this is the 38th episode of the legend of sapphire series


amethyst and onix find out that dragon opal has gained control over homeworld and must deside on what to do about this.


the episode starts on dragon opals ship with onix finaly being freed my amethyst from the prison block. with onix freed they needed to find a way to stop dragon opal and the ship befor things get worse. they started by walking down the hall keeping a sharp eye out for any of dragon opals soldiers or her top fighters tiger eye and amber. they found a massive set of doors not knowing if this would lead to the bridge or not and went inside. they found themselfs in the engian room wear the ships power was comeing from. they walked through the maze of engens and pipes hopeing to find and exit or something that would lead them to the bridge but all it is was a massive confusion for navagation. they stayed close incase there was anything that was in the egnine room that would prove as a threat and from around the corner was a group of dragon soldiers. onix quickly drawed his staff and amethyst summoned her whip ready to engage into battle. onix aproched the soldiers and fired waves of dark energy at the dragon soldiers wich damaged them prety good but they began to fire there gem rifals at him. amethyst then came in front of onix and spun her whips rapidly blacking the shots from the gem rifals. unfortionitly amethyst was starting to slow down her whips and soon they would be hit by there shots. onix desided then to change into a shadow form and snuck behind the dragon soldiers then reapear. onix then uses his dark magic to whipe out the dragon soldiers and amethyst was finaly safe from there fire. amethyst finaly stoped spinning her whip and went to onix so they could continue there surch for the control bridge. they walked through the engian room and noticed there was a cat walk system above them and that there was also a door at the catwalk. it was about 4 storys high so it wouldnt be that easy to get to the top but amethyst noticed all of the pipes that wear everywear and had an idea. she summoned another whip and gave it to onix but when he touched the handle it completely vanished. amethyst then told onix to grab onto her and she wraped her whip around one of the pipes. onix kneeled down and wraped his arms around her and amethyst then used her whip to launch herself up. onix was supriseingly light for amethyst so navagateing with her whip wasnt that hard to do. she used her whip on more and more pipes till she was able to reach the catwalk at the top and onix then let go. they wear about to walk through the catwalk door but unfortionitly for them more dragon soldiers came into the engain room prepareing to open fire.

onix noticed this and quickly he created a forcefield useing dark mater based magic to deflect the shots from the dragon soldiers. the force feild not only protected onix and amethyst but it also deflected the shots couseing them to hit the soldiers instead. one by one each one got hit by its own shot until there was no soldier left to fight agenst them. once they wear done he took down the force feild and both onix and amethyst went through the exit to continue there search for the control bridge. they found themselfs into a new hallway and took a look down it seeing if there was anything that could help them find the bridge but they couldnt find anything that would help them. they found another set of doors and desided to take a look inside wich they found the defences room wich they tought could help them find out wear they were on the ship. they looked around and saw diferant turret concels that would allow the battle turrets to fire back agenst foes. amethyst then noticed a hologram versoin of the ship and she told onix to take a look at this with her. it was hologramed and they were able to see the interior of the ship wich proved to be verry useful. there was many buttons around this wich each one sead a diferant room on the ship so onix pressed the comand bridge. the hologram got bigger and showed the directions that would lead to the bridge wich was supriseingly closer then they thought. they had to go down the hall to the elevators and travel to the stop floor then travel down the hall way on the left wich would lead them to the comand bridge. onix got it down by memory and told amethyst to stay close by him when they go through the ship so amethyst held onto him tight. onix told her that he loved it when they were close like that but it wasnt the time to be that close to eachother. she back up a little but still stayed close to him and they went outside of the defences room back into the hallway. they looked around to make sure that there was no soldiers around then took a sprint for the elevators. amethyst quickly pressed the button for the elevator but when it got to them there was a group of dragon soldiers inside of the elevator and begin to open fire at onix and amethyst.  onix created a dark mater shild to protect them and amethyst used her whip to disarp one fo the soldiers and took its gun. she then opened fire back at the soldiers eliminating them all from there fight and with that done amethyst and onix walked back into the the elevator and began to go up.

the elevator was traveling at a decent rate so they would be able to reach the top in time but as they wear going up they herd something crash at the top. they didnt know what it was but they knew that it was not going to be good for them. sudenly without warning the elevator came to a screatching halt and neather onix or amethyst knew why this was happaning. they then noticed a laser going through the top so amethyst and onix moved to the edge of the elevator. the laser made a circle on the cealing and as soon as the circle was complete 2 dragon soldiers jumped down and aimed there guns at both amethyst and onix. amethyst reacted quickly and used her whip to disarm one of them then blasted them both with the ray gun. onix then desided to jump up through the hole and see what was causeing the elevator to stop working. onix went up and noticed two poles each on one jamed in the gears that lifted the elevator were causeing all of there issues. onix walked over and tried to remove one of the pipes but 6 dragon soldiers jumped down from the upper hatch onto the elevator prepareing to finish onix off. the soldiers charged there guns but onix was to quick for them and managed to beat them all useing his bare hands. he then walked back to the pipe and useing all of his might pulled it out of the gear then walked over to deal with the other pipe. he took it out with all of his might wich made the elevator go up agean. onix then jumped back into the hole seeing amehtyst still inside not harmed. amethyst asked what was causeing the elevator to stop and onix told her everything from the pipes to the soldiers. amethyst got worried for onix but was releaved the he was safe and soon the elevator reached the top and finaly they reached the hallway that would lead them to the control bridge. they walked down the hall and found at the end of the hall a massive set of double doors that would lead them to the control bridge. onix and amethyst aproched them and tried to open then but nomater how hard they tried they were not able to open it. sudenly the speekers turned on and it was amber speeking to onix amethyst. she sead that they will never make it to the bridge no mater hoe hard they tried and when she was done the doors opened and out of it come both amber and tiger eye. they both drew there weapons ready to battle and both onix and amethyst did the same prepareing for a bruatal fight agenst them.

amber breathed a massive wave of fire at onix and amethyst wich would have surely killed them if they got hit. onix however made a massive shadow feild to protect him and amethyst from any damage done by amber. tiger eye then ran on all fours at them and prepared to pounce on them to shread them with his battle claws. he jumped into the air and let out a massive and impressive roar that even made amber blush from it. he pounced ontop of amethyst and was prepared to slash her neck with its blades but befor he could onix blasted a shadow beam at him knocking him off of his girlfreand. tiger eye was furious by onix and began slashing and strikeing at onix with complete rage but onix was way to quick for him and fires multiple shots at him knocking him out. amber then went to attack onix with her full fury wich did cause some damage to him but was no mach for amethyst and her wild style of fighting. with multiple whipstrikes she was weekened for the batttle and to top it all of amethyst tied her up with his whip. with onix and amethyst both victorious they go into the comand bridge to see if they could find anything about dragon opal or a way to get off of the ship. they looked around and shockingly there was no one there and the more they surched for awnsers only more questions came out of it. they found dragon opals bridge throne and notice something shineing on it so amethyst took it and began to chew on it. onix giggle from this and asked amethyst to give the shiny object and without hessatation she give it to him. he took a look at this small blue and crimson colored crystle and knew what this was at first glace. it was a hologram crystle so he smashed it on the ground and from it was a hologram of dragon opal. the hologram began to speek saying that while they wear enjoying her ship she was at homeworld and with her army overwelming the defences and with the help of her dragon like creatures she was able to stop all of there armys. she then told something that would truely shock them both by saying that now that there defences have fallen and with both there king and queen gone she has taken control of homeworld as there new empress. onix was furious about this and so was amethyst but befor the hologram disapeared in the hologram apeared each of his royle guards white diamond, yellow diamond, and blue diamond. the hologram disapeared now leaveing onix and amethyst to make a desision on what to do.

onix knew that if they would return to homeworld now dragon opal would have a huge army to back her up. amehtyst however didnt think of this and just wanted to free homeworld from dragon opal un awair of the concequences that could happen. onix expained to amethyst that if they went back there was little to no chance at defeating her with her new found army. amethyst aked what they would do and for once onix didnt know what they were going to do. onix knew that they had to rescue homeworld so he told amethyst that they would return but only when have gotten strong enough to stop dragon opal once and for all. amethyst huged onix tight worried about what would happen to them and to homeworld and onix huged her back. onix then remembered an escape pod on the map so onix and amethyst went out of the control room and ran to the escape pod launching bay. they both got into one of the pods and took off into space ready to head back to earth. back on earth purple topaz was playing tag with steven and lapis on the beach trying to find something to do now that amethyst was gone. purple topaz changed into her wolf form and was able to chase steven down makeing him become it. steven began to chase lapis but thanks to her water wings she was unable to be caught. they continue there game and suddenly they see something falling from the sky. they watched it and saw it crash down to the beach wondering what this thing from space was. rose, garnet, pearl, sapphire, and emerald ran outside hearing the comotion from outside. they slowy aproch the object revealing to be one of dragon opals pods so they quickly summoned there weapons. the hatch of the pod opened and when it did they all summoned there weapons ready to battle what ever threat was in that pod. but they wear suprised to see that it was amethyst and onix that was inside of the ship. they all put away there weapons and ran over to hug them welcomeing them back to earth. steven asked why they returned now that they were royalty and onix told them the whole story about them, the diamonds, and finaly about dragon opal takeing control. they wear worried about this now that she has a huge empire on her side but onix knew that if they all worked together they could stop her once and for all and put an end to the empress once and for all wich ends the episode.


  • steven
  • lapis lazuli
  • rose quartz
  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • pearl
  • onix
  • sapphire
  • emerald
  • dragon opal
  • tiger eye
  • amber
  • dragon soldiers
  • white diamond
  • yellow diamond
  • blue diamond
  • purple topaz


  • onix and amethyst return to earth
  • homeworld has taken control of homeworld
  • it is hinted that amber may have a little feelings for tiger eye

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