This a fandom made by Zh ng, Fan , Thoerist of the Steven Universe show .

WE wouldn't have give up like you Jasper, you don't even know how you betrayed Lapis and MY friends! -Jade


Firstly, this show is all about Lapis Lazuli, Jade , Blue Diamond ,and Emerald .The show is called : " Free The Universe "

Into Song

Jade : I will fight the Home World Gems ,till' they know what is freedom!

Lapis Lazuli: I will live for my own life , but my own life isn't goin' down!

Blue Diamond : Our life must not be that down , but if we're down we will fix it back!

Emerald: I will fight for the everything, for the world that I was made in!

All: But The Fear ain't gonna stop us till' we finish Them!

    We Are The Freedom Gems, We'll gonna Save The Day!

Jade: But if ya' think we can't,

All: We always Destroy them all,

    That's why the people of this Earth,
    Belive in,
    Blue Diamond,
    Lapis Lazuli,
    And JADE!!!!

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