"The Beginning Pt. 1" is the second episode of the first season in the series "Shattered Gems".

The Beginning Pt. 1
Beginning 1 and 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 5-19-15
Written by AlternateParadox
Directed by AlternateParadox
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New Places The Beginning Pt. 2


The Shattered Gems encounter something odd.


Aqua: So basically, this weird gem robot thing warped in, and was doing... What?

Topaz is explaining what happened at the Galaxy Warp to Emerald and Aqua.

Topaz: Basically, yes.

Emerald: So, can we go yet?

Aqua: Huh?

Topaz: Oh, yea! I almost forgot! We are about to go to this old gem ruin! Aren't you coming Aqua?

Aqua: When did we discuss this?

Emerald: Yesterday.

Topaz: At 5 in the morning.

Aqua: Oh. Yea.

Topaz: Well, let's go!

The Warp Pad warps them to almost like an apocalyptic aftermath. Dark and eerie.

Emerald: Whoa, What's THAT?!

There seemed to be almost like a gem on the ground.

Topaz: I would know that gem anywhere...

Aqua: Huh?

Topaz: That gem looks so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

Emerald: Well, that may be because it is one of our fellow rebels? From that war that we-

Topaz: We will never speak of that war ever again. Got it?

Aqua: Okay, well let's at least look around before we go into history.

Topaz and Emerald: Okay.

Topaz, instead of bubbling the gem, takes and holds onto it. When they begin to look around, there is something following them, and the gems don't know it yet.

Topaz: So why are we here?

Emerald: Simple, we need to get these Gem Shards before they take refuge in organic matter.

Aqua: What?

Emerald: Just don't let these gem shards get in contact with anything made of organic matter.

Topaz: Okay.

Aqua: Wait, do you guys hear that?

Emerald: What?

Aqua: Shhhh...

-Rustling comes from fallen bricks-


Aqua dashes into the bricks and there is a big POOF and Aqua's gem comes from the rubble.

Topaz: Oh, no.

Emerald: You read my mind.

Topaz: What now?

Emerald: Take her gem and keep it safe. We gotta get all the shards.

Topaz: Well, It might hurt us too.

Emerald: No, I know what your thinking, and no... Well... Maybe.

Topaz: :D

Emerald: Now is not the time for smiley faces, now we go there.

Emerald points to an old power plant, which has a small purple light emitting from it.

Topaz: Here we go.





  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Aquamarine


  • Aquamarine's Gem
  •  ???'s Gem


  • Cascade Beach
  • Gem Ruins


  • Topaz does not like to talk about the gem rebellion war for unknown reasons.
  • He also knows an unknown rebel gem, who supposedly is gone, but he now has their gem.

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