This is the ninth episode of my series, The Rebellion

The Failures
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Crystal Clear Saving the City


Turquoise and Topaz must save the humans from White Diamond, but encounter a problem.


[Episode enters with Turquoise and Topaz lying unconscious in a strange room. It's completely gray and White Diamond is standing over them.]

White Diamond: WAKE UP, BRATS!

Turquoise: Huh, What?

Topaz: I was having a good dream.

White Diamond: YOU BETTER LIS-

[Topaz shot a barrage of bolts at White Diamond and she went unconscious.]

Topaz: Hows it feel to be knocked out?

[They escape the strange room and find the tool that she was using to inject the Gems into the people, and find it has a reverse feature for emergencies. They set out to find the corrupted humans in the forest. They eventually find some and try and take the Gems out, but they shove them off and lamely swing their swords at them.]

Turquoise: This might be a little harder than we thought... Pull out your weapons, guys, I'll find a sword, we'll look more intimidating.

[Turquoise grabs a sword and Steven and Topaz summon their weapons.Nothing happens.]

Topaz: What now?

Turquoise: I don't know, we can't hurt them, or communicate with them. But, we can't let them suffer with these Gems.

[They back away from the corrupted humans and in the process, Turquoise drops the Gem Implanter. It lands on a button that says, "ACTIVATE GEMS".]

Topaz: Real nice, Turquoise, you managed to butt-dial the red button. How great.

[The Gems on the humans start to glow and so do the humans. They start yelling a distorted scream as they float into the air. They fall back to the ground, they're now just light figures of their color Gem. The light slowly fades away and they become Gems. One was purple, one was red, one was gray, and one was orange.]

Turquoise: I let you guys down, and we're all going to die.

Topaz: At least we'll be together. [half-smiles.]

Purple Gem: Ok, now that you've finished your sob story...

[The Gems summoned their weapons, the purple one had a sword, the red one had a mace, the gray one had a whip, and the orange one had flaming gauntlets.]

Steven: We're not going down without a fight, right guys?

Topaz and Turquoise: RIGHT!

[The New Crystal Gems charged the gems, but they were a lot stronger. The purple one poofed Turquoise with a single slice and the gray one poofed Topaz with a single slash, and the red one missed with his mace, but the orange one's gauntlets went right into Steven's chest and he poofed. The episode ends with the Purple Gem picking up the gemstones of The New Crystal Gems and walking away.]

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