This is the 25th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Knowing that Dragon Opal will return, the Gems go on a quest to get the powers of the dragon.


The episode begins with Jade staring out at the ocean thinking about how Dragon Opal is getting stronger and stronger each time. Lapis and Steven walk down the beach returning from the Big Donut, each of them sharing the donuts they got. They see Jade looking at the ocean and begin to wonder what she was doing. Steven began to think that she was thinking about Sapphire and how close she was to having him as her boyfriend. Steven walked up to Jade and asked what was wrong thinking that she will say something about her and Sapphire but she told Steven that she was worried about Dragon Opal's return. Steven told Jade that they managed to beat her each time she returned but Jade brought up a point that she was holding back her true powers saving them for when she really needed to cause devastation. Lapis then asked if there was anything that they could do in order to stop her but Jade couldn't think of anything at the moment. Jade then began to think about her dragon powers and told Lapis and Steven to get all of the gem and bring them outside onto the beach. Lapis and Steven didn't know what she was thinking but they run inside the temple and told the gems to come outside onto the beach. A few seconds later, the Gems came outside and asked Jade what she brought them outside for. Jade told them that Dragon Opal and her soldiers were getting stronger and they needed to find a way to stop her. Garnet asked if Jade came up with a solution and Jade told them that she wanted to go on a quest with them to gain the powers of the dragon. All of the Gems thought having this power would give them a great advantage over Dragon Opal but Jasper thought otherwise about this. Jasper thought that she was strong enough to take down Dragon Opal and her army but Jade brought up the point that it would still be a good idea for Jasper to have this power just in case she began to play dirty tricks on them. Jasper still didn't think it was nesisary but she went along with the plan to get the powers of the dragon. Garnet then asked how they would get this power and Jade began to tell them about a lost desert known as Dragon's Breath Desert were a Temple of the Dragons layed in its dunes. Garnet then asked how they would get there and Jade told them that the only way they could all get there was by foot and told them that there was a warp pad by the entrance of the desert. They walked into the house and all got onto the warp pad and traveled to the Dragon's Breath Desert.

The desert was vast and they could feel the intense heat from the sun even the wind felt as hot as fire. Jade told them that the only way to the temple was through the desert which made the Gems feel a bit nervous about their quest. They slowly begin to walk across the scorching sands. The blistering heat beated down on the Gems as they continued to walk across the sands of the desert. Steven began to grow thirsty and Lapis as well began to grow thirsty from their quest. Steven asked if Sapphire could generate some ice and melt it so they could drink but when Sapphire tried to generate ice, the heat was so intense that it evaporated as soon as he generated the ice. Steven and Lapis were disappointed that they couldn't get water from Sapphire but they then spotted a cactus from the desert and remembered something about there being water in cactus. Steven asked Sapphire if he could borrow his scythe which Sapphire tells Steven that only he can touch the scythe but does see what Steven was trying to do. Sapphire walked up to the cactus and sliced pieces of it revealing water in the inside of the cactus. Lapis and Steven run over and begin to slurp down the water feeling its cool liquid run down their throats. Jade noticed this and told that they should stop drinking the cactus but Lapis and Steven still continue enjoying it. Suddenly, they both began to feel funny and Steven began seeing the Gems as cactus and Lapis began to think that the desert was the ocean. Steven and Lapis began to act loopy and Garnet then Pearl asked what was wrong with them. Jade told them that cactus juice had an affect on the brain making them act all loopy from its water. Lapis and Steven continue acting crazy but the Gems knew that they had to move on so they helped Lapis and Steven as they were still crazy from the cactus.

They continue through the desert feeling the excruciating heat beat down on them and Lapis and Steven were still acting crazy because of the cactus juice they drank. Steven began to carry Lapis in his arms as they began to giggle from the cactus. Charoite then carried Peridot since she was too tired to walk in the heat and the Gems and the Brothers stuck close to each other to help each other if they needed to be carried. They continued walking and they see a temple located between many sharp stones and rocks which Jade recognized as the Dragon Temple. Jade told the Gems that they have finally arrived  and they ran towards the entrance of the temple. They finally got into its massive doors and felt the sweet relief from the heat in the dark temple. The temple then lighted many torches lighting the temple with its flames from the torches. They see a small fountain in the center of the room and run over to get a drink from the cool water. Jade, after she took her drink, told that they needed to continue their journey as they all stopped drinking the water from the fountain. They walk down the dark pathway and see many carvings on the walls all relating to the dragons. They walk down a hall and discover a massive chamber with a form of dragon statue in the center of the chamber. Lapis and Steven were finally getting back to normal after their cactus juice. They all look at the massive carving of the dragon and begin to approaches the carving. Jade knows what she must do and fires two green fireballs at the eyes of the dragon which made them glow a green color. The dragon then breathed green flames in front of the statue and from the flames appears a strange figure. The figure appeared in robes with a dragon amulet in a ghostly appearance. Lepidolite and Charoite walked towards the figure and asked who it was which revealed to be the dragon spirit. The spirit told them that if they complete a trial in the temple each of them would be bestowed the powers of the dragon. The gems agreed to the challange and the spirit returned to the dragon statue that it came out of. Suddenly, the statue began to move and with the spirit possessing the dragon it becomes ready to challange against the Gems.

The dragon began to approaches the Gems and let out a massive dragon roar and began to carge. Jade remembered going against the stone dragon when she got her powers and knows what the dragon's weakness was in battle. Jade mentioned to the Gems that the dragon has a massive amount of power but was slower than others and can take a ton of damage. The Gems summoned their weapons and battle against the dragon. Charoite and Peridot both used voodoo magic and technology to try to deal damage to the dragon but its tough stone exterior was to strong and reflected the attacks. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Rose, and Steven all challanged the dragon by rapidly attacking the legs in an attempt to prevent it from moving but the stone dragon just ignored the attack and smacked them away with his tail. Lepidolite fired lighting bolts at the dragon but its head was too thick which made it let out a massive dragon roar that knocked her back to the wall. Lapis and Jasper both worked together to try to face the dragon head on but the stone dragon breathed a massive amount of fire at them however Lapis and Jasper both evaded the attack. Jade looked at the dragon sees its power and had to think on how to beat the stone dragon then she came up with an idea. She told the Gems to attack the stone dragon all at the same time which the Gems thought was extremely risky but in their situation they didn't have much choice. The gems attack simotainyasly and because of that the dragon could attack because it was constantly under fire by the Gems. Slowly it began to chip away till after and attacks the dragon layed in many shattered ruins of its former self. The spirit emerged from the ruins of the statue and congratulated the Gems for their success and stated that they now know the secret of the dragon. They began to think of what the secret was and they realized the secret was unity, joining as a single unit of ones self with the world around them. The spirit was pleased and told them that it would now give them the real power of the dragon. The spirit blasted them all except Jade with a beam of energy that gave them their dragon powers.

Steven was the first to gain the power as he transformed into the Earth dragon for his fortitude and caring for those on Earth. His scales were pink and black and he wad silver armor on his legs in his dragon form as well as a pair of goggles. Next to form was Lapis with a cool mind and a pure heart, she becomes the water dragon with blue and dark blue scales and armor in a dark blue color. Garnet was the next to form and with her ferocity that burns like a flame, she changed into the Fire Dragon. Her shades were still on concealing her three eyes and with black and red scales as well as armor on her. Amethyst then began to form with her free spirit and wild ways making her the wind dragon with purple and light purple scales with armor on her dragon legs. Then Pearl changed to her dragon form with her constant thought and connection to the universe giving her the powers of the cosmic dragon with white and teal scales with a thin long dragon body and armor on her. Onyx then began to take form with his dark and mysterious ways making him the dark dragon with purple and black scales with his dark matter crown still floating above his head and silver armor on his dragon body. Sapphire formed with his cold yet protective personality making him the dragon of ice with dark blue and black scales with a mask still covering the deformity as well as armor made of ice. Emerald then took form with his caring and balancing personality making him the dragon of life with green and black scales and green armor with his claws attacked to his dragon claws. Jasper then changed into her form with a rage of a storm and attacks as powerful as lightning making her the thunder dragon with orange and black scales without armor. Peridot then changed with her strong and intelligent characteristics forming her into the mech dragon with green and neon green scales with claws like her hands with many body parts replaced with metal. Lepidolite then formed with her extensive knowledge and humble ways forming into the dragon of myth with her purple and gold scales and armor. The final gem, Charoite then begins to take form with his cleverness and sly tactics making him the voodoo dragon with purple and and green scales wearings a skull and boned armor for protection. After they transformed, they all went back into their gem form and dragon for trying to get use to their power. After that, they walk out of the temple and transform into their dragon form and take to the air and fly back to the temple but before they arrived back Steven and Lapis noticed another cactus and with their dragon claws lifted it from the ground and carried back with them so they can get crazy again which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Charoite
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Lepidolite
  • Jade
  • Dragon guardians
  • Dragon spirit


  • Each of the Gems get their own dragon form based on an element:
    1. Steven: Earth Dragon
    2. Lapis: Water Dragon
    3. Garnet: Fire Dragon
    4. Amethyst: Wind Dragon
    5. Pearl: Cosmic Dragon
    6. Onyx: Dark Dragon
    7. Sapphire: Ice Dragon
    8. Emerald: Life Dragon
    9. Lepidolite: Myth dragon
    10. Peridot: Mech Dragon
    11. Jasper: Storm Dragon
    12. Charoite: Voodoo Dragon
  • Jasper was the only one who didn't want to have a dragon form at first.
  • Lapis and Steven getting crazy from the cactus juice is a reference to Sokka and Momo drinking Cactus Juice from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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