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The Blue Gems is a neutral group of gems led by Blue Zircon. Oddly, all the original members of the team were blue. Blue Zircon decided it will stay this way, so only blue and neutral gems are allowed in.

Please note that they are NEUTRAL, and only the original team does not like Homeworld... or at least the ones who attacked them.

  • Blue Zircon - Original Blue Gem, Leader
  • Indicolite - Original Blue Gem
  • Chrysocolla - Original Blue Gem
  • Ceylon Sapphire - Original Blue Gem, Second-in-Command
  • Turquoise - Original Blue Gem
  • Baryte - Oiringal Blue Gem
  • Moonstone - Original Blue Gem
  • Blue Phantom Quartz - Original Blue Gem
  • Azure
  • Blue Tanzanite
  • Blue Lace Agate 
  • Blue Turk Chalcedony
  • Fossil Turquoise
  • Siberian Blue Quartz


These Blue Gems, Affiliates, and Associates have ceased membership in the team and left.

  • Domican Replublic Larimar
  • Labradorite
  • Sherry Topaz
  • Imperial Topaz
  • Azotic Topaz
  • Sunset Topaz
  • Cat's Eye Iolite
  • Pyrope
  • Lavender Tanzanite
  • Rose de France Amethyst


Affiliates are indirect members of The Blue Gems that are significantly not blue. Affiliates are Gems that are neutral and have been made peace with.

  • Ribbonstone
  • Pectolite
  • Himalayan Beryl
  • Padparadscha Sapphire
  • Variscite
  • Hematite
  • Francevillite


The associates are a sub-category of members that are not neutral, but The Blue Gems have made peace with them. So, they're basically psuedo-affiliates.

  • Purple Topaz
  • Cinnabar
  • Clear Quartz
  • Feicui Jadeite
  • Snow Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Gypsum
  • Alabaster
  • Satin Spar
  • Rainbow Sunstone


These gems have a connection to The Blue Gems, and are considered members, but they either are shown to have some part in the blue gems, dead or actually unknown group-wise, identity-wise, and writer-wise.

  • Star Sapphire
  • Gems inside Himalayan Beryl's cages (23 gems)
    • Smoky Amethyst
  • Ammolite

Fusion Chart

  • Aquamarine + Corundum = Chessylite
  • Azure + Moonstone = Bluestone
  • Blue Zircon + Ceylon Sapphire = Swiss Blue Topaz
  • Blue Zircon + Chrysocolla = Amazonite
  • Blue Zircon + Chessylite = Kyanite
  • Chessylite + Blue Lace Agate + Hematite = Hawk's Eye
  • Blue Lace Agate + Hematite = Dumortierite
  • Ceylon Sapphire + Aquamarine = Maxixe
  • Larimar + Banded Agate = Spectrolite
  • Turquoise + Indicolite = Paraiba Tourmaline
  • Turquoise + Chrysocolla = Chrysoprase
  • Sherry Topaz + Imperial Topaz = Azotic Topaz
  • Sunset Topaz + Cat's Eye Iolite = Rainbow Lavender Quartz
  • Purple Topaz + Blue Zircon = Cassiopeia Topaz
  • Champagne Quartz + Royal Blue Shattuckite + Chrysocolla + Forest Green Dioptase + Pastel Green Malachite = Quantum Quattro
  • Cuprite + Chrysocolla = Sonora Sunrise
  • Star Sapphire + Padparadscha Sapphire = Purple Sapphire
  • Padparadscha Sapphire + Banded Agate = Iris Agate
  • Larimar + Aquamarine = Teal Zircon
  • Star Sapphire + Corundum = Black Ruby
  • Pyrope + Padparadscha Sapphire = Hope Spinel
  • Larimar + Pyrope = Ametrine
  • Larimar + Blue Zircon = Apophyllite
  • Color Change Sapphire + Star Sapphire = Color Change Star Sapphire

Full Story

The Blue Gems were formed after one of the many battles of Homeworld. Blue Zircon and Ceylon Sapphire were about to be executed, so they grabbed all the Gems they could and left.

The ones who started the plan to flee (BZ, Ceylon, Chryso, Turquoise, Indicolite, Baryte and Moon, Phantom) are considered original Blue Gems. But each Blue Gem has a different story.

These originals were about to become rebels, but Blue Zircon decided this would've been inappropriate. He actually was involved with a lot of battles and even went out in the front. He went as far as nearing the rebels, but eventually walked out.

Ironically, they were all blue so this is where the color racism and name come from. Screw Blue Zircon.

Because Azure brought up that this was unfair, Blue Zircon decided that other gems could join TBG, but they wouldn't be official members.

This is because Chessylite is a fusion between Aquamarine and Corundum. This was revealed a bit around the time after Start of the Blues (BPF).

Blue Zircon disapproved of Aquamarine being perma-fused with a non-blue Gem going as far as saying they were either Affiliates or Associates at most. Chessylite was not exactly in the best terms with Blue Zircon at that time. What a way to be a leader, huh?

Unfortunately, Larimar had an addiction to killing these said Associates and Affiliates. Some were hired in the purpose of being killed. Thus, Himalayan Beryl had created these cages for them to heal over time. But he himself got killed by Larimar, taking him one thousand years to regenerate along with the Gems in The Mountain Essence (Padparadscha Sapphire, Hematite, Variscite, Blue Lace Agate).

Larimar did this because she felt like nobody cared about her, and she was being treated badly. She went as far as to even killing members, including Ceylon Sapphire.

Labradorite wanted to go back to Homeworld and Blue Zircon has always felt sad about this, feeling it wasn't just that reason.

Baryte had turned evil and went against The Blue Gems.

Blue Zircon had lost many Gems due to Larimar, leaving, or dying. He had lost approximately 100 gems.

Eventually he had to live with the fact that it's his fault for being a bad "leader" (he actually just called himself as one and they just rolled with it being pissed, like wtf is wrong with you Blue Zircon), and having blood on his hands.

And one day he couldn't do it anymore.

So, Blue Zircon was gone for years and Ceylon had to take over.

The team was in absolute downfall. No one knew what happened to BZ, Ceylon was too clueless, and more Gems were leaving.

At one point, Ceylon had thoughts about disbanding the team. It went down to almost just the original team, Chessylite, and a few Affiliates. Blue Zircon returned, shortly.

There was a lot of difficulty trying to get the team back together. Going back to the Affiliates, they were either gone or not complying.

A newcomer named Banded Agate was probably their first ever member in a long time. Until TBG found out that he had close ties with Larimar, he was welcomed.

Larimar eventually returned to Earth, along with Labradorite.

Larimar wasn't exactly welcomed. On the contrary, Labradorite was.

Labradorite came back because he was checking on Homeworld for a spy mission related to the Celestial Gems. Banded Agate was sent by Larimar to see if they forgave her. Because they didn't, Larimar wanted to apologize formally herself.

It wasn't accepted for a long time. She was at everyone's weapons. Until she helped bring The Blue Gems back to strength.

Here comes today.

The Blue Gems is not in an absolute mess and it is not a complete issue. There are still arguments and angers from the past, and there will be more to come. But they're okay.

As revealed in Homeworld Shenanigans, The Blue Gems are still salty about Homeworld attacking them in episode 1. This is shown in Watts Up? (HS) as Blue Zircon hacks into the system and shown to be the one giving the speech Andesine give.

The list of Affiliates and Associates will never be complete, nor the Members list. These unknown Gems are unsung.


  • Turquoise was about to leave to Homeworld.

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