The Fallen
DDG Ep 27 Title Card
Season 2, Episode 7
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Air date June 24th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Love Affair My Name Is Christa
"The Fallen" is the 7th episode of the second season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 27th overall episode of the series.


The gems recall the moment when Tiger's Eye became one with Lucia.


Tiger: When are they coming?

Smoky: Tomorrow…

Tiger: Damn it…

Smoky Quartz and Tiger’s Eye are in Smoky’s room. It’s filled with orange and black crystals, resembling a geode. They make the room look like it’s full of stars. They’re sitting at a crystal table, Smoky drinking tea and Tiger drinking wine. The table hovers over the floor and is very luminous. The entire room has this feeling of emptiness, yet a feeling that makes you feel not alone. It’s very strange, but it’s something magical.

Smoky: So what’s the plan? We can’t exactly let those stupid Praelior gems access the Kindergarten. That’ll destroy the Earth.

Tiger: I know… But they’re nothing we can’t handle.

Smoky: But Rhodo says that Praelior and Homeworld technology is advancing. Malachite says they’re unstoppable.

Tiger: We can beat them. I know we can.

There’s a silence between them. Smoky sips her tea, her maroon lips glistening. Tiger’s Eye looks around the room and admires the crystal decor. He smirks.

Tiger: I like what you’ve done with the place.

Smoky: Oh, thank you. I’ve had Moon and Apatite to help me. They love decorating.

Tiger: I know that. I’ve had them help with my room too!

Smoky: You’re room’s a mess! And they decorated it yesterday!

They both share a good laugh. Smoky sips her tea and Tiger’s Eye gulps down the rest of his wine. He places the wine glass on the table, hard. He gets up and walks off.

Smoky: Leaving already?

Tiger: I have training to do.

Smoky: Right…

Smoky activates the temple door to let Tiger’s Eye out. The gem on her left foot and the gem on her right foot start glowing, causing the door to open. Tiger’s Eye exits Smoky’s room and the door closes. She turns back to the table and continues to sip her tea. She looks down.

Smoky: We’re not gonna make it through this, are we?


The sky is light blue, and endless. Clouds can be seen in all directions, never ending. The floor is soft and the air is soothing. Apatite stands in her room with Rhodochrosite and Malachite. She’s standing in front of Rhodo and Malachite as they stand beside each other. Apatite is walking back in forth, still around them. She’s thinking of strategies The two gems watch her.

Rhodo: Er, Apatite? Are you done thinking there?

She doesn’t answer.

Malachite: I think she’s in her mental zone.

Rhodo: Probably.

Suddenly, Apatite stops walking. She turns to Rhodo and Malachite, proposing an idea.

Apatite: We practice fusion!

Rhodo and Malachite are a bit shocked by this, but they express this through excitement. Malachite jumps up and down and Rhodo’s doing the little dance in the same spot. They keep woohoo!-ing. Suddenly, Malachite bursts through the cloud floor and shouts. Rhodo stops mid-dance, silent. Apatite sighs and puts her left hand out. She has her palm facing up, slowly lifting it upwards. Then, Malachite is seen on a cloud, levitating from the hole she fell through. The cloud merges with the cloud floor and Malachite falls 2 feet, falling on her back,

Malachite: That was something!

Apatite: Moving on…

Malachite stands up next to Rhodo and the two start listening to Apatite once again.

Apatite: Fusion is our best solution! This is a real emergency and-

Rhodo: We get that! We aren’t arguing, Apatite.

Malachite: Yeah, fusion’s fun!

Rhodo and Malachite high-five each other.

Apatite: Well you two aren’t going to fuse.

Rhodo and Malachite’s expressions change from happy to sad. They start complaining to Apatite.


Malachite: WHY???????

Apatite: SHUSH!

Apatite’s demand was louder than her friends. Rhodo and Malachite stop complaining and listen to Apatite closely.

Apatite: When you two form Sard, you’re unstable. We can’t let that be a disadvantage in battle.

Malachite: .. True…

Rhodo: I guess you’re right…

Apatite: We’ll either use Chalcedony, Amazonite, and or Fluorite. That’s our strategy.

The two gems nod in response and there’s a brief silence. The clouds in Apatite’s room continued to move. Rhodo raises an eyebrow.

Rhodo: Do we… Practice now?

Apatite’s eyes open wide out of surprise.

Apatite: Oh, um.. Why, yes! We practice now!

Rhodo and Malachite smile in excitement. Apatite lends out her hand to Malachite.

Apatite: Let’s practice with Amazonite first.

Malachite: Awwww yeaaaah!

Rhodo: Amazonite hurts my eyes, to be honest.

Rhodo and Malachite giggle, but they stop when they realize Apatite is still waiting, even though Apatite appreciated their enthusiasm.. Malachite grabs Apatite’s hand and they get in their positions. Rhodo watches from afar, excited. Apatite is a few meters away from Malachite, and they’re both prepared to fuse.

Apatite: Synchronize…

Their gems start glowing. They did the capoeira, which was a fight disguised as a dance. Malachite aimed for Apatite’s head and kicked, but Apatite ducked. They did the same with the roles reversing several times. They did backflips and somersaults. Finally, they both kicked each other’s shins, causing them to phase into each other. Rhodo was starry-eyed.  They started glowing, and their two physical forms turned into one. This glowing figure morphed into a more humanoid form, and it stopped glowing. There was Amazonite, with bright armor, skin, and hair. She was twice the size of Malachite. She put her hands to her hips, turned to the endless sky, and started laughing. Then she smiled at Rhodo. He was amazed.

Rhodo: W-WOAH!

Amazonite: Awesome, right?!

Amazonite summoned her two-sided scythe. She twirled it around and around, switching from arm to arm. the scythe becomes lighter and lighter with each twirl. Then she stops for 1 single second.

Amazonite: Cover your eyes!

Rhodo quickly covers his eyes with his hands. Amazonite pushes the scythe forward, creating a pulse of light that would blind enemies in the battle field. Rhodo uncovers his eyes and Amazonite unfuses. Apatite and Malachite get off of the floor and stand. Rhodo walks up to them, smiling.

Rhodo: Man, that pulse was strong! I felt it with my eyes closed!

Apatite: That’s a good sign.

Apatite smiles.

Malachite: Well, time to practice some more then! Rhodo, your turn!

Rhodo grabs Apatite’s hand and Malachite watches from afar.

Apatite: Okay, in your posi-AUGH!

Apatite screams in pain and holds her head. Rhodo catches her from falling and Malachite helps him. Apatite is still in pain.

Rhodo: Are you okay?!

Malachite: This is the 6th time this month!

Apatite is in too much pain to answer.

Rhodo: It’s already been a month since Corundum… Did what he did to her. It should have worn off by now!

Apatite: P-please… Water..

She holds her head in pain again.

Malachite: This isn’t good. If this happens in battle, you’re done for.


There are black and white ceramic tiles on the floor, everywhere. It’s like a castle. The walls are golden and there’s fancy decor everywhere. There’s a king-sized bed against the wall. From the temple door to the other wall, there is a big golden throne with a comfy velvet-colored cushion. Idocrase sits on his throne while his teammates sit on the floor. Moon is discussing Division B’s strategy for when the Praelior gems arrive. Moon looks unsatisfied.

Moon: Why did you have us sit on the floor again?

Larimar: It’s, uh… I-it’s kinda cold…

Idocrase: I feel like a king! Now shine my shoes!

Moon: Er… No. We’re here to discuss our plan for when the Praelior gems come.

Idocrase: Aw!

Moon: Listen.. I say we talk with them.

Larimar and Idocrase are both shocked by this suggestion, and they both turn to her.

Larimar: W-what?!

Idocrase: They’re not gonna listen to us! They work for Homeworld!

Moon: Who knows? As horrible as it sounds, they might be civilized enough to just talk with us.

Larimar: I… I guess they are…

Idocrase: Lari, you’re actually believing her?!

Larimar looks up at Idocrase with a stern look that surprises him.

Larimar: Yes. I am. And you should too.


It’s the day of the arrival, and the team is ready for combat. Everyone was on the Rise Island sands. Tiger’s Eye is beside Smoky and Lucia. Tiger had bronze armor and a gigantic gladiator sword in his right hand. Smoky had her titanium greaves. Apatite was doing the capoeira with Malachite to form Amazonite. Rhodo stood with his claws beside Larimar, who was shaking a bit with her bow in her hand, Moonstone, who was ready to fight with her traditional fan, and Idocrase, who held his blade courageously. The sky was a dark red as a maroo-colored arm -shaped ship pointed towards the Dawn Dusk Gems. Amazonite formed, and she looked ready to fight as well. She summoned her two-sided scythe and threw it like a boomerang towards the giant arm shaped ship. The two-sided scythe made a little dent into the ship’s exterior, but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly, Amazonite screamed, holding her head in pain. Smoky turned to her.

Smoky: Oh God, please! Not now!

Amazonite unfused. Malachite stood up and went over to Apatite, who was still screaming, crying. Smoky went over to her as well, laying her on the smooth sand gently.

Smoky: Shh… It’s okay.. The pain will go away soon…

Apatite continued to scream, but less loudly.

Tiger: It’s fine, Smoky, leave her be! We can do this without her!

Smoky: But Tiger’s Eye, I-

Tiger: Leave her be!

Smoky hesitated, but she got up and stood her ground. Malachite stood next to Apatite, still on the floor in pain. Larimar shoots a light arrow at the ship that later separated into 10 arrows. They clash at the ship, but they don’t do much damage. Larimar looks at the warship in fear as it lands on the sand, hard. It creates a gust of sandy wind, but Moon was able to control it and blew it all to the side using her aerokinesis. The “hand” part of the ship places itself onto the sand, palm facing up. A dark red marble comes from the forearm and all the way to the wrist of the ship. It dispels, showing two gems. One maroon-colored gem with a pixie cut and one rose-red colored gem with long, curly hair and a stylish outfit. They both slide down the fingers of the ship and take a few steps on the sand. The maroon gem has dark red lipstick. The Dawn Dusk Gems are intimidated, all except Tiger’s Eye, who’s ready to fight.

???: Ah, so this is the little rebel group I was told about?

Tiger: Who are you? What are your names?..!

Pyrope: Why, you see, I’m Lady Pyrope. I am the leader of the ruling political party on Praelior.

Lady Pyrope turns left to the gem next to her. She extends her hand and introduces her.

Pyrope: And this here is my adviser, Padparadscha.

Padpara: I go by Padpara.

Pyrope walks on the sand, closer to Tiger’s Eye.

Pyrope: And I suspect that you are the self proclaimed courageous leader of the Dawn Dusk Gems?

Tiger: Why yes, I am! And you’re invading our territory.

Smoky: We kindly ask you to leave.

Pyrope: Oh, why we can’t just do that, you see? We were here to check on the Kindergarten on Earth. And you seem to be standing in the way of that…

Pyrope summons her battle axe from the gem located on her chest and swung it at Tiger’s gem. It created a massive crack, and Tiger cried in pain. He started glitching out as his team watched in horror.

Pyrope: Nobody stands in my way. You hear me?

Smoky ran towards Pyrope, still with her titanium greaves on, and Moon ran after Tiger’s Eye.

Moon: I can heal him!

Padpara: Stay. Back!

Padpara stood in between Smoky and Moon & Tiger’s Eye and Lady Pyrope. Her eyes turned dark completely rose-red and she started floating. The ground below her started to shake. Smoky and Moon stepped back to avoid her. The ground started to level upwards and level downwards. Padpara stopped controlling the Earth once she realized that she’d already struck fear into the Dawn Dusk Gems. Her eyes stopped glowing and she levitated back down. Tiger’s Eye, who continued to glitch, crawled towards Lucia, who was whimpering.

Tiger: L-L-L-Luciaaaaaa… P-P-P-Plea-ea-easeeee…. It’s going to be alalalalalalalalrightttttttt-

Tiger’s Eye placed his palm onto Lucia’s fur. He started glowing, still glitching out. His physical form was transferred into Lucia. Lucia felt the rush of energy course through her. Tiger’s Gem broke in half in the sand. He became one with Lucia. Pyrope approached Lucia, unsatisfied.

Pyrope: I should just slaughter you right now..

The team watches Pyrope and Padpara in fear. Pyrope was about to butcher Lucia, but puts her axe down as it dispels.

Pyrope: But it’s pointless. You’re not worth killing. You’re probably already suffering from being part of that brainless animal..

Suddenly, Padpara’s necklace was vibrating. She pressed the diamond shaped button on the necklace and it displayed an image of Kyanite. She was contacting them.

Kyanite: Padpara, the mission is irrelevant now. The Kindergarten is not our main priority anymore. Report back to Praelior.

Padpara: I see….

The call ends and Pyrope looks at Padpara.

Padpara: We’re going to have to leave early.

Pyrope: Hm… How disappointing.

Lady Pyrope turns to the Dawn Dusk Gems, who were still in fear. Apatite was still on the floor, in pain, moaning. Larimar was shaking and crying. Rhodo had his hands over his mouth in shock.

Pyrope: It was a pleasure meeting you little group of fools.

Apatite: And that’s how it happened…

Agate: That’s really… Sad… What happened after that? The campfire was still lit. The sky was lighted up with stars. The crickets sung and the waves were calm. Rhodo was sitting right beside Agate and Malachite was sitting next to Larimar and Idocrase. Moon sat beside Apatite, looking down.

Apatite: They just.. Left. They took off on their ship and went back to Praelior.

Agate: I want to go to Praelior some day…

Rhodo: It’s fascinating, but trust me. You don’t.

Out of nowhere, a stranger warps onto the island. She looks human. Everyone turns to her as she slowly walks towards Apatite. Her walk is somewhat sluggish. She’s wearing a cyan colored hoodie that fades to lavender. Her right shoe has a bandage over it. Apatite raises and eyebrow.

Apatite: Who…. Who are you?..

Christa: I’m Christa, and I know something you don’t know.




  • Smoky's Tea
  • Tiger's Wine


  • Rise Island
    • Dawn Dusk Temple
      • Smoky's Room
      • Apatite's Room
      • Idocrase's Room
  • Praelior (Mentioned)
  • Homeworld (Mentioned)


  • It is revealed that Apatite is still recovering from the effects of Corundum's mind-altering abilities.
  • It is revealed that Lady Pyrope caused Tiger's Eye to become one with Lucia.
  • This is the first episode to feature Idocrase's room.



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