This is the 8th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


When one of Emerald's inventions goes wrong, The Brothers and the Crystal Gems are warped to another dimension where they find some new and familiar faces.


The episode starts in the beach house with Emerald working on a new invention. Garnet walks into the beach house with a gem artifact in hand and now see Emerald working. Garnet bubbles the artifact then sits next to Emerald and asked him what he was working on. Emerald didn't want to answer because he still was depressed about them seperating but he told her what he was working on. He revealed that it was a device that would allow any matter in the universe to warp to other dimension. Garnet was confused by this and asked why they would need that if the brothers can already warp to different dimensions. Emerald told her that only Onyx can warp to other dimensions and the others need something to warp with. Garnet asked how long it would take till the device was done and Emerald replied that it would soon be done. Garnet got up and walked into the temple for a little, letting Emerald finish his device. A few minutes later, he is finally finished but was worried if it would even work. Garnet returns with Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, Steven, and Roee all wondering about if his device would work. Just then the rest of the brothers entered and asked what everyone was doing hear. Garnet told them about the invention Emerald created and they all surrounds him as Emerald is looking at the device. Emerald was eager to try it but was worried that the device would not work but his brothers told him that sometimes they need to take a chance. Emerald smiled and pressed a small button on the device wich then revealed a hologram map of 10 multiple dimensions. Emerald asked what dimension they wanted to see which made Garnet ask if they could see the second dimension. He adjusted the device and prepared the coordinates. The device then creates a portal which no one knew where it would go. One at a time they all went through the portal and find themselves back in the beach house. The portal then closed behind them and they looked around thinking that the invention failed but then the door of the beach house began to open. The door opened and they saw another versions of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. They were all shocked to see each other especially the versions of the Crystal Gems from that dimension which even made that dimension Pearl faint collapsing to the floor.

The Gems from the other dimension asked who they were and why were they on Crystal Gems' property. Onyx spoke for the group saying that they came from another dimension similar to their and don't know how to get back. Second dimension Garnet asked how they even managed to switch dimensions and Emerald told them about the invention that he made. Pearl asked if there was a way for them to get back but Emerald unfortunately revealed that the portal should have still been then and now they are trapped in a new dimension. Second dimension Pearl began to regain conscious and tried to keep calm knowing that this was behind strange, even for a gem. The door behind them opened and out came both second dimension Connie and second dimension Lapis. Second dimension Connie was really freaked out about seeing two Steven especially since in this dimension Connie is in love with Steven. She walks up to Steven and kiss him on the cheek and second dimension Steven was revealed to not be the Steven she kisses. Lapis then pushed second dimension Connie a little agitated from what she did to Steven. Pearl asked the second dimension Gems if there was a way they could get back to their own world. Second dimension Garnet told them that there is a way but it was extremely risky. Garnet then said they would take the risk if it would get them back home. Second dimension Amethyst then told them about an ancient group of gems known as the Galaxy Gems which could be their only hope to return to their dimension. The Three Brothers and the Crystal Gems thanked them for helping them out and then walk outside of the beach house. Onyx then makes out of dark matter, a powerful ship to allow them to fly into space to find them. Second dimension Amethyst ran outside to Onyx and told him about where they were located in the universe. She revealed they were located on a planet found in the center of the galaxy which is where they can get to them. Onyx then thanks second dimension Amethyst and then boards the ship. The rest of the gems get on board and activate the ship. The ship then begins to fly as they exit the atmosphere to start their mission to find the Galaxy Gems.

They fly into space seeing the world behind them leaving their sight. Onyx activates the hyper drive on the ship and they begin to make their trip to the center of the galaxy. It takes a few minutes but they arrive at the center and find a small planet in their sight. They decide to land on the planet and find a massive temple. They walk out of the ship and Onyx makes it vanish and now look upon the giant temple. They were about to approaches the temple however a massive roar came from the temple and out the temple comes a large lion-like creature with what looked like a spiked club-like tail. The creature attacked them with all of its might which was shown to be to strong for the gems to fight. It pinned down Onyx and was about to strike it with its powerful tail but suddenly a beam of fire strikes the lion beast. It retreated from them scared of the power that the fire came from. The Gems then look where the fire came from and see four gems in their sight. They land in front of the gems and asked what they were doing here. Onyx then told them about their situation and then asked if they knew where the Galaxy Gems were. One of them began to smile and then told them that they have already found them. The Galaxy Gems introduce themselves revealing them to be Titantium Quartz, Modarite, Turquoise, and Fire Rubellite. They then ask if they could help them return to their dimension and the Galaxy Gems then invited them into the temple. They go inside and see a beautiful interior of the temple and find a massive machine at one of the ends. Emerald then asked how they could get them back and Fire Rubellite revealed that they could use the device they had to get them back. Turquoise then asked what dimension they came from but no one answered. Onyx then told them that they came from the seventh dimension and they settled the device for that dimension. The device then created a portal that lead to their dimension. Before they left, they thanked them for their help and jump through the portal returning to their dimension. They were all relieved to be back and Emerald walks up to his machine. Making his decision, he took it apart so they would never deal with that again which ends the episode


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Titanium Quartz (Galaxy Gem)
  • Modarite (Galaxy Gem)
  • Turquoise (Galaxy Gem)
  • Fire Rubellite (Galaxy Gem)
  • Steven (Second Dimension)
  • Garnet (Second Dimension)
  • Amethyst (Second Dimension)
  • Pearl (Second Dimension)
  • Connie (Second Dimension)
  • Lapis Lazuli (Second Dimension)


  • This is the first crossover for the Legend of Sapphire series.

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