The Death Letter
Season 1, Episode 5
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Written by AwesomeSteven
Directed by AwesomeSteven
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"The Death Letter" is the fifth episode of the first season in the series "Time Gems"


While raiding Chernobylite's secret bunker, the Gems discover a shocking letter.


After the battle, the Gems go to the Liotyrite palace to rest. Sapphire, the commander of Liotyr's army comes in and tells Emperor Ruby that a secret bunker has been uncovered, and it belonged to Chernobylite. Sapphire suggests that they should see if there is any information about her, so the Gems go. They look around for a while, but don't find anything. Peridot walks into a box, but it's locked. Emperor Ruby then summons his sickle and sticks the handle in the lock, unlocking it. They find a stack of papers in it.  Most of it is garbage, but at the bottom, there is a letter adressed to Chrysocolla from Chernobylite.

It says that Chernobylite has planted a bomb in the planet, and it will make the planet and it's people corrupted. It says the bomb will explode tomorrow, and Gem and Jewel can't stop it. It also says that all warp pads have been deactivated, so nobody can escape. Ruby says that it is great that Diamond built the two spaceships, and Diamond confesses that Chrysocolla told him beforehand, just to brag about it. Diamond says that unfortunately, one carries 4, and the other 3. It could work, but Pearl, Amethyst, and Rose can't drive the one with 3 people. Two gems will have to fuse to go with them. Sapphire and Peridot volunteer to fuse, and they begin preparation.



Peridot: That sure was one heck of a fight.

Diamond: I think we deserve some hard-earned rest time.

Emperor Ruby: Good thinking. To my palace! *they warp there*

(The gems can be seen passed out on various couches. Sapphire then storms in.)

Sapphire: Emperor Ruby!

Emperor Ruby: Just a few more minutes!

Sapphire: Ruby, we have just uncovered what might be Chernobylite's secret base. We need to investigate it!

Emperor Ruby: Okay. After a few more minutes. *he collapses and snoring can be heard*

Sapphire: *sighs*

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