This is the 40th episode in The Legend of Sapphire series.


A gem bounty hunter begins to hunt the Gems down and with the Crystal Gems captured, only the Brothers can save them.


The episode begins with Ella walking over to the Beach House to visit the Gems. She was still thinking about those memories from her battle against Amber in her tank and was still thinking about how that "Silver Spirit" was. But even with the thoughts in her mind she just focuses on going to see the Gems. She walked along the beach and noticed Steven and Lapis practicing their water magic with Steven using his trident. Steven was really improving with his magic since Lapis was able to teach her how to use the water as a weapon. He soon was able to control the tides and being able to control the water using it to hit others or to change it's form. Ella was amazed by their magic and slowly approached them to prevent them from losing focus from their training. Lapis noticed Ella and said "Hi" to her and so did Steven. Ella walked up and said "Hello" to them and Lapis then thanked Ella for her helping them with the tank. Ella told her that it was no problem and Steven began to say how he thought the fight went down with Ella single handly took down Amber. Ella however told Steven what happened in that tank with the "Silver Spirit" who help her during there battle. Steven heard about the "Silver Spirit" saying that he was a form of vigilanty that keep watches over Beach City. Ella asked if Steven knew who the spirit was but Steven had no idea who he was or where was even from if he didn't come from Beach City. Ella still wondered who that man behind the mask was but she knew that he was someone who she could trust. Rose walked outside and called for both Steven and Lapis telling them that Garnet needed them inside to talk about something important. Steven put his trident away and both Lapis and Ella followed him inside to hear what Garnet had to say. They walked inside and saw all of the Gems waiting for them for Garnet to say what she needs to say. When they were all in, Garnet began to speak saying about how she has found out from a good source that Dragon Opal has hired a bounty hunter to hunt and kill her and all of the Gems. This worried the Gems a little but they knew that if they stand strong together this bounty hunter can't take them down. Lapis was more worried then any of them since none of them knew what kind of power this bounty hunter had but she knew that they could stand strong against the bounty hunter if they just keep calm and work as a team.

After the meeting, both Steven and Lapis went outside with Ella to talk more about this Silver Spirit that Ella talked about before. Steven asked if she knew anyone that could be the Silver Spirit but she had no idea on who would fight crime like he did. Ella also mentioned to Steven that before he left he left behind a silver rose. Steven began to have an idea on who the Silver Spirit was but wasn't sure if he should tell or not. But either way Steven continued listening to what Ella had to say about the Silver Spirit. Steven heard Ella talk about the silver eyes that the Silver Spirit had and Steven then knew who the Silver Spirit really was. He then told Ella that he heard from Buck, Jenny, and Sour Cream about a rich boy that lives in Beach City named Sean who was said to have silver eyes like the Spirit. Ella heard about Sean since he went to her high school but she wasn't sure if it was him since there has been many people she saw that had grey eyes. Ella continued to think on who this Spirit was but then decided that it was best that she didn't think about it till she actually had some way to find out on who the spirit really was. Suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared from the sky and soon something began to fall into the ocean. Ella, Steven, and Lapis ran to the water's edge to try to see what crashed into the ocean. The waves grew large and crashed into Ella but Lapis used a water force field to protect herself and Steven from the wave crash. They noticed a figure rise from the water with two duel laser pistols and carrying a gem machete. Lapis and Steven summon their weapons and Ella draws her sword and demand on asking who he was. The gem spoke revealing himself to be Coral and also revealed that he was the bounty hunter that was to track down the Gems.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onix
  • Sapphire(Fanon)
  • Emerald
  • Ella
  • sean (mentioned)
  • Ruby(Fanon)
  • Lepidolite
  • Labradorite
  • Carnelian
  • Jade
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Charoite
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Coral


  • Ella is still thinking about who the "Silver Spirit" is.
  • Coral is able to transform into a "Kraken" like a monster.
  • Sapphire is shown to be learn hydrokinesis from Lapis.
  • Ella is shown to know about Sean but has not actually met him.