The Flight is the 4th episode of season 1a of The Homeworld Gems.

The Flight
Season 1a, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date TBA
Written by Katrinasis
Directed by StevenJr
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It is the 4th episode overall.


The team takes a trip to Journey Island.


The episode starts with Morganite and Emerald stepping off a ship onto a small island. Morganite takes out a log and starts talking into it.

Morganite: This is Morganite speaking. Mission to instal and activate a Warp Pad on the so called "Journey Island" has commenced. Will update when mission has been completed.

Morganite closes the log and turns to Emerald.

Morganite: Are you ready, Emerald?

With a grin, Emerald says: You bet!

Emerald starts running deeper into the island, leaving Morganite behind.

Morganite: Emerald, wait! You don't know where...

Before Morganite can finish, Emerald runs into the lush forest.

Morganite: Oh great...

Morganite runs into the forest, after Emerald.

The scene cuts to Emerald running through the forest, laughing.

Emerald: This is great, isn't it Morgan-

Emerald turns around and realizes; Morganite isn't there.

Emerald: ...I am lost?

Emerald looks around, worried.

Emerald: Oh no...

Behind her, a small sound is heard. Emerald turns around and walks toward the source of the sound.

She crouches down a picks up something.

Emerald: Is this... A gem shard?

Emerald stands up and stares at the shard.

Emerald: What's going on...

???: Who's there?!

Emerald turns around, and a Yellow Gem comes out from between the trees.

Emerald: A Gem? I thought this island was uninhabited...

Emerald's voice trails off as her eyes move to the yellow gem on the Gem's shoulder, which has a large crack.

Emerald: Y...your gem...

She looks at the gem shard in her hand.

Emerald: Is this yours? What's your name?

The Gem's gaze softens slightly.

???: My name is Topaz.

Emerald smiles. Maybe this gem isn't hostile?

Emerald: So Topaz... what are you doing here all alone on this island?

Topaz: Well, I...

Topaz's gaze hardens again.

Topaz: You need to leave.

Emerald: What? But I thought...

Topaz: I won't let you ruin everything again.

Emerald: But I...

Topaz: I... Said... LEAVE!

Topaz summons her weapon, and charges at Emerald.

Emerald ducks as she narrowly escapes a stab from Topaz's rapier.

Emerald: What are you doing... Ack!

Emerald falls to the floor after a swift kick to her legs by Topaz. Topaz stands in front of Emerald, and holds her sword high into the air, without a word.

Emerald closes her eyes and braces herself and the screen cuts to black.

The screen fads in again with Morganite run through the forest, mumbling to herself.

Morganite: Where could she have gone...

Morganite abruptly stops in her tracks and closes her eyes.

Morganite: Listen... Listen...

A quiet 'Ack!' is heard from a distance.

Morganite quickly opens her eyes and runs to the clearing where Topaz and Emerald are.

Morganite enters the clearing, weapon already in hand.

Before Topaz can do anything, Morganite hits her with her weapon, causing her to poof.

As attempts to crush the gem under her foot, her eyes open wide.

She raises her hand to find a gem shard in it. She looks up, and sees many other sharp gem shards, surrounding them.

Morganite grabs Emerald's hand.

Morganite: We're leaving.

Morganite start to run, with Emerald close behind.

Emerald: But what about the mission?

Morganite: The mission has failed. This island is unsafe.

Morganite and Emerald make it back to the ship and hurriedly starts it.

On the ship, Emerald notices Morganite's hand.

Emerald: Morganite, your hand...

Morganite looks at her hand.

Morganite: Oh this? It'll be fine.

Emerald gives Morganite a worried look, and then sighs.

The Episode then ends.





  • This is the first episode Topaz appears in.

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