The Gem Olympics
Season 1, Episode 10
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"The Gem Olympics" is the tenth episode of Dove Fandom.


The gems participate in the Gem Olympics, with Jasper, Peridot, Lapis, Carnelian and Mangano!



(Garnet warps in)

Garnet: Gem! I have news from the Homeworld!

Pearl: What is it!

Garnet: Blue Diamond sent Lapis to tell us that...

Pearl: Spit it out!

Garnet: Pearl! They want us to join in the annual Gem Olympics!

Amethyst: Ooooo! We should go I love the games!

Pearl: What if it's a trap.

Garnet: It can't be, Lapis showed me the arena.

Amethyst: Alright!

(At Homeworld)

Green Diamond: The Crystal Gems!

Garnet: We've come for the Games!

Green Diamond: Proceed!

Jasper: So we meet again! Where's Rose!

Peridot: That's illogical, their name is Steven!

Lapis: Guys! You're back!

Pearl: More importantly, how did you two unfuse?

Peridot: I found them and destabillized them, now its back to normal.

Green Diamond: Enough! Let the Games BEGIN!!!

Yellow Diamond: The first round is: Fusing! Your partners are: Lapis Lazuli and Aventurine, Garnet and Peridot, Pearl and Mangano Calcite, Amethyst and Prehnite and Carnelian and Jasper!

Carnelian and Jasper: NO!!! NEVER!!! WE ARE NOT FUSING!!!

Yellow Diamond: Ughh!!! You twerps!!! Your new partners are: Pearl and Jasper and Carnelian and Mangano Calcite! And go!

(Everyone dances and fuses)

Yellow Diamond: Blue Tourmaline, Scapolite, Sunstone, Chrysoprase and Imperial Topaz! Weapons!

(They form their weapons)

Yellow Diamond: The winner is the one with the most power, best weapon and best looks!

(They demonstrate their power)

Yellow Diamond: The winner is.....Scapolite!

(They all unfuse and Garnet and Peridot's points go up by one)


Blue Diamond: The second round is: Abilities! The winner is the one with the most impressive and powerful ability wins!

Amethyst: I can control forms of Metal!

Aventurine: I can control Plants!

Carnelian: I can create Light!

Garnet: I can control Electricity!

Jasper: I can create Small Fires!

Lapis: I can control Water!

Mangano Calcite: I can heal Life!

Pearl: I can control Sand!

Peridot: Computers.

Prehnite: I can control small amounts of Tech.

Blue Diamond: Mangano Calcite wins!

(They stop using their powers and Mangano's points go up by one)

White Diamond: The third round is: Shapeshifting! To win you need to shapeshift in to 20 forms the fastest!

(They all shapeshift except Pearl and Amethyst stops after a few seconds)

Amethyst: I win! Wait Pearl why aren't you shapeshifting?

Pearl: I can't shapeshift. Part of the whole defective thing.

White Diamond Amethyst wins!

(They stop shapeshifting and Amethyst's points go up by one)

Green Diamond: The fourth round is: Weapons! The Gem with the best weapon is the winner!

(They bring out their weapons)

Amethyst: A Whip!

Aventurine: Needlewands!

Carnelian: A Claymore Sword!

Garnet: Gauntlets!

Jasper: A Helmet!

Lapis: War Fans!

Mangano Calcite: A Rapier!

Pearl: A Spear!

Peridot: An Energy Sword!

Prehnite: Tonfu

Green Diamond: Peridot wins!

(They return their weapons into their Gems and Peridot's points go up by one)


Green Diamond: The points are:

Amethyst: 1

Aventurine: 0

Carnelian: 0

Garnet: 1

Jasper: 0

Lapis: 0

Mangano Calcite: 1

Pearl: 0

Peridot: 2

Prehnite: 0

Green Diamond: As Pink Diamond's tradition was everyone gets 5 points.

Amethyst: 6

Aventurine: 5

Carnelian: 5

Garnet: 6

Jasper: 5

Lapis: 5

Mangano Calcite: 6

Pearl: 5

Peridot: 7

Prehnite: 5

Green Diamond: The winner is Peridot, meaning Yellow Diamond's Faction wins this year!





  • Crystal Temple
  • Homeworld
  • Homeworld Arena


  • This is the longest episode of Dove Fandom so far.
  • It's the end of Season 1A.

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