This is the eighth episode of my series, The Rebellion.

The Corrupted
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Basic Gems Crystal Clear


The Gems discover the Diamonds latest plan for reproduction.


[Episode enters with Turquoise pacing around in front of Topaz and Steven, who are on the couch.]

Turquoise: We have to go back! That crab thing wasn't the only thing there!

Steven: How do you know?

Turquoise: Homeworld is probably there to give weaponless Gems the weapons lying around there! We must investigate!

Topaz: Fine...

[They rush to the Warp Pad and disappear. They appear back in The Dreamer's Forest, and they begin to explore along the path. After a while, they see something at the top of a hill. It overlooked a beautiful city.]

Turquoise: Why would a city be so close to a Gem battlefield? It doesn't make sense...

Topaz: Guys, what's that? [points down the hill.]

[Down the hill is a group of 5 humans. They limped towards them, they had no pupils and their eyes were bloodshot. On their chests they each had Gems which were implanted in their skin. Surrounding the Gems was veins the color of the Gem.]

Topaz: Ewwwwww! What are those Diamonds up to?

Turquoise: No! This isn't right! They're implanting Gems in them to try and turn them into Gems, but the Gems are too powerful for their bodies and sucking the life out of them! We need to stop them!

Steven: Who would do such a thing!?

Turquoise: White Diamond.

Topaz: How do you know?

Turquoise: Each Diamond has a job. Blue Diamond takes care of the planet, Yellow Diamond is in charge of combat and invasion, and White Diamond is in charge of reproduction.

Steven: What do we do!?

Turquoise: I don't know, we can't attack them!

Topaz: So we run!

[They ran from the corrupted humans,who had picked up swords.]

Topaz: Let's head to the city! That's where they're coming from.

[They rush to the city, avoiding corrupted humans they find on the way. Eventually, they arrive at the city and see a billboard that says, "FREE MONEY AT TOWN HALL!"]

Turquoise: Now I know why humans need our help... LETS TEAR DOWN THAT THING!

[They jump up and smash the billboard to pieces.]

Turquoise: Now we go to town hall to stop White Diamond!

[They quickly arrive and find that inside there is booths that say "ONE AT A TIME!" From inside the booths, screams can be heard. Theres a sign that says, "THOSE ARE SCREAMS OF JOY!" Turquoise starts laughing.]

Turquoise: Screams of Joy! That's Funny! Oh my gosh! That is... That is just... [bursts out laughter.]

Topaz: C'mon! We got a job to do!

[They burst into the booth to see White Diamond implanting a Gem in a scrawny business man.]

White Diamond: ARGHHHH! You! Always messing everything up with your, "Oh! Leave the humans alone! Myeh,Myeh,Myeh!" Well now I'll mess up your plans!

[She knocked out The New Crystal Gems and ended the episode.]

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