This is the 2nd episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Pearl discovered a secret cavern that belonged to Sapphire and when she does something in his cavern, the most unbelievable thing happens.


The episode begins with the ice boat sailing away from the beach going out to the open ocean. Pearl didn't know what this would do but she had to go with it especially since she could not swim back to the beach. The sun began to set and the moon began to rise high in the air. Pearl wanted to turn back but she began to hear something in the distance. It sounded like Sapphire singing but it was different. It sounded like he was singing but the tone sounded like an organ instead of a person, but either way, Pearl knew she had to continue. The boat then floated a few more miles and a cave from the sea appears. It looked like it was locked up but the boat continued to float towards it. Pearl then heard a song playing in her head, she didn't know what the song was but she had an urge to sing. Pearl then sung the song that was in her head making her gem glow. The song she sung was heavenly almost as heavenly as Sapphire's voice. As she sang, the massive doors on the front open and the gate that locked it begins to raise up. The boat then begins to enter the cave and the doors and gate behind closes making Pearl trapped. She looked in the cave and notices candelabras rising from the water and light on there own. The flames of the candlelight up the cavern revealing its true looks. There were hundreds of candles both in the water and on a patch of earth at the otherside of the cave. Pearl looked up and noticed a massive chandelier made of ice glistoning from the candle light as the boat finally docked on a piece of land in the cave.

Shw got out of the boat and looked at the cave amazed by its beauty. She walks up stairs that were made of stone and finds a massive organ located at the top of the stairs. She looked at the organ and found some music that was placed on the organ that looked like it was complete. She takes a seat on the bench by the organ and begins to play a small but beautiful melody. Tears begin to run down her eyes as she plays remembering all the time that Pearl and Sapphire spent together. As she plays, a flurry of snowflakes comes out of the organ and begins to float around Pearl as she plays. When she stops the song, she see the snow surrounding her wondering how this was happening. It seemed like the snow was guiding her somehow but she didn't argue she just continued on. She followed the snowflakes which lead her to a grand piano located at one side of the cave. It was beautifully crafted and looked like it was centuries old but still in it prime condition. She tried to open the keys so she could play but it wouldn't open like a standerd grand piano. She looked at the piano and noticed something on the fall board. She saw one half of a mask on one side and the other was just a hole with something needing to fill it. She took off the mask that she was wearing and placed it into the hold and then a small clicking sound was heard and the fall board was opened for her to play. The keys were an icy blue and looked as though they were made of ice. She then pulls out the music that Sapphire wrote on the music stand and popped the lid for her to play the song. She rests her fingers on the keys and then slowly begins to play. The piano produced a heavenly tone which was so beautiful to Pearl making her shead a tear as she heard the tone of the piano. As she played, snow came out of the lid of the piano similar to how they came out of the pipes of the organ but instead of surrounding her, they swirled in one area of the cave. She continued her song and cause more snowflakes to come out and when she was playing, the chandelier began to glow. Pearl then finished to song and noticed the strange glowing from behind her which grew brighter and brighter. The snow began to condense and then a bright flash of blue light appeared and the most amazing thing happened. Out of the light comes Sapphire alive again as if nothing had happened.

Pearl was so happy to see him alive again, she ran over and gave him a hug, not letting him go out of her arms. Pearl told him that she thought she had lost Sapphire forever but he began to tell how he came back. Sapphire explained that one of the songs he wrote on the sheet music was magic and that if the song he wrote was played, it would resurrect him from his eternal sleep. Pearl didn't care how it happened she was too happy on it happening to focus on why. She then took the mask out of the piano and gave it back to Sapphire to see if he still wanted it. He gently took the mask out of Pearl's hands and placed back on his face. Sapphire then told that he still wanted to marry Pearl even though the way he proposed was not as romantic as he wanted. Pearl blushed from hearing this and told him that she still wanted to be his wife. The two hold hands and share a kiss together feeling that they would stay with each other forever. Sapphire slowly pulled away and told they should head back to the temple and tell the others about his return. Pearl agrees and Sapphire summons the boat. He helps her in and the two then begin to sail back to the temple. Meanwhile back at the temple while everyone was asleep, Onyx was outside looking staring off at the sea waiting for Pearl to return. It becomes midnight and there is still no signs of Pearl anywhere. But as he was about to head back into the house, he heard something in the distance. He heard someone singing but this voice was so heavenly that he knew only one gem could sing like that. He turned around and saw both Pearl and his brother, Sapphire on it sailing back. Onyx quickly ran back into the house and woke everyone up. They were agitated by this but he managed to get them outside. They all saw the boat coming in and saw not only was Pearl on it but also Sapphire.

The boat docked and the gems began to cheer for his return. As they got out of the boat, Onyx went over and hugged Sapphire being happy that he was alive again. The gems welcome both Sapphire and Pearl back and began to ask how this was possible for Sapphire to return from the dead. He told the story and although it was confusing for everyone but Onyx to understand everyone was still so happy that he was alive agean. He also told the gems that he had proposed to Pearl and revealed that the two are engaged. They congraduated them for this and they all went back into the house. The gems went back to bed, but Pearl and Sapphire were still up and decide to take advantage of the private moment and begin to kiss. Pearl wrapped her arms around Sapphire locking them together. Pearl then pull away slowly and asked if for tonight that he could sleep with her. Sapphire blushed a little but agreed to this. They go into Pearl's room and use their magic to change into their pajamas. They get under the blankets together and hold each other in their arms as they lay next to each other. They tell each other good night and snuggle as close as they could to each other. Sapphire and Pearl kissed each other good night and the two feel asleep in each others' arms which ends the episode.


  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Onyx
  • Emerald
  • Rose Quartz
  • Carnelian


  • Sapphire returns.
  • Pearl still wants to be his wife.
  • Pearl is shown to play organ as well as piano.
  • Sapphire's cavern is based on Phantom's lair from Phantom of the Opera.
  • Sapphire's mask is shown to be a key to active his magic piano.

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