Hope Diamond: *as he looked over the cityscape of Las Vegas from the top of Caesar's Palace, he noticed a truck going into the back of the casino, then he safely floated down to the ground to investigate, but a beautiful blue woman with hair that reached her shoulders and sported a one piece leotard with a deeper blue color than her skin was standing there* Is that...Aquamarine?

Aquamarine: *she looks sad, but as her gaze moves to the mysterious man near the truck, she smiles* H-Hope? Is that you?

Ringo Bernuli: Hey, you, get away. This is, eh, private business!

HD: *he stares angrily at Bernuli, and notices his weaknesses: he is short and plump, the only thing that is large but not fat on him was his ego, as he is wearing a red ringmaster's suit with glimmering sparkles on it and a top hat, also sparkly, but he noticed his sunglasses on, which angered him even more because it's pitch black outside* Who are you?

Ringo Bernuli: Ringo Bernuli, and you must be "Trespasser." Get out of my sight you little bugger!

HD: *smirks* I like how you speak taller than you actually are, Bernuli. What will it take for me to get this lovely lady out of your circus and into mine?

Ringo: *he smiles* I don't know...either you pay me $10,000 or act in my Danger Trapeze with her...and don't mess up...

Aquamarine: Jesus, Ringo, please don't! You know I can't do it, why do you think Hope ca-

HD: I'll do it.

Ringo: Hehehe,,,fine. Put this on. *he throws Hope a leotard similar to Aquamarine's, but it has full legs instead of her's having no legs*


Makeup Artist: *finishes putting a pale blue makeup theme on his face* Well, you're set, guy! Good luck! *she pats Hope on the back on his way out*

HD: *looks at Aquamarine, her long hair put into a ponytail and her face looking beautiful in the light with the sparkling makeup* Aquamarine, you

Aquamarine: *giggles* You too, Hope...

Ringo: Hello?! Are you ready to preform? Yes? Okay, go!

HD: *under his breath as he walks out* Jerkwad...

Ringo: *walks onto the large stage when the two are ready on top of the 2 platforms with the trapeze swings in their hands* And now...a new edition to the group....The Starry Nights!

HD: *awkwardly waves as the crowd is cheering for him*

Aquamarine: *blows kisses to the crowd* HD, you can't do this, just go.

HD: HD? What happened to "Hope"? I preferred that.

Aquamarine: Just...go...please, I've been practicing this for 20 years and still can't do this!

HD: I can do this, babe...

Aquamarine: *blushes and looks at the pool of mud 17 feet below this* I hope you're right...

Ringo: Now, FLY, MY STARS!

HD: *takes a deep breath, then swings, a very good distance from HD by the time they are both straight out*

Aquamarine: *tries to do a backflip, but she ends up falling*

HD: AQUA!! *falls after her, catches her, then the two start spinning, then the two start to fuse*

RIngo: Madonna de God...

*the two fuse in midair, then the fusion lands, taller than the auditorium, and hits its head on the ceiling*

Fluorite: OW! MY HEAD!

*the audience look, then stand up and start to clap and cheer and throw roses and different things*


*the curtain closes, and Fluorite unfuses*

Ringo: THAT WAS AMAZING! I want you to always be in my circus! Please! I'll pay yo-

HD: *punches Ringo so hard he gets knocked out of the curtain and into the audience* C'mon, Aqua...we have a lot to catch up on...


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