This article is about Boygemgirlgem's series.

"The Borrower Gems" is the story about Ussingite and Petschite and their adventures together or by one of theirselves. 


When Petschite tells Ussingite the story about the lost artifacts from a gem planet which were scattered out of space, they both go on a mission to recover those artifacts, and they discover the magic of the artifacts. They meet helpers on the way, but Ussingite's missions interfere with her work in The Jury's, causing a problem.


These are the characters, as of June 2015.

Episode Guide

No. Title Description Airdate
Series Premiere Glad To Bee Back Ussingite and Petschite go to an uncharted island on Earth, looking for a gem artifact. June 13, 2015
No. Title Description Airdate
2 Stick With You

Ussingite and Petschite attempt to flee the island when they discover a monster has destroyed their ship. 

June 19, 2015
No. Title Description Airdate
3 No Trust TBA June 20, 2015
No. Title Description Airdate
4 Never Stopping TBA June 21, 2015

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