Episode Two:  Mystery Day>

This is the first episode of The Trip and is the first episode overall.


The trio encounter a gem and wonder what secrets it holds.





Part 1

[INT; Trio Home: The episode begins with Aquamarine warping in, Emerald and Spessartite are looking out of the window, they turn around and see Aquamarine.]

Aquamarine: You guys won't believe what this is I got!!

Emerald: Okay, what is it??

Aquamarine: It's a gem. (Takes a bubbled gem out of his pocket.)

Spessartite: What kind of gem??

Aquamarine: Looks like a baroque pearl, but it's black.

Emerald: Hmm... Can we keep it??

Aquamarine: Sure!! Because I'm warping back out. (He passes the gem over to Emerald and Spessartite.) Have fun!!

Emerald: Bring me back a human skull!! I want to try poetry!! (Aquamarine warps out.)

Spessartite: Let's get the Wailing Stone.

Emerald: Okay.


(5 Gems are at the party, talking to each Emerald and Spessartite. The Warp Pad activates and the 5 gems flee and find a hiding place.)

Aquamarine: (He has another bubbled gem.) I'm back.

Emerald: (nervously) Oh hi Aqua! We don't have any gems here!

Aquamarine: I hope you don't. Anyways, I'm going to bed, even though I don't need to. (Aquamarine goes upstairs.)

Spessartite: Phew!! That was really close!!!

Emerald: Let's continue the party. (The other gems return from their hiding places.)

Part 2

(EXT; Trio Home: Aquamarine, Spessartite, and Emerald are talking. the bubbled gem is bigger and is near Spessartite.)

Aquamarine: Hey guys, have you noticed that the bubbled gem is bigger than we last saw it?? I mean, look at it!!

Emerald: It looks fine. It's not like the universe is going to explode because of it.

Aquamarine: Um... Okay. (Spessartite accidentally falls and pops the gem, it grows legs and turns into a Wolf-like creature, It shrieks. The trio scream.) Alright you two, let's kill this thing!!

Emerald: I'll get it with my DeathScythe!!! (Rubs her palm and the DeathScythe comes out and lands in it perfectly, the monster hits Emerald out of the way. She screams.)

Spessartite: Emi!! I'll save you!! (Spessartite runs on the monster's legs and jumps and lands on it's head.) You will not hurt my friends!!!

Aquamarine: Spessie! Get off of it! It's dangerous!!!

Spessartite: No, I will not get off of this thing!!

Aquamarine: I hate you both. (Pulls out the green spear from his forehead gem, and shoots it at the monster, it hits the monster and then the monster shrieks.) Got it!!

Emerald: I got you!! (She runs and tries hitting the monster with her DeathScythe. The monster continues shrieking, and explodes. It's gem lands on the ground.)

Aquamarine: I'm letting neither of you watch bubbled gems ever again!!

(EXT; Trio Home: Spessartite is meditating. The warp pad activates, and Emerald appears.)

Emerald: Hi Spessie!! What are you doing??

Spessartite: Meditating, what does it look like??

Emerald: Sleeping while in a hungover.

Spessartite: (stops meditating) Oh Emi, why do you always make me laugh... internally.

Emerald: (sighs) I never would've guessed that you would ever laugh.

Spessartite: Oh please... (The Warp Pad activates and Aquamarine is there. He is holding a map.)

Aquamarine: Guys! Check out what I just found!! (Both Emerald and Spessartite gasp.)

Emerald: Can I see it??

Aquamarine: No. (Looks at viewers. Laugh Track plays. Episode Ends.)


  •  This is the first official episode of The Trip.
  • When Emerald licks the human skull, it is awfully familiar of that Nitrome game with the two moles, the monster in the background. Emerald also references Shakespeare's "To Be or not to Be"
  • Aquamarine is the curren leader of the trio.
  • Aquamarine is the only known gem in the series to bubble gems.
  • The creator's birthstone is Aquamarine.

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