This is the 4th episode in the Legend Of Sapphire series.


A new gem starts getting attention from Sapphire, which makes Pearl jealous.


The episode starts off at the beach where the gems are practicing sparing. The Crystal Gems and the Three Brothers are sparring, however Carnelian is just on the side and instead of training he is trying to relax and enjoy watching. As Garnet is sparring, he tells Carnelian to join it but he was just ignoring her and just laid on the sand. Amethyst then noticed and used her whip to wrap him up and pulled him into the sparring match. When he got untied, he just walked back and tried to take a nap again. They ignored him and continued the match, however they heard a loud roar which made them stop. They took a look and saw a lion but not like the one that Steven had. This one was dark blue with a crimson mane and with eyes of a reptile. They summoned their weapons and prepared to fight. The lion pounced and began his attack but pouncing on Pearl. It was about to bite but Sapphire sliced it and made it get its attention on him. The lion fired a blast of fire from its mouth, burning Sapphire's arm. It was excruciating for Sapphire but he wasn't going to let the lion attack the gems. He charged at the lion despite the pain he was in and tried to slash the lion but unfortunately, it breathed fire on him again and this time hit his legs so he couldn't stand up anymore. The lion was about to attack but then a gem jumped over Sapphire and landed in front of the lion. The lion slashed its sharp razor-like claws but the gem dodged it with ease and pulled out her sword. The lion tried again but the gem was too quick and with one slice the lion was vanquished. The gem then warps her clothing from her armor to her dress and went up to Sapphire, who was injured. Sapphire looked up at this gem asking who she was. The gem began to blush and pulled out a small vial then began to pour it onto the burns he had. The pain was massive, however when it was done, his burns were gone. He stood up thanking the gem for saving him and introduced himself. The gem introduced herself as Jade and gives him a hug catching Sapphire offguard. Jade then told the she was a hugger and that she does that to anyone. Sapphire asked Jade why she saved him from that lion and Jade responded by telling the others to go inside so she can talk to Sapphire. They agreed but Pearl was a bit edge with this but either way she accepted and went inside.

Jade then told Sapphire that she fought for two reasons and explained the first reason. She said that the lion was created by an evil gem named Dragon Opal who is trying to invade the planet and attempt to make it into her own. Sapphire then asked what the second reason was. However, Jade told him that she was too embarrassed to say the second reason. Sapphire told her that he didn't care how bad it was and that he could always keep a secret. Jade to a deep breath and told him that she was trying to protect him. Sapphire didn't know how this would be embarrassing but then Jade explained that he though of him as brave, strong-hearted, and even calling him handsome. Sapphire blushes a little and told her that if she saw what he really looked like she wouldn't think that. Jade asked what he meant and Sapphire began to explain that under his mask was a hideous deformity. Jade told him that she knew about that already from hearing about the story of him saving Lapis. Jade then reached slowly for his mask and pulled it off showing the deformity. although most would run or be disgusted by it. Jade, like Pearl, didn't seem bothered by it at all. Jade tells him that she thinks of it as a mark of his heroic actions and not as a deformity itself. He put his mask back on and then Jade asked if he wanted to go on a mission with her. He asked what the mission was and Jade told him it was a mission to the lost island to find a gem artifact. He smiled a little and agreed to this. Jade then walks into the temple with Sapphire and tells the others they were going on a mission. Pearl asked if she could come along but Sapphire told her this was a private mission they had to go on to the lost island. They warped away and Pearl looked a bit disappointed. Canelian was next to Pearl and gave a small fake cough getting Pearl's attention. Pearl saw a grin on his face and asked him what. Carnelian then began to say "jealous" still keeping a strange grin. Pearl then told him "shut up" and walked back to her room.

On the lost island, Sapphire and Jade continue searching for the artifact. Sapphire notices a temple on one of the mountains on the island and asked Jade if that was what they were looking for. Jade looked and gave a smile to him and said "you got it baby". Sapphire blushed more from hearing that and asked why she sead that. Jade tells him that she speak like that with her closet friends she has. They walk up the mountain, taking about an hour to reach and find a strange temple at the top. They enter together and Sapphire summons a blue ice torch for them to see in the darkness of the temple. It may look small on the outside, but it was massive on the inside with many pillers and artifacts inside. They found a small dagger on one of the stands and saw a picture of what looked like a gem/dragon hybrid. Jade explained to Sapphire that the picture was Dragon Opal. Jade then grabbed the dagger but suddenly they heard something from one of the halls, it was a massive roar and although Sapphire wanted to stay and fight, Jade took his hand and ran outside with him. They were relieved to be outside and Sapphire noticed Jade was still holding his hand. He asked Jade to stop holding his hand and Jade, embarrassing, let go. The roar got louder and suddenly, a dragon came out of the temple. Jade explained that it was one of Dragon Opal's guardians that keep her temple safe. Sapphire summoned his scythe prepared to battle but Jade said she got this fight. She shapeshifted into a massive dragon and began to duel with the guardian. It was a relentless fight against the dragon but unfortunately, it was not good enough. The guardian attacked Jade making her collapses onto the ground. The dragon was about to breath fire at Jade but be charged at the guardian and blasted it with a massive ice beam into its mouth. The guardian tried to breath fire again but this time it couldn't. The dragon then went back into the temple trying to get its power back. Sapphire went to Jade and got a vial of an elixir, he had and opened her mouth. He pour it into her mouth and soon she began to wake up and warped back into her gem form. She hugged him again thanking him for saving her life. Sapphire then said "no prob baby", Jade blushed a bit and began to giggle from hearing that. They got the dagger and then walked back to the warp to return to the temple.

They returned to the temple and saw them gems just relaxing for a bit. Garnet walked up to them and asked where they went off to, so Jade pulled the dagger out and showed Garnet. Garnet was shocked by seeing that and even made her glasses fall off. She was happy to see that dagger because she has constantly tried to find it but could never get it no matter how hard she looked. Garnet then asked if Jade wanted to join the Crystal Gems and Jade bowed to Garnet accepting her offer. Garnet smiled and made her glasses come back on. She walked away and then Pearl asked if she could talk with Sapphire alone. He agreed and the two walked to the beach. Pearl asked if anything happened during that mission with him and Jade. Sapphire told her that she was saying flirty things but she says that to all of her closer freands. Pearl then asked how close and Sapphire told her by saying as a best friend. Sapphire then put his hand gently to the side of Pearl's face and told her that he still loves her and that Jade would never replace her. Pearl smiled and hugged Sapphire tight. They then held hands unknown Jade was watching. Jade looked a bit depressed and saw Carnelian staring with a strange smile at her. She asked what he was doing and Carnelian still giving that strange grin only said "jealous?" Jade tells him to shut up and walks away. Carnelian gives a small giggle and falls a sleep on the couch ending the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onix
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Gem Lion
  • Carnelian
  • Dragon Opal (mentioned)
  • Gragon Guardian


  • Jade is a character that is based on a close freind to vulture king named purple coal
  • The scene with Pearl and Carnelian in the temple is a reference to the episode burning low in adventure time
  • This is the second time Sapphire has summoned his ice torch
  • It is hinted that Jade may have small feelings for Sapphire unknown that he is engaged.

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