This is the 39th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


When Amber shows up with a colossal battle tank for her attack on Beach City, the G gems put their faith in a new human ally.


The episode begins on the beach with Steven and Lapis going for a swim in the ocean. The cool water crashed against their skin as the tides moved onto the sandy beaches in the hot summer day. Steven finally got out onto the sand and sat down on his towel having a few minutes out of the water. Lapis came out of the water and sat next to Steven making him blush at the sight of her swimsuit and her shimmering eyes. He moved closer to her and he gently placed his hand next to her and Lapis did the same thing causing their hands to touch. Lapis and Steven then looked into each others' eyes blushing hard and slowly lean in to seal a kiss. But before they could, they see something crash down on the beach causing a massive commotion which caused Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Onyx, Sapphire, and Emerald came outside to see what happened. They noticed it was a form of pod-like the one that crashed when Amethyst and Onyx returned to Earth but this time they knew something bad was inside. The hatch opened and when it did a group of dragon soldiers came out of the pod and each of them summoned their weapons for battle. The gems were about to summon their weapons but suddenly, a girl ran up to the soldiers and sliced them with her katana sword. The Gems didn't know who she was but they knew for sure that she was no gem. The girl did an amazing display of swordsmanship and managed to beat all of the dragon soldiers leaving the Gems really shocked about this since it was a human that put an end to the soldiers. The girl then asked if they were alright but the gems were still shocked it was human that protected them in battle. Sapphire walked up to her and thanked her for helping them then asked what her name was. She put her sword in her scabberd and introduced herself as Ella and asked who they were. Sapphire introduced them as the Crystal Gems and then they all presented themselves to Ella. Ella then asked what those things attacking were and Sapphire told her that it was a group of dragon soldiers that were trying to invade the Earth again. Ella looked shocked asking what he meant by again and Sapphire told her that they have constantly landed on Earth to try to attack the Gems. She didn't understand the whole gem thing but if this putting Earth at risk, she is willing to do whatever it takes. Suddenly, a massive ship desends from the sky which seems to be carrying something big inside.

The ship landed on the beach and the gems all summoned their weapons for battle along with Ella drawing her sword. The hatch of the ship opened up and out of it came a colossal tank beyond the size of any tank on Earth. The titan of a vehicle was bigger than a large house and completely armored in steel with massive weapons. Even the Gems got worried about this but they all stood strong along with Ella. A speaker on the tank turned on saying that the reign of the gems ends now and a form of force field surrounded the massive tank as it began to travel along the beach to Beach City. It was slow it it still had some time so the Gems ran up to the tank in order to try to bust in. Unfortunately, the force field repelled m them back but when Ella went at the tank she was able to get past the field but without the Gems to back her up close to the tank there was not much she could do. The tanks fires large bombs onto the beach trying to hit the Gems but no matter how many got fired at them, they were able to dodge. Ella knew that this would be dangerous for her and the Gems so she quickly climbed the gigantic tank and drewed her sword to damage some of the weapons on it. There was still alot of weapons on the tank but at least she was able to take out a few of them then jumped off of the tank as it went into town. She ran to Onyx asking what that thing was doing on Earth and Onyx told Ella that it was Amber trying to attack again. He then asked how she was able to get to the tank without being repelled away. Sapphire thought of this and came with the theory that the force field only repels gems away and not people. Onyx then came with an idea and asked Ella if she could do something for him. Ella agreed to this and asked what she had to do and Onyx told her that she needs to get inside of the tank and shut it down. Ella was worried about this but she knew what was on the line and humbly accepted it then ran out to the door. She ran as quickly as she could and saw the gigantic tank storming through the town. She also noticed a group of dragon soldiers surrounding the tank and knew that she needed to find a way to stop them before they did any damage to the town. She drawed her sword and approached the soldiers each one fully armed and ready to fight but before she could do anything, a cloaked figure appeared with a pair of hook swords for battle and with such amazing swordsmanship, managed to defeat the soldiers without any issue.

The figure approached Ella and asked what she was doing and she answered by saying that she is trying to shut down the tank. The figure told her that he was planning to do the same thing and told her that he knew a way to the center of the tank if she was willing to help him. She agreed and then asked who he was and all he said was that he is called the Silver Spirit. She didn't know why he would call himself that since he doesn't have any silver on him but it wasn't important at the moment. The Silver Spirit told her to follow him so she did what he said and followed him close to the tank. He jumped onto it and reached his hand out to help her onto the tank and thankfully he was able to get her on. He then walked up to the top of the tank where there was a small hatch so he used his hook swords to pry it open and jumped down into the massive tank. Ella was worried about jumping down there since she didn't know what awaited her inside but she knew that if she didn't complete her mission all would be lost. So with all the courage she had, she jumped down into the tank ready to take on what ever awaited her inside. She looked around the inside and noticed that the Silver Spirit was there so she just walked off on her own inside of the tank. She walked through the all the metal walk ways and the maze of pipe trying to find her way. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she always ended back where she came in. She took a path through the tank but suddenly, a massive steam pipe broke creating massive burning steam. But before Ella could get burned someone pulled her back saying "be careful, old sport". She looked around and saw the Silver Spirit that saved her and thanked him for saving her life. He told her to be careful around the tank since it was trapped and full of guards. Ella asked what he was going to do and the Silver Spirit told her that he managed to find a blueprint of the tank so he knows where the control room is. He showed it to Ella and quickly they ran off deeper into the massive battle tank. They arrived at the outer door to the control room but before they could even enter a group of dragon soldiers appeared ready to finish them off. Ella said that they should work together to beat them and Sean replaced by saying "You got it baby", which made Ella blush a little. With their combined powers of the sword, they were able to beat them without any issue then entered into the control room to confront Amber.

They entered into the room and saw Amber at the main controls and was about to strike her down. However Amber noticed that they were behind her she quickly turned around and breathed a massive burst for fire. The fire would have burned Ella but the Silver Spirit pushed her out of the way and jumped out of the way of the shot. Amber was furious that they entered the tank since it was only gems who even stood a chance against her let a lone humans. Both the Silver Spirit and Ella charged at her simultaneously but Amber was able to blast an array of fireballs at both of them causing both to take some serious damage. But both of then knew what was on the line so even though they were hurting badly they got up and prepared for battle. Even Amber was impressed by this but it was very mild so she transformed into her dragon form and breathed massive fire blast at them. Ella and the Silver Spirit had never seen anything like this before but that wasn't going to stop them. Ella began by slashing her at the legs to cause a little damage to her but Amber just continued to blast fire at Ella. The Silver Spirit looked around the room to see if he could use anything in order to beat Amber. He remembered about the steam pipes that Ella almost got burned by and had an idea on how to take down Amber. Ella continued avoiding the attacks of Amber and continued to rapidly strike Amber which gave the Silver Spirit a little bit of time to deal with his plan. Ella was knocked down by Amber and quickly tried to retreat back to the Silver Spirit. Amber got closer and closer to them till it was time for the Spirit to use his plan. He pulled out a bladed boomerang and tossed it at the pipes in the room which caused each of the 10 pipes in the room to break causing the scorching steam to blast on Amber. The heat of the steam was scolding to Amber and caused her to move back trying to avoid the steam. Unfortunately, she accidentally pressed the self-destruct button and used a secret exit to get out of the tank. Ella and the Silver Spirit had no chance to make it out of that exit since it was blocked by steam so they had to find another way out. The Silver Spirit picked Ella up in his arms and ran quickly though the tank and within a two minutes they got back out of the exit and just in time for the massive tank to explode without them getting harmed in the process.

They saw Steven, Lapis, Connie, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Onyx, Sapphire, Emerald, Purple Topaz, Labradorite, and Carnelian finishing off the last of the dragon soldiers and joined the fight. With the combined powers of the Gems and both Ella and the Silver Spirit they were able to finish off the dreaded soldiers without any issues. The fight was over and all that survived the fight was Amber who was now flying away from the battle to avoid anymore risks. Ella thanked the Silver Spirit for all that he did for her and the Spirit told her that he was happy to help her. She then asked him why he was called the Silver Spirit and the Spirit told her that if she looked into his eyes she would know. She took a look into his sparkling silver eyes even making her blush from it. She now knew it was his eyes that made him the Silver Spirit but all she could say to him was that he had such beautiful eyes. He then gently took her hand and kissed it before using a small smoke pellet to create a smoke screen to escape. Ella blushed from his kiss and when the smoke cleared he was gone and all he left was a rose on the ground that was made of silver. She picked it up and held it close to her heart thinking about the Silver Spirit. The Gems then walked over to Ella and thanked her for all she has done to save Beach City from Amber and her soldiers. Ella wondered why Amber attacked Beach City in the first place and she asked them why. Garnet told her that there was a black-hearted gem named Dragon Opal who is trying to destroy the planet so they have constantly tried to defend the planet from any form of attack she would do. Ella still wasn't sure what that all was about but she knew that whatever was happening was going to put Beach City at risk. Ella ofered to help the Gems which at first they weren't so sure since she was still just a human. But they knew they needed all the back up they needed so they said yes and Ella was now part of the Crystal Gems even if she was still just a human which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Connie
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Purple Topaz
  • Labradorite
  • Carnelian
  • Ella
  • The Silver Spirit (Sean)
  • Amber
  • Dragon soldiers


  • This is the first appearance of a human original character.
  • This is the first time the Gems fight with a human in battle.
  • The Silver Spirit gets its name for his silver eyes.
  • Ella seems to have a small crush on the Silver Spirit.