This is the 31st episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Jade loses her dragon powers and must go on a mission with the last gem she wanted to get her powers back.


The episode begins with Steven, Lapis, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Onyx, Sapphire, Emerald, Lepidolite, Peridot, Jasper, and Charoite on the beach about to practice their dragon powers. Jade is going to lead their lesson since she is the one who had more experience with dragon powers then the others. Jade's first lesson is to change into and out of their dragon form but when she tried to demonstrate it, she wasn't able to get into her dragon form. The others wonder why she didn't changing into her form but Jade tried again but still couldn't change into her dragon form. Sapphire asked if there was something wrong and Jade told him that there was just a little but of a problem with her powers but should still be able to do her gem form's dragon powers. She told them that instead they will start off with breathing fire in their gem form since there was problems getting into her dragon form. She explained how to do the technique but when it came to demonstrating it she was not able to do the technique. She tried again and again but she was still not able to perform it. Jade then told everyone that they will practice a little later and asked if she could talk to Pearl and Sapphire. The gems went back into the beach house and Sapphire and Pearl went to talk to Jade. Pearl asked what was going on and Jade told as calmly as she could that she had lost her dragon powers Sapphire asked if there was a way to gain back her powers unfortunately the only way Jade could was extremely dangerous. She told Sapphire and Pearl that there was a a sacred flame known as the Dragon's Fire that contained the pure essence of the dragons power. But it was heavily protected by many trap, soldiers, and guardians making the way to the Dragon's Fire, one of the most deadly missions they will ever encounter. Jade then asked if Sapphire could join her on the mission but Sapphire told Jade that he and the Brothers were going on a mission and couldn't avoid it. Pearl offered to help Jade but Jade didn't want Pearl to join her but knowing what's at risk she knew that she had no choice but to go with Pearl instead. Pearl asked where the fire was located and Jade told Pearl that it was located at a temple known as the Palace of Sacred Fire where according to legends, the dragons gave the first fire to gemkind which is now known as the Dragon's Fire. Pearl then told Jade that they should head out soon if Jade wanted to get her powers back and for the first time in a while, she agreed with Jade. They walked into the temple and warped off to the entrance to the Palace of Sacred Fire and began their quest.

Jade and Pearl both approach the palace entrance and see a massive door with a dragon head in the center of it. Jade approached the head and placed her hand on it and began to speak in an ancient gem language that Pearl didn't even know. As she spoke, the dragon head opened its eyes as if it was a living dragon and opened its mouth. Jade backed up a distance and pulled Pearl with her to make sure that she didn't get hurt. As the dragon finally opened its mouth a blue fire comes from it and as it dose the door begins to unlock and slowly open as the fire continues to come out. When the doors are finally opened, the dragon face closes its mouth and eyes as if nothing had happened. Pearl and Jade then walk into the door and see a small fire pit in the center of the room. Pearl asked if that was the Dragon's Fire like Jade was talking about but Jade knew at first sight that it wasn't. It was a form of trap to those who wish to take the Challange of the Dragon. Jade then told Pearl to stick close since she had no experience with dragon magic but Pearl thought that she didn't need Jade's help on this mission. The first door opened across the room which truly began their quest for the Dragon's Fire so they entered and began their mission. The room had blue stone walls with jeweled detail as well as a floor slightly submerged in water to it with only one escape. It opened up but out of the door came a massive blue dragon with black eyes that was ready to fight as the door closed behind it. Jade then said that it was a one on one fight but Pearl stated the fact that she was there to fight but Jade decided to make a witty joke by saying that she only counted those who actually know anything about dragon magic but Pearl got angry and shouted that she could still fight. Then Jade went further saying that the fight was one on one plus Pearl which made Pearl get a little more angry but the dragon charged at them. Jade and Pearl quickly evaded the attack and Pearl used her ranged attack with her spear at the dragon but its scaly armor protected it from taking any damage. The dragon then somehow managed to control the water that was on the ground and caused a small wave big enough to force Pearl and Jade back to the wall. The dragon then shot out a burst of scolding hot water at the two but Pearl and Jade evaded the attack again. Jade then drawed her sword and jumped on the dragon's back. It constantly tried to knock her off but thankfully, Jade drived her sword into the back of the dragon's neck making it collapses. Jade then got her sword out of the dragon and the door opened for Pearl and Jade to continue.

They walked into the next room which had sand for a floor instead of water and the entire room was made of stone with torches that lit up the room. Pearl said to Jade that it would be best if they turned back and find another way but Jade knew that this was the only way for her to get her powers back. Pearl sighed and walked to the center of the room with Jade then suddenly, the doors behind them shut tight with no chance of them escaping from the room. Suddenly, the doors in front of them opened wide and out of it came a massive dragon appeared to be made of stone with growing red eyes. Jade drawed her sword and Pearl summoned her spear to fight as they charged at the dragon but before they could hit it, the dragon went under the sand on the ground. Neither Jade or Pearl could see him since it was under the sand but the dragon quickly came out of the sand to attack Pearl with his fire breath. Fortunately for Pearl, she managed to dodge the attack and used her range function to fight against the dragon but the shots reflected because of its massive stone-like scales giving it an industructable skin in battle. Jade noticed that every sector of its body was covered with its armor-like scales but knew that there was one weak spot on the dragon which was the eyes. Jade quickly ran behind Pearl and took her spear which made Pearl get a little mad at Jade for taking her only weapon in battle for her own purposes. Jade quickly ran up to the dragon and throwed the spear making it hit the right eye of the dragon making it screach in pain. the dragon collapsed onto the ground and the doors opened up again allowing them to continue the mission. But before they continued, Pearl grabbed her spear from the dragon's eye and told Jade never to take her spear again. Jade giggle a little happy with her handy work but Pearl didn't want to take her joking around since she didn't want to go with Jade in the first place. They both walked through the door and arrived at a new room with lava on the floor and stepping stones that would allow them to cross. It was bigger then the other rooms with its massive lava lake and its extreme heat. Like the other rooms the doors behind them closed and when the doors in front of them opened a dragon came out but this one dived into the lava bellow its surface making this dragon a hard one to battle.

Jade and Pearl quickly stepped across the stepping stones in an attempt to get to some more stable ground in the room but suddenly the dragon shot out from the lava knocking Pearl into the air. Pearl was about to head into the lava but Jade quickly jumped into the air and grabbed Pearl as she landed onto another stepping stone. she placed Pearl down shocked that Jade actually saved her life and thanked her for saving her. The dragon then dived back down into the lava, leaving the two gems unable to fight him. Jade had to think of something in order to stop it but she had no idea on how to stop it. The dragon shot out of the lava and breathed fire at Jade and Pearl which they managed to dodge and hop to a different stepping stone on the lava lake. The dragon then quickly dived back into the lava making him unable to be attacked by the gems. Jade suddenly had an idea for how to defeat the dragon and told Pearl to distract the dragon while she would attack. Pearl didn't want to do this since she had no trust in Jade but she knew that if Jade needed to get her powers she needed to do this. Pearl hopped into one of the stepping stones and found a small rock on it. The dragon shot out about to attack Jade but Pearl threw the rock, hitting the dragon on the back of its head. It turned around and let out a roar at Pearl giving Jade the moment to attack. She took her sword and drove it into its head while it was distracted which managed to damage it. The dragon let out a distress roar as it then sank to the bottom of the lava lake allowing the gems to go to the next room. They hopped across the remaining stepping stones and finally got into the next room which had a bottomless pit with a bridge that would allow them to cross once they defeat the dragon. Jade knew that this was the last room before they would arrive at the Dragon's Fire in the center but also knew that this would be one of the more dangerous challanges yet. The doors in front of them open and out from it comes a flying dragon flying around the bridge. Jade wanted to draw her sword but remembered that she lost it to the fire dragon so she summoned her mace for battle instead and Pearl got her spear for battle. The dragon was nible as it flew through the room and Jade and Pearl had no idea how they were going to stop this dragon. Pearl had an idea on how to stop the dragon. She told Jade to give her the mace and she did but unfortunately it was too heavy for Pearl to even lift. Jade looked at the dragon as it was about to attack and finally knew what idea Pearl was talking about. She picked up the mace and threw it on the dragon's back making it collapses into the pit bellow. They were victorious and they then entered into the room of the Dragon's Fire.

The room had four statues of dragons, each one with a form of element, surrounding their structure. In the center was a large burning fire of a rainbow of colors which Jade knew instantly was the Dragon's Fire that would get her powers back. Pearl asked how it would give her powers back and Jade told Pearl that she must walk into the flames in order to get her powers back. Jade moved closer to the rainbow colored fire when suddenly a massive roar was heard and the sound of the doors behind them closing. A pair of doors on the other side open up and from it is a dragon that is smaller than the other ones that they encountered from the other rooms. But Jade knew that this one was going to be more dangerous then the others that they encountered. The dragon charged at Pearl and pinned her down to the ground with no chance of her to get out of its grip. Jade noticed Pearl but noticed how close she was to the fire and had no idea what to chose. She didn't think it though and quickly she summoned a new mace for her to use and charged at the dragon. She bashed it against the dragon's face and quickly it wrapped it long tail around Jade. Quickly the dragon flinged her across the room making her bash against the wall and Pearl was unpinned by the dragon. She was worried for Jade since she just saved his life and quickly got her spear out and stabbed the dragon in the eye. It hurt the dragon but it didn't kill him like the earth dragon and quickly the dragon chased after Pearl. Jade got back up and noticed how close she was to the fire so she quickly jumped in and let the fire consume her in its power. The fire grew bright and even got the attention of the dragon that tried to attack Pearl and suddenly the fire went out. Jade demanded that the dragon would leave Pearl alone and suddenly, Jade went back into her dragon form to challange the dragon with her regained power. She charges at the dragon and quickly slashes it with her dragon claws across the neck, gravely damaging the dragon. Once she did that, she breaths her dragon fire at the dragon finishing it off in a fiery display of power. She turns back into her gem form and walks over to Pearl seeing if she was alright after the fight and thankfully she was. Pearl thanked Jade for saving her from the dragon and gave her a quick hug. Jade then told that it was time, they head back to the beach so they could train so they walked back through the rooms all the way to the warp pad to begin their training which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Peridot
  • Charoite
  • Jasper
  • Lepidoite
  • Water dragon
  • Earth dragon
  • Fire dragon
  • Air dragon
  • Elemental dragon


  • It is shown that Pearl and Jade still have a rivalry with each other.

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