This is the sixth episode in my series, The Rebellion

The Crystal Battle
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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The Traitor Basic Gems


Turquoise, Steven, and Connie tell Topaz about the Crystal Battle.


[Episode enters with Turquoise and Topaz sitting on the couch in Steven and Connie's house. They're getting comfortable because they know they're going to have a long talk.]

Turquoise: So, Topaz, you said Steven has some explaining to do, right?

Topaz: Uhh... No, I said you have some explaining to do, Turquoise. How is he a traitor?

Turquoise: Oh yeah, you weren't at the Crystal Battle.

Topaz: Huh?

Turquoise: Remember back when you where part of The Second Reinforcement team with Diamond and Quartz?

Topaz: Good times...

Turquoise: Remember when they left on an important mission?

Topaz: Yeah...

Turquoise: They went to the Crystal Battle to save the Earth.

Topaz: So how is he a traitor?

Turquoise: We'll tell you, so when they left they took ship and met us at Homeworld to face the Diamond Authority, who rule Homeworld.

Topaz: Us?

Turquoise: Steven, Connie, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and I. We met at their main lair. The center of Homeworld is made of 3 triangles that join in the exact center, which is the lair. The blue place we were in was Blue Diamond's chamber, then there's Yellow and White Diamond's chambers. We stood at opposite sides of the lair, staring at the Diamond's. They wanted to destroy Earth so we had to stop them. Garnet suddenly charged at them, but they each shot beams of their color out of their gem. The beams combined to make one big beam that proofed Garnet. They smashed her Gem and threw the shards away.

Steven: Then They did the same thing to Amethyst and Pearl, and it was just Connie and I.

Topaz: Where were Diamond, Quartz, and Turquoise?

Connie: They were guarding the ships. We'd have called them if we needed help.

Steven: They charged at us, but I used my bubble to protect us, and they bounced off.

Connie: Then, the bubble popped and I charged at them with my sword. They had swords, too, of their color, and nearly sliced me in half, good thing Steven pulled me towards him and bubbled us.

Steven: They charged again, this time with their swords, and bumped us to space.

Turquoise: They eventually found Diamond, Quartz, and I, and sent us to prison until they decided what to do with us. Diamond and Quartz were sent to jail, I was enslaved because I beat up a prison guard.

Topaz: So how is he a traitor?

Turquoise: He could've fought them, but instead bubbled and left.

Topaz: That's not being a traitor, it's being a coward, which is better, but still not good.

Turquoise: Whatever....

Steven: I wish we still had action like that...

Topaz: Why don't you join our team, The New Crystal Gems?

Steven: Sure, Connie stay here and take care of Chloe, I got some magical destiny stuff to do.

[And the episode ends with Turquoise, Tooaz, and Steven running out the door.]

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