damage. suddenly sapphire laid on the ground and awoke. filled with relief pearl hugs sapphire and tells him that she thought she had lost him. sapphire then tells pearl and the others that he want to join the gems to protect the world. garnet accepts and welcomes him to the gems. pearl and sapphire then sing life with love. the two then hug each other and a sequence of flashbacks of pearl and sapphire appear in the instrumental. as the song is about to end the two kiss ending the episode.



  • Steven
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • sapphire
  • Lava Monster
  • Connie
  • Lion


  • This episode is a musical.
  • This is the first special.
  • Sapphire and Pearl fall in love with each other.
  • Each of the songs involve Pearl singing in it.
  • Each song has a melody similar to songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • This episode was made on the creator's birthday.
  • Sapphire is based on the Phantom of the Opera.
  • This episode was originally going to be called The Opera Gem.

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