The Great Library Heist
Hello Earth! Ep 2 Title Card
Season S-S1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date June 30th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Okay, What Now? Kieran and Zoella
"The Great Library Heist" is the 2nd episode of the first side-series in Dawn Dusk Gems, Hello Earth!


The trio goes out to steal what they believe is the source of all human knowledge; a children's book.


In a vibrant forest with lively wildlife and beautiful flora, three gems continued along a path to a nearby town. Snowflake Obsidian, or Snow, was in the middle, arms wrapping her arms around her new BFFs. Galaxite was smiling shyly while Howl was walking all cool and stuff. They walked along the cobblestone path, jolly and gay.

Snow: Isn’t this SUPER fun? Walkin’ around with your BFFs and stuff?

Howl: Mhm!

Galaxite: Y-yeah, it’s great…

Howl: So what do we do when we get to the town?

Snow: Hm…

Snow has her thinking face on, tapping her chin repeatedly, pondering. Then she lights up, and jumps.


Galaxite jumps from this sudden scream.

Galaxite: What-What is it?!

Snow: We go steal a book from the library…

Howl: Uhuh?

Snow: Sign our names with it…

Galaxite: .. Yes?


Snow has a big smile on her face. Galaxite has a slight smile and Howl high fives Snow.

Howl: Good idea, Snow!

Galaxite giggles.

Snow: Oh hey! We’re almost there!

The cobblestone path lead to a huge coastal town. The buildings were black with blue roofings. There was a good separation between nature and industry. Children were playing on the grass while adults walked down the sidewalks and slow cars ran down the stone streets. The trio walked into the ocean town, amazed by the buildings.

Galaxite: It’s… It’s so pretty!

Snow: Yellow Diamond’s gonna love this place!

Howl: Yeah!

The three march all around town, looking for the library. They spent hours searching around the town, and it was nearly sunset. They were all pretty fatigued. They walked down the sidewalk as the town slowly went to sleep. They sat on the steps of a big building. Howl was leaning against the wall and Galaxite was holding herself, for she was cold. Snow sat down on the steps, tired and panting.

Snow: Oh my god I feel SOOOO nauseous..

Howl: Same..

Galaxite nods.

Howl stops leaning on the wall and fixes his biker jacket. He turns to the building and look at the sign. It says “Blackmont Library”. He raises an eyebrow.

Howl: Bluh… Blaaa… Blauuuuckmoooont?

Snow: Bibluh.. Blah… Blakkkkkk?

Galaxite: I.. I think it says Blackmo-

Snow: OH!

Howl: WHAT?





Howl and Snow rush into the library with Galaxite following them, right arm reaching out for them.

Galaxite: B-but guys, I think this is the-

Howlite and Snow are out of sight. Galaxite sighs and slowly walks into the library. The library is quite roomy in its own right. But oddly enough, it gives this atmosphere of closeness and togetherness. The walls are painted maroon and the carpet is beige. There are bookshelves that can be seen everywhere. The library is somewhat modern, with computers and other things. There are also digital drawings hanging on the walls, and Galaxite is amazed by them. She walks around, still amazed. But she remembers her task. She has to find a book worthy of info that can be sent to Yellow Diamond.

Galaxite: Hm… The Historical Nonfiction section…

She mistakes the children’s section for the historical nonfiction section because she read the wrong label for the wrong aisle. She continues into it, taking out a children’s book titled “My First Day In Kindergarten”. Her pupils shrink.

Galaxite: K-kindergarten?!

Galaxite runs through the library, searching for her two friends. She turns the corner and sees Snow sitting on a chair next to a water dispenser with a foam cup in her hand. Howl was fascinated by the light switch, turning it on and off. Galaxite shrugs and tells them the news.

Snow: Hey, Galaxite! Funny thing is that this place is actually a-

Galaxite: Yeah, I uh… I figured that out already.

Snow: Oh.

Galaxite: Guys, I… I think this is a good book to give to Yellow Diamond!

Snow and Howl stop what they’re doing and tilt their heads to see the book’s cover. They gasp and look at each other. Snow squeals and Howl smiles, showing his bright white teeth.

Snow: Galaxite, you’re SO GOOD at finding books!

Howl: Yeah! I found this one titled “Gem Culture” but I don’t think it’ll help us…

Galaxite has a poker face.

Galaxite: I think that might be the better c-


Snow carries the both of them and runs to the exit. The librarian is asleep, so she doesn’t notice the thieves. She busts through the doors and turns left. Howl and Galaxite cling onto Snow as she sprints quickly. But walking in front of them is a young adult lady with glasses and a cute hat. She is talking on the phone with her right hand, not noticing the running gems. She had a cup of coffee labeled “Starbills” in her left hand.

???: Yeah, get the bacon pizza…. Kieran, no, that sounds terrible!.

The lady laughs hard, but Snow suddenly rams into her, making the lady shriek. Her coffee goes flies into the air as the lady watches in horror, reaching out her hand for the cup of coffee that crashed into the sidewalk, spilling all of its caffeine-filled riches onto the cold, hard floor. Snow, Galaxite, and Howl all get up. Snow helps the stranger up as she dusts dirt off of her clothes. She looks at Snow in particular.

???: Dude, you made me spill my coffee! Are you cereal?..!

Snow: C-coffeeee?..

Galaxite: W-we’re very sorry, miss!

The stranger laughs. The trio is confused, staring at the woman as she continues to laugh. The stranger stands up straight and fixes her glasses

???: Heh, I’m joking, it’s cool.

She shakes Snow’s hand, then Howl’s hand, then Galaxite’s hand.

Howl: Who are you?

Zoella: Name’s Zoella! And judging by your clothes… You must be Homeworld Gems!




  • My First Day In Kindergarten
  • Gem Culture
  • Snow's Cup of Water
  • Zoella's Phone
  • Zoella's Cup of Starbills Coffee


  • Unnamed Forest
  • Blackmont
    • Blackmont Library


  • Galaxite is shown to be the only protagonist of Hello Earth! to be able to read.
  • Starbills Coffee is a reference to Starbucks Coffee.
    • Don't hate me.
  • This is the first time the protagonists of Hello Earth! perform a heist.
    • It isn't much of a heist since they only steal a children's book.



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