This is the 37th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Things go bad when Dragon Opal invades Homeworld and captures Onyx, leaving only Amethyst being able to save him.


The episode begins in the royal bedroom of the gem palace where Onyx and Amethyst are getting ready for their coronation. Onyx put on a set of royal armor and polished it so it would shimmer in the light. Amethyst put on a beautiful dress with purple earrings and her hair braided. It was kind of uncomfortable for Amethyst, but she was able to get her mind off of it since soon she would be an official queen of Homeworld. Onyx walked out to the balcony and saw the many Gems entering into the palace awaiting for their coronation. Amethyst walked outside to the balcony and hugged Onyx sawing how happy she was that they would be royalty. Onyx smiled from this and kneeled down and kissed Amethyst which made both of them blush. Amethyst pulled away from the kiss and hug him tight and then she asked if she missed his brothers or not. Onyx was completly honest and said that he missed them more than anything and hopes to see them again. Amethyst said that now they were royalty the could go see them anytime they wanted which Onyx smiled from. They heard knocking at their bedroom door and heard one of the servents saying that it was time for the ceremony. Onyx and Amethyst went to the door and walked out heading their way to the throne room where they will finally be crowned. Onyx and Amethyst stood at the massive double doors waiting for their que and they listened as they man who would be crowning them did his introduction. Onyx and Amethyst held each others' hand and once they were given the que, they entered into the doors and began to walk down the isle. Everyone cheered for them as they approached to the thrones for crowning. They arrived at the end of the isle and stood in front of their thrones looking out at the citizens of Homeworld. The crowning gem began to speak saying that as of now Homeworld has a new line of royalty and he then approached the tiara and the crown. He first grabbed the tiara and approached behind Amethyst. "From this day forth we hear by crown Queen Amethyst", he then placed the tiara and the citizens of Homeworld cheered for her. The crowning gem then went back to the crown pedistol then took it and stood behind Amethyst. 'From this day forth we hear by crown King Onyx", he then placed the crown onto Onyx's head and they all cheered for their new crowned monarchs. Onyx and Amethyst then sat on their thrones and they all chanted "Long live, King Onyx, all hail, Queen Amethyst". Everything seemed perfect but suddenly, the doors of the throne room caught on fire and a figure walked in which was revealed to be the sinister Dragon Opal and her top fighters, Amber and Tiger Eye.

Onyx and Amethyst stood up shocked by this that they would come to Homeworld instead of returning to Earth. Dragon Opal walked up the isle and told Onyx how good it was to see him again and bowed at his throne. Onyx didn't know what she was planning but whatever it was, he knew it was not good for him, for his people, and especially for his queen. Dragon Opal rised and told Onyx that she had a little something for the new ruler and held out a small box and held it out to Onyx and Amethyst. The Diamonds drew their swords and demanded that they would step back under the authority of the royal guards. Onyx, however told them to step down and they obeyed his royal orders and told Dragon Opal to open it for them. Dragon Opal did so and inside was two beautiful necklaces for them which shocked Onyx and Amethyst for the fact that she would give something like that to them. Onyx then reaches out to grab them for Amethyst and him but suddenly, a small device came out of it which was a mini destablizer that forced him back to him gem. Amethyst was furious by this and ordered the Diamond Knights and the royal guards to stop them so they charged at Dragon Opal, Amber, and Tiger Eye. Dragon Opal was surrounded by the Diamond Knights that tried to prevent her from escaping but Dragon Opal knew better than that and blasted fire from her mouth around her attacking all of the nights. They falled back and then Amber and Tiger Eye got by her side to fight back. The royal guards all prepared to battle and Yellow Diamond started their assault by slashing Amber across the arm. Blue Diamond then rapidly slashed Tiger Eye across his body injuring him. Dragon Opal gave a signal to her allies to change to their dragon forms and they did so towering above the royal guards. They breathed their scorching fire to the knights and to the guards sevearly burning them all. Dragon Opal then approached the throne and grabbed Onyx's gemstone but Amethyst summoned her whip and striked Dragon Opal in an attempt to stop Dragon Opal. Dragon Opal was angry but this and whipped Amethyst with her dragon tail slamming her against the wall. She was injured a good amount so Dragon Opal along with Tiger Eye and Amber ran off with Onyx's gemstone. She got up and tried to chase them down but before she could reach them, their ship took off leaving Homeworld behind. Amethyst collapsed to her knees and began to cry for losing Onyx but quickly she pulled herself together and ran into the throne room. She asked one of the servents wherw the royal cruiser was and the servent showed Amethyst the ship that she would use to save Onyx. She jumped in and told the servent to tell the Diamonds that until she and Onyx return they are in charge of Homeworld. She activated the cruiser and quickly took off on her mission to save her boyfriend.

She exited the atmosphere seeing space once again beginnings her journey to find Dragon Opal's ship. She looked around for any signs of the main flag ship anywhere but couldn't see one anywhere in space. However she did manage to find one of Dragon Opal's smaller ships and thought that it would lead her to the main flag ship if possible where they are keeping Onyx, prisoner. Meanwhile back on the main flag ship, Onyx was thrown into a prison cell and was scald in to prevent him from escaping. Onyx took his crown off and looked at it thinking how he has failed as a king then threw his crown to the other side of the cage. Dragon Opal walked in and welcomed Onyx to her flag ship and Onyx asked what she wanted. Dragon Opal told him that she had special plans for herself and him which made Onyx a little worried. He told Dragon Opal that if she thinks that the gems will be lured to him she tought wrong but she did nothing but laugh in his face. Onyx was confused by this since all this time she has constantly wanted to lure the gems to capture them but she told him that she had different plans that she couldn't wait to happen. She then walked out of the prison block and told one of the dragon soldiers to ready one of her ships which he did and she got in with him setting a course to Homeworld. Meanwhile back in space, Amethyst was following the ship which eventually lead her to Dragon Opal's main flag ship. The ship was massive in size in the shape of a dragon which looked so fierce that even Amethyst was scared to approaches it. Amethyst noticed that there was an open hanger so she decided to approach it unknown that there was actually a trap set for her inside of the ship. A group of same spaceships came out of the hanger and began to chase down Amethyst. They managed to chase her into an astroid field but Amethyst had an idea to use it as an advantage for her to escape the ships. She flew swiftly though the astroids and one by one she made the other ships crash into the astroids flying around. She managed to shake the small fleets then flew back to the ship to try getting into the hanger again. But this time, there was laser turets blasting at her in an attempt to destroy her ship. She managed to avoid the shots but just barely and then managed to get into the hanger of the ship where she could begin her search for Onyx.

She got out of the hatch of her ship and took a look at the hanger which was strange but facinating to see. She got out of the ship and aproched the door the exited the hanger and began to search for her boyfriend Onyx. She went though the halls seeing if she could find any trace of Onyx but she wasn't able to find anything that would help her. She heard footsteps going down the halls and had to find some cover quickly so she looked around to find somewhere to hide. She looked up and noticed a pipe that she could climb on so she used her whip to get to the pipe and took cover to avoid detection. Below her was Dragon Opal and 20 dragon soldiers talking about returning to Homeworld but to Amethyst, Onyx was top priority. When the soldiers and Dragon Opal were gone, she jumped back down and continued to take a look though the ship. She reached a small cell block and noticed that only one of the cells was actually shut so she went to look there. She look inside and found Onyx and Onyx also noticed her and went to her even if he was on the opposite side of the cage. Amethyst asked how she was going to get him out and Onyx told her that there is a key in the cell block control room that she could use. She tries to kiss him and Onyx even tries but the bars just seperated their lips and Amethyst told him that she will free him and ran down the cell block hall. She found a massive room that was the head control center for the holding cells and looked around to try to find they key. She looked around seeing if there was any kind of key inside of the holding cell but at the moment she couldn't find anything. Suddenly, she heard a loud roar coming from the room and when she looked around behind her a massive dragon guardian of the room. It was twice the size of Jasper which appeared to be a cross hybrid of a dragon and a dragon soldier. Amethyst summoned her whip for battle but the dragon guardian wasn't unarmed. He brought a massive battle axe to battle and Amethyst knew she was in serious trouble. She tried to run the the guardian managed to shut the exit using some sort of device that was on him. Amethyst began to wonder if that device would be able to free Onyx but she didn't know how to get it. The guardian then swung its massive axe at Amethyst but thankfully she was able to avoid the attack even if in the process her whip got pinned by the axe. Amethyst then summoned a new one for battle but didn't know how she was going to beat the titan sized foe.

The guardian charged at Amethyst swinging its massive axe at her trying to finish her off. Amethyst moved as quick as she could to avoid the blade and summoned another one of her whips for battle. The guardian swung his axe again trying to attack Amethyst again but once again Amethyst proved to be too quick for its axe. It pulled the axe up after the strike which gave Amethyst an idea on how to the guardian and its axe. She summoned another whip alongside with hers that was out. The guardian slammed his axe, trying to hit Amethyst which she avoid but this time she wrapped her whips around the handle of the axe. The guardian swung it back up which made Amethyst launch into the air with her whips. She noticed there was a pipe that she could wrap her whip around so she wrapped the whip around the pipe staying out of sight of the dragon guardian. The guardian was walking around seeing if it could find her but Amethyst managed to stay out of the line of sight of the guardian. She looked at the pipe seeing how thick it was and got a brilliant idea on how to beat the guardian. She waited until the guardian was under her and then with her whips she managed to cut through both ends of the pipe making it fall along with her. She landed on her feet and the guardian heard her fall but before he could attack the heavy pipe knocked him on his head causing him to get knocked out. Amethyst was relieved that the fight was over and carefully approached the knocked out guardian. She took the device that it had seeing that it was able to control doors, activate defenses, and even opening cell blocks. She noticed that the guardian was starting to wake up again so she quickly ran out of the control center. She ran as quickly as she could back to the holding block and found Onyx still in his holding cell. Amethyst then activated the device and the bars of the holding cell opened up for Onyx. Onyx saw this and quickly he ran to Amethyst and hugged her tight thanking her for saving him. Amethyst then said that she would never let anything happen to her boyfriend which caused both of them to blush. Onyx and Amethyst then shared a kiss quickly and once the kiss was done, they knew they had to find out what Dragon Opal was up to. They ran down the hall heading their way to the command bridge to see if they could find some answers which ends the episode.


  • Amethyst
  • Onyx
  • Dragon Opal
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Dragon soldiers
  • Diamond knights
  • White Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Gem servent
  • Dragon guardian


  • This is the second episode that takes place on Dragon Opal's ship.
  • This episode references "The Return" and "JailBreak" from the "Steven Universe" series.
  • Onyx and Amethyst officially get crowned as royalty in Homeworld.
  • This is the first episode that doesn't take place on Earth at all.

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