The Frozen Quest (Part 1)
Season Legend of Sapphire, Episode Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 4/7/2015
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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Ruby's Empire (Part 3) {previous season} The Frozen Quest (Part 2)

This is the 1st episode of the Legend of Sapphire Series.


Pearl is still heart broken since the fight with Ruby and is trying to heal her heart by going on a journey.


The episode starts off 2 weeks after the battle with Ruby with the song Sapphire wrote for Pearl playing in the background. On the beach, Amethyst and Onyx practice their dark magic and as they practice, Amethyst accidentally falls on Onyx. The two begin to laugh and the two then share a kiss. Meanwhile back in the temple, Steven and Lapis are watching TV together and Steven wraps his arm around her making each other blush. Garnet and Emerald walk into the temple holding hands and walk to the warp pad. The two kiss each other and they warp away to a mission. Meanwhile, Pearl is still in her room and is shown that she was playing the music in the backround. She then stops playing and begins to cry over the keys of her piano. She accidentally knocks down the sheet music Sapphire wrote and she then begins to pick it up. She then picks up the last page and notices the song was different, she turned over the page and saw that one side had the version she was playing, but the other side had a different song. She turns all the pages to the advanced side and notices that on the top corner where it tells what instrument to play it on, it says the M.P on it. She walks out of the room with the song wondering what this could mean. Onyx and Amethyst come into the room shocked to see that Pearl was finally out of her room. She asked Onyx if she knew what the M.P at the top meant. Onyx looked at the music and knew exactly what it meant. Onyx told Pearl that there is a magical piano that Sapphire played and used his most advanced songs on it. She asked where this piano was but Onyx said that he was not suppose to tell. Pearl begged him and Onyx finally gave in. He told her that each of the brothers had a form of base on Earth and the piano was located in Sapphire's base. She asked were it was but Onyx didn't know, however he did tell her that there was a chest on an island of ice were the location might be. She thanks Onyx for telling and runs into her room. She gets an envelope and puts the music in. But before she could go, she picked up Sapphire's mask and begins to wear it. She then walks out of the room and goes to the warp pad which makes her warp to the ice island.

Pearl arrives at an island covered in ice and snow with a mountain located at the center of the island. She noticed that there was something at the top of the hill, but it disappears in the snow clouds that forms. The temperatures were freezing and it seemed like a dangerous place to be, but Pearl did not go back, instead she continued her quest. The path was covered wih snow and it seemed like there was no one on the island. She went further on the trail and found footprints of some sort of massive cat creature. It sent shivers down her back but she wasn't going to let fear stop her from doing the quest. She reaches the base of the hill and see the path that leads to the temple at the top. She is about to go up the trail but she heard a growling sound behind her. She slowly turned around and saw a sabortooth tiger behind her. The sabortooth had light blue fur with fangs made of ice and eyes of dark blue. Pearl then summoned her spear and was prepared to fight the cat. The sabortooth let out a roar and pounced on top of Pearl trying to bite her. She manages to hit him with the blunt end of the spear which knocked it off of her. The sabortooth got back up and charged at Pearl. Pearl tried to run up the trail to avoid it but the sabortooth was too fast and blocked her path. She looked worried and tried to think of a plan to stop it. She notices that the sabortooth liked to pounce in order to attack so she thought of a plan. The sabortooth charged but this time, Pearl stood her ground. The sabortooth was about to pounce but with the spear, Pearl aimed it at the sabortooth. As it pounces, the sabortooth gets impaled by the spear making it collapses to the ground. The corpse of the sabortooth only stays for a few seconds before it vanishes leaving behind a small key. She picked it up and continued to walk up the trail and finally arrived at the temple at the top.

She enters the temple and sees a statue of Sapphire made of ice. She looks around to see if there was a piano around but there wasn't revealing that this was not the base Onyx mentioned. She saw two doors, each with the shape of a treble cheff on each side. There was a small key hole showing that this was what the key was needed for. She pulled it out and used it on the door. The doors opens and revealed a room with shelves filled with different songs and melodies with a chest at the other end. She walks down the room and see the chest made of ice. Pearl opens it and a small sheet of music is inside. She hums the melody and sheads a tear for it reminding her of Sapphire. She turned it over and there was writing on it saying to play this on the beach. Pearl didn't know what this was for, but she went back to the trail and returned to the warp pad to get back to the temple. She arrived back and saw Rose in the room. She asked where Pearl was and asked why she was wearing the mask. Pearl told her that she went on a small jouney to remember Sapphire by. Rose then walks to Pearl and tells her that although Sapphire may be gone, the love she had for him and the love he had for her will never die no matter what. Pearl blushes and then walks out the temple and walks to the beach. The song didn't say what instrument to play it on so she summoned her violin to play. The song was beautiful and filled her with both happiness and pain at the same time. As she plays, she see something coming out of the water. A small but beautiful boat made of ice rises from the water from the song. Pearl stops playing and see the boat thinking that this will lead her to Sapphire's base. She walks on the boat and slowly it begins to float off to sea which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Onyx
  • Rose Quartz
  • Sabor Tooth Tiger


  • Pearl is shown to still be heart broken for Sapphire dying
  • Each of the brothers have a form of base or castle on Earth.
  • Pearl wear Sapphire's mask for the first time.

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