The Discovery
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date June 7th 2015
Written by MetalKing2000
Directed by MetalKing2000
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This Episode is NON CANON It All Starts As Ruby Is Watching The Sky With his telescope As - Wait Frist I Have To Tell You The Real Deal Right? Well It All Started 999 years Ago As A Rainbow Comet Aproached To Earth Then It Crashed Killing Almost All It's Living Creatures But Some animals survived But Humans and gems Died Only 5 gems And Homeworld survived Until There were 2 different colored comets A Orange And A Yellow One As They were going on their Paths They crashed with each other Forming A Red Comet That crashed On Earth After The Comet Crashed A Gem Came Out Of It A Red Gem That Made A Difference To The World And Every 1000 Years The Comet Would Return But The thing was that Out of that rainbow Comet A Rainbow Gem Came Out So After I Just Told You The Deal Lets Just Continue Ok?

He Saw A Pink Star That Was Shaking On Space "Hmmm" He Said As He Zoomed In Even More But It Still Was A Star "Well i Think Ill continue with it tommorrow" He Said As He Stopped Going To Sleep

On Homeworld

"Boss! The Comet Is Going To Hit Us" Yellow Ruby Yelled "This is No Sence The Comet Hits Earth But It Has Never Hit Homeworld!" He says "Use The Missiles!" Yellow Sapphire Says As He Fire Missiles At The Comet "No Effect" Yellow Ruby Says " As Rainbow Diamond Stands Up, He Then Flies To The Comet Crashing With It Making It Take Earths Path "Rainbow Diamond!" Yellow Sapphire Yells

The Scene Then Cuts To Space As It Zooms into the comet

"Ahhh Team what did we hit?" Rose Screams "I Dont Know!" Pearl Says Nervious "Keep It Toghether" Garnet Says "We're all gonna die!" Amethyst Screams

The End



Rainbow Diamond

Yellow Ruby

Yellow Sapphire

Rose Quartz





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