This is the 12th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


When Jade pulls a move on Sapphire, things get a bit crazy between the two of them.


The episode begins with Jade on the beach in the middle of the night looking at the stars. She begins to daydream about Sapphire and thinks about the two being together. Meanwhile Sapphire wakes up from his sleep and goes outside to get some air but notices Jade on the beach all alone. He walks down to the beach and sits next to her asking what she was doing. Jade then asked Sapphire if he ever loved someone but didn't know how to tell them how to tell them and Sapphire responded with a yes. Jade told Sapphire that she was in love with someone but she didn't know how to tell him. Sapphire stands up and helps Jade up as well saying that sometimes you just need to take a risk and just let it out. Unknown to the two, Pearl walks outside seeing the two talking but can't hear them. Sapphire asks Pearl who she was in love with and Jade began to blush saying that she can't tell. Sapphire giggles a little and tells her that he can keep a secret and maybe he could even help with her issue she was having. Jade the looked up revealing that she was in love with him and kisses Sapphire. The very tough of Sapphire's lips made Jade lose control of her desire but Sapphire then pulled away quickly saying that she shouldn't have done that. Pearl saw the kiss and runs down to the beach angry by it and walks up to Sapphire. Pearl asks Sapphire how could he betray him like this and Sapphire tried to explain but Pearl just ran back into the house. Jade tried to apologize for this however Sapphire was enraged by this and tells Jade to back off saying that he didn't want to talk to her after what she did. Sapphire then runs into the house and saw Pearl crying her eyes out from that kiss. Sapphire sits next to her but Pearl just turns away trying to avoid looking at him. Sapphire then tells Pearl that Jade was the one who kissed him and that he didn't want to kiss her in the first place. Pearl wanted to turn to Sapphire but she still tried to look away from him. Sapphire then tells that Jade has had a crush on him but he didn't have feelings for her and hearing this Pearl looked to Sapphire. Pearl told him that she understands that it was a misunderstanding but she doesn't want him to be dating Jade instead of her. Sapphire scooted closer to Pearl and placed his hand on her hand saying that he loves her more then anything and never want to lose her. The two look into each others eyes and begin to share a kiss.

Jade then walks back into the house to apolagize to Pearl and Sapphire but sees them kissing which makes her heartbroken from seeing them together. Jade then runs outside to transform to her dragon form and begins to fly away to the lost island. Pearl and Sapphire pull away from this kiss and Pearl notices Jade from the window flying away. Pearl tells Sapphire that Jade was flying away and that he needed to talk to her. Sapphire stood up and looked at where Jade flew off to leading to the lost island. Sapphire went back inside to the warp pad and traveled to the island to begin his surch for Jade. When he arrived, he heard a form of roar coming from the northern side of the island on its beach and began to head in its direction. The only source of light on the island was the moon the filled the land with its lumonous glow. He continued to walk until he arrived at the northern end of the island wich he saw Jade in her dragon form crying on the beach. Sapphire slowly approached Jade but she could sense him getting close and told him to back off. Sapphire was tempted to but he knew that he needed to fix things with Jade so he just sat next to Jade. He told her that he didn't mean to hurt her feelings but he didn't want to risk losing Pearl like what happened earlier. Jade slowly began to transform back into her gem form and sat next to Sapphire willing to listen to what he has to say. Jade then apologizes for her kissing him and didn't mean for things to get risky with him and Pearl. Sapphire forgave her for this and told Jade that he had to confess something to Jade which sparked up Jade's curiosity for what he had to say. He told Jade that although he knew that the kiss they shared was wrong he didn't regret it at all which made Jade blush. He also tells her that he actually really enjoyed kissing Jade but acted like that because he was engaged to Pearl. Jade revealed that she didn't know this and wanted to make things right between her, Sapphire, and Pearl. Sapphire began to smile and hugged Jade which made both of them blush. Sapphire then begins to sing within the frozen night which confesses that although he was in love with Pearl he loved the kiss that they shared together. Jade also takes part in the song which makes their gems glow as they sing.

They finally end the song and Jade was still blushing from the song that they sung together and asked Sapphire if she could kiss him one last time befor he would go back to being with Pearl. Sapphire saw her desire for this in her heart and the two then stand up and look into each others shimering eyes. Sapphire walks closer to her as their bodies began to touch as there was only an inch away from their lips. Sapphire then began to kiss Jade and slowly wrapped his arms around her. Jade put her arms on him and enjoyed the kiss and slowly they begin to pull apart from the kiss. Jade told Sapphire that she had wanted to do that with him for so long and thanks him for doing her last request for her. Sapphire smiled and hugged Jade making her more happy then ever before knowing that for one night they were together. She then transformed into a dragon and told Sapphire to hop on her which he did and she began to fly back to the temple. They arrive at the beach and Sapphire jumps off of her and lets her transform back into her gem form. Jade told Sapphire goodnight and Sapphire did the same but before he went back into the temple he had to tell Jade a secret. He told her that if he had never met Pearl, he would want nothing more then to be with Jade. He then made a rose out of ice and gave it to Jade which afterwards he went back inside. He saw Pearl and told het that everything was fixed now and Pearl began to smile at him. She kissed him goodnight and the two went to bed. Meanwhile on the beach, Jade was still holding that rose and held it close to her heart thinking of it as a symbol of their love for the future. She puts it in her pocket and then decides to walk back to the temple to get some rest for the morning which ends the episode.


  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Jade


  • This is the first time Jade actually kisses Sapphire.
  • Jade is shown to be a gifted singer in this episode.
  • This is the first time someone rides on Jade in her dragon form.
  • It is revealed that Sapphire does have some feelings for Jade but he still prefers to be with Pearl.
  • This episode has the shortest character list.

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